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List By Model 10000W Electric Bike – Custom 10KW 15000W E Bike
10000W Electric Bike – Custom 10KW 15000W E Bike
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  • Electric Motocross Motorcycle
  • Cheap Price Full Size 12000W Powered E Track Bikes Motorcycle Dirtbike Electrical Dirt Bike That Go 50 - 75 Mph For Sale Canada Australia
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  • Electric Motocross Motorcycle
  • Cheap Price Full Size 12000W Powered E Track Bikes Motorcycle Dirtbike Electrical Dirt Bike That Go 50 - 75 Mph For Sale Canada Australia
  • 10000W Electric Bike – Custom 10KW 15000W E Bike

    Motorcycle Type:electric dirt bike
    Brand Name:OEM / Electric Motorbike
    Model Number:12000W Electric Motorcycle
    Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China
    Max Range: 120KM
    Product:Electric Motorcycle 20000W
    Battery:92V 40AH
    Motor Power:12KW
    Max Speed:120km/h
    Wheel:2 Wheels
    Max Load:120KG
    • Description

    10000W 15000W Electric Dirt Bike Electric Motorcycle Custom

    Custom Adult 4000W 10000W 15000W 20000 Watt Electric Motorcycle Dirt Bike with Lithium Battery

    Electric Motocross Motorcycle

    Secutronic – China Manufacturer – 10000W Electric Bike Custom

    Description – Custom 10000W Electric Bike

    Why we need to custom a 10000W electric bike? Before that, we need to know a few questions first.

    Are electric motorcycles faster than gas motorcycles?

    There is a field test, an electric motorcycle vs a gasoline motorcycle Pikes Peak showdown, that will illustrate the point.

    The Victory Empulse TT electric motocycle has a top speed of 161km/h, takes 3.9 hours to full charge, and has a range of about 220 kilometers. The maximum power is 54hp, the maximum torque is 80Nm, and the weight is 213kg.

    The Project 156 gas motorcycle is equipped with a V-shaped 60-degree angle twin-cylinder water-cooled 1200cc displacement engine.

    The origin of the name of Project156 is related to this long, dangerous mountain road – Pikes Peak, which is taken from the number of bends in this mountain – 156.

    The Pikes Peak Racing earlier in 2016 finally ushered in their first duel!

    Pikes Peak is a 4,300 meters heigth mountain in the United States that is part of Rocky Mountain. Every June, the famous Pikes Peak Hill Climb Race is held here.

    The total length of the track is 19.69 kilometers, including an uphill section of 18.8 kilometers and a downhill section of 1.2 kilometers. With a total of 156 corners, the track is one of the off-road racing events with the highest altitude and the highest level of vehicle performance in the world.

    In the end, the Empulse TT, with the constant torque characteristics of the motor, almost got the maximum torque at the start, strong acceleration performance, and ran a score of 10’17.813″, with an average speed of 112.49 km/h (69.90 MPH).

    The gas powered water cooled Project 156 achieved 10 ‘19.777″ with an average speed of 112.17 km/h (69.70 MPH). The electric motorcycle Empulse TT won the race by 2.1 seconds.

    Are there any e-bikes that go up to 50-70 mph?

    Many countries stipulate that the maximum speed of electric city bikes shall not exceed 15.5 MPH (25km/h), and the maximum speed of electric motorcycles shall be 31 MPH (50km/h). As an electric off-road motorcycles, Secutronic ET Time with 12000W motor and 79V 40Ah battery has a top speed of 74.5 MPH (120KM/H).

    And the AdmitJet Armor, With a top speed of 130 KM/H (80 – 85 MPH), you’ll be able to keep up with any other electric motocross bike on the market.

    Do electric bikes need gears?

    The so-called gear of ordinary electric vehicles does not control the torque and rated speed of the motor, but uses the most direct method – adjusting the discharge current of the controller. Assuming that the controller limit is 50Ah, the first gear may be limited to 30Ah, the second gear is 40Ah, and the third gear is 50Ah. No practical significance.

    However, Secutronic ET Time is an electric motorcycle dirt bike with a multi-gear adjustment function of mechanical gears.

    In the case of poor road conditions, the gear is lowered, the braking speed is reduced, the service life of the braking device is greatly prolonged, the safety of the rider is improved, and the power is saved, and the service life of the battery is improved.

    Secutronic ET Time Adults Electric Electric Bike Bicycle

    Secutronic is a China manufacturer specializing in the production and processing of adults electric bikes, including fat tire electric bikes / electric fat bikes, folding electric bikes, folding electric bicycles and other off road bikes, with a complete and scientific quality management system.

    This ET Time enduro electric dirt bike was developed and produced by Secutronic in 2019.



    The ET Time is a professional enduro electric motorcycle with its state of the art design. The more fluid design makes it more popular and more fashionable.

    Electric Motor

    The mid drive motor has built-in high grade permanent magnets, and power output is more direct and faster than hub drive electric bike / bikes. The instant torque can reach 300N.M (221 lb-ft) with the 12000W motor.

    We can make it to 10000W or 15000W, or even 20000W.

    Top Speed

    The maximum speed for this 12000W off road electric bike is 120km/h (74.5 mph).

    We are able to custom electric motorcycle. The top speed of a 10000w electric motorcycle can be 68MPH. And 15000W electric motorcycle can reach 85MPH. For a 20000W electric bike, the top speed should arrive at 90 MPH.

    Long Range

    People care a lot on the range of an electric motorcycle.

    With CATL 92V 40Ah battery pack, the average range for the ET Time is 71.5 miles (120km).

    The battery is also available to custom, we can use a 50Ah or 60Ah battery for a electric bike 15000W.

    With 50Ah lithium ion battery, the max range for an electric motorcycle 10000W can be about 75 miles.

    Full Suspension

    With FASTace full suspension system, it can better buffer the discomfort caused by the vibration of the rough roads. Especially when driving at a fast speed or when going downhill, it can provide better tire grip performance.

    There is an airbag shock absorber to improves the effect of shock absorption.


    Hub Material: aluminum alloy

    Frame: Steel (we can custom it to aluminum alloy)

    Shell Material: ABS plastic

    Handle: aluminum alloy

    Seat: PVP leather


    The product size is 200CM*80*97CM, and with 21 inch front tire and 18 inch rear tire, and we can custom it with 20 inch tire.

    Vies also our: 20KW Electric Pitbike Dirt E Bike For Adults

    Details – Secutronic ET Time Electric Dirt Bike


    Electric Trials Motorcycle Parameters

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