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List By Model 48V Electric Dirt Bike 2021 E Moto Bikes 20 Mph For Sale
48V Electric Dirt Bike 2021 E Moto Bikes 20 Mph For Sale
  • Cheap 48V E-Moto Motorbike Electric Motorcycle Moto Cross Mini Child Kid Enduro Electric Dirt Bike For Teenager For Sale
  • Cheap 48V E-Moto Motorbike Electric Motorcycle Moto Cross Mini Child Kid Enduro Electric Dirt Bike For Teenager For Sale
  • Cheap 48V E-Moto Motorbike Electric Motorcycle Moto Cross Mini Child Kid Enduro Electric Dirt Bike For Teenager For Sale
  • Cheap 48V E-Moto Motorbike Electric Motorcycle Moto Cross Mini Child Kid Enduro Electric Dirt Bike For Teenager For Sale
  • Cheap 48V E-Moto Motorbike Electric Motorcycle Moto Cross Mini Child Kid Enduro Electric Dirt Bike For Teenager For Sale
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  • 48V Electric Dirt Bike 2021 E Moto Bikes 20 Mph For Sale

    Motorcycle Type: 48V Electric Dirt Bike
    Brand Name:Setro/OEM/ Motocross Kids
    Model Number:Kids Electric Dirt Bike
    Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China
    Product name:Off Road Dirt Bike
    Battery:48V 8Ah
    Motor Power:500W (350W Option)
    Brake:Disc Brake
    Range:About 25KM
    Warranty:1 Year
    Max load:80kg
    Max Speed:30KM/H
    Item:Kids electric dirtbike
    • Description

    48V Electric Dirt Bike 2021 E Moto Bikes 20 Mph For Sale

    2021 Cheap Mini Moto Baby E Motor Bikes 20 Mph 500 Watt 48V Electric Dirt Bike For 9 10 11 12 13 15 Year Old For Sale USA UK UAE

    Secutronic – China Manufacturer – 48V Electric Dirt Bike

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    Brief Introduction – Electric Dirt Bike For Kids

    500W 48V Electric Dirt Bike for 10 year olds and more !

    Would you like to give your child a motorcycle to have fun while learning? Here you will find the ideal motorcycle for that; a very well built motorcycle that adapts to the child’s level.

    This KD500 e dirt bike has a seat height of s 520mm – 760mm, a wheelbase of 905MM and a ground clearance of 19 cm. In addition, the KD500 electric pit bike is capable of supporting a maximum load of 85 kg. This makes this electric motorcycle suitable for children aged 9-15 years.

    In terms of look, this electric dirt bike has a unique design, both sober, uncluttered and very classy, energetic thanks to the contribution of a KD500 deco kit in black-red color. Offered for a low price considering the quality it offers, this electric pit bike is the ideal gift for your child to spend hours of fun outdoors.

    Let’s take a look at the cycle part of this KD500 electric dirt bike for kids!

    To convince you of the quality of this electric pit bike, let’s detail the cycle part and the engine part. With a great perimeter frame, the KD500 dirt bike features standard with front & rear suspension, front & rear brakes, namely a gold inverted fork for the front and an adjustable shock absorber for the rear.

    In terms of tires and brakes, you should know that this KD500 electric child bike has front and rear tires of 2.5-10 inches respectively. As far as braking is concerned, it is interesting to note that the system works with brake discs. Finally, you should know that this electric pit bike has adjustable handlebars without bars.

    Discover the motor skills of this KD500 electric dirt bike!

    The pro electric dirt bike has a powerful and efficient 500W motor. It needed a battery of 48V each to power it. Great for driveway, backyard or dirt track racing.

    In order for the motor to drive the drive wheel, the electric pit bike is equipped with a chain transmission system accompanied by a 76 teeth sprocket and a 10 teeth pinion.

    But the strength of this electric dirt bike lies in the contribution of a potentiometer located between the handlebar and the false tank. The potentiometer simply allows you to adjust the speed, the throttle response time and the power.

    This kid dirt ebike is great for throttle response and top speed, 1sec adjustable with variable knob.

    There’s 3 adjustments for throttle response. To do so, you just have to turn the 3 knobs according to the settings you want to make, depending on the age and level of your child.

    How fast does a 48 volt electric dirt bike go?

    This KD500 48V electric dirt bike provides plenty of power with low torque, giving the electric minicross a top speed of 15 mph, same as the Razor MX500 dirt rocket , while the other similar kids dirt ebikes with same related power can have the top speed of 14 mph.

    As a real off-road Electric Dirt Bike For Kids, reliability and safety are guaranteed. It is more advantageous to protect the central motor away from the road, thereby reducing the risk of damage to the motor and reducing the failure rate.

    What is the range of this 48V electric dirt bike?

    KD350 adopts imported Samsung 18650 lithium battery with a battery capacity of 8Ah (296Wh). Under the condition of 45kg load, breeze and common road conditions, this Electric Kids Dirt Bike can get 30 minutes of continuous riding experience with economic boost mode (1st gear) . The range is up to 15.6 miles per charge. In optimum conditions

    In terms of battery life, with efficient energy management and motor efficiency, this 8Ah battery delivers a surprising performance that is higher than expected.

    Off-road Performance

    As a children’s electric mountain bike that can really go into the mountains and off-road, the most suitable place for it is mountain and trails riding.

    Getting out of the house in the traditional off-road way is becoming increasingly difficult. The greatest significance of an electric bike for the average person is that it allows you to take the first brave step.

    The uphill riding experience is the ease and comfort that the KD500 kids electric trail bike brings, and getting off the electric-assisted trail that ordinary mountain bikes can’t provide is a joy. Steep slopes that were difficult to climb or afraid to climb in the past can now be tried and conquered with this kids electric motocross.

    The low-torque booster gears (1st gear, 2nd gear) on flat roads are actually quite effective in off-road climbing. In the sport mode (3rd and 4th gear), the high torque can reach 50NM, and the power is surging.

    Build Quality – KD350 Electric motorcycle

    The KD350 with mid mounted motor and the general components of ordinary mini motorcycles can be easily dealt with whether it is to upgrade the wheel set, brake, and suspension fork in the later stage. More playability.

    The body length, width and height of KD350 is 1230x450x650 (mm), and the curb weight is 24kg. The body size is slightly larger than that of children’s dirt bikes of the same level, but smaller than that of ordinary children’s off-road motorcycles, and the weight is also between mountain bikes and off-road motorcycles of the same level.

    The dual suspension front fork shock absorber adopts high quality Taiwan’s RST brand. Diameter 26mm, stroke 120mm.

    A complete bicycle-style riser handlebar, compatible with straight tubes and tapered tubes, basically can install different brands of single and double shoulder shock absorbers without damage.

    The rear shock absorber adopts the shock absorber brand of the motorcycle, which is Fastace from Taiwan.

    All our electric dirt bikes for kids use 390mm aluminum alloy mountain cross adjustable handlebars, which can be replaced by yourself.

    The red button on the left handlebar is the power mode switch button, which is divided into two modes: economy and sports. At the same time, there is a small meter that displays information such as speed and mileage.

    Open the battery cover through the switch on the right, the battery can be taken out for charging, and it is also convenient to replace the battery at any time.

    Non-slip cushion, the comfort is much better than that of mountain bikes, and it is comparable to the comfort of off-road vehicle seats.

    The transmission of the KD350 kids edirt bike is chain drive. Considering the severe use in the later period, the chain will be elongated, and the adjustment method of the chain is the same as that of the motorcycle.


    this machine is not a toy but a real motorized vehicle. As it is for elder kids more than 9 years old, there’s no training wheels. Some parts of the vehicle may need to be finished by yourself (assembly instructions provided). Some mechanical knowledge may be necessary for its assembly, use and maintenance.

    This vehicle is not approved for use on public roads. The driver must always wear appropriate protective equipment and be under adult supervision. Upon receipt of the product, always check the condition of the vehicle: if it is damaged or does not work, please contact our customer service within 48 hours of delivery (see our general sales conditions).

    Discover the technical data sheet for the new electric dirt bike 48V 500W KD500:








    Max Speed

     15 miles per hour



    Seat Height




    Frame Materials

    High-Tensile Steel


    48V 8 Ah Lithium

    Charger Brand

    Qili Brand

    Charge time

    6-8 hrs



    Driving range per charge



    ABS Resin

    Max Load


    Drive Mode

    Rear Hub Motor

    Tire Size







    Horn, LCD battery volume Display

    Packing Size


    Loading Capacity




    Electric Dirt Bike For Kids For Sale

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