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List By Model 60 Mph Electric Bike 72V 8000W E Bikes For Adults For Sale
60 Mph Electric Bike 72V 8000W E Bikes For Adults For Sale
  • Stealth Bomber E Bike Mountain Electric Bike For Sale
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  • 8000W-red
  • China Hot Selling Enduro Electric Bikes 72 V 3000 Watt EBike High Quality Electric Enduro Motorcycle Bike
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  • 60 Mph Electric Bike 72V 8000W E Bikes For Adults For Sale

    Wattage: 8000w

    Voltage: 72V
    Item: Stealth Bomber E Bike
    Power Supply: Lithium Battery
    Wheel Size: 26*2.6"(3.0 Option)
    Motor: Brushless
    Certification: CE,DOT,EEC
    Frame Material: Steel
    Max Speed: 100-110km/h
    Range per Power: 100 km
    Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: Secutronic/Setro/OEM
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    60 Mph Electric Bike 72V 8000W E Bikes For Adults For Sale

    China Dropshipper Supplier Wholesale 72V 8000W Ebike Bicycle Top Speed 60 Mph Electric Bike E Bikes For Adults For Sale UK Australia NZ

    Secutronic – China Manufacturer – 60 Mph Ebike

    Stealth Bomber E Bike Mountain Electric Bike For Sale

    Brief Introduction – Ebike 60 Mph

    60 Mph Electric Bike 72V 8000W E Bikes For Adults For Sale

    Can an electic bike go 60 Mph?

    Generally electric bikes (also called pedelecs, or pedal-assist bikes) have the same approval as conventional non-electric bikes. Some of the electric bikes, which have motors capable of going up to 45 km/h (28 MPH), they are called s-pedelec or speed bikes.

    European legislation prohibits their circulation on public roads, limiting their use to mountains or offroad tracks, unless they are registered, which would mean complying with regulations similar to that of a moped.

    However, there are a few electric bike manufacturers have chosen to ignore the definition of an E-bike and create a fast ebike. For example, Delfast Top 2.0 or Top 3.0 both have same top speed of 50 MPH / 80 KM/H.

    The Secutronic 8000W Stealth Bomber ebike is a 60 mph and 120 pound monster capable of going 45 – 50 miles per battery charge (on smooth terrain and moderate speed). It has acceleration per amps and performance for most users… and the truth is that it can terrify you.

    The stealth bomber electric bikes have simple and concise lines, and the steel body reveals some sturdy feeling. They look more like electric motorcycles, but just with bicycle pedals. You can move forward with pedals even if the battery runs out.

    What is the difference between a moped and an electric bike?

    Electric Bike Vs Moped / electric motorcycle

    These are the differences between electric motorcycles and electric bikes:

    Electric motorcycles and electric bicycles have become the ideal vehicles to move around big cities – or outside them – quickly and ecologically. However, there are differences between the two segments.

    Card and insurance

    To drive a motorcycle you need a license and insurance in order if you do not want to have problems with the law, which is an added expense. On the contrary, battery power electric bicycles do not need a driving license or insurance, although it is worth taking out specific insurance for what could happen.


    Electric moped must necessarily circulate on the road shared with cars and other vehicles, although we can also circulate with them through authorized forest paths. With electric bikes, in addition to circulating in the same places as the moped, you can also pedal through lanes reserved exclusively for cyclists.

    However, with a bicycle we cannot travel on highways or motorways, and with a motorcycle, as long as it is not a moped. Regarding urban traffic, the bicycle may have a certain advantage in this section since it is lighter, more agile and can circulate in exclusive lanes, thus avoiding possible traffic jams.


    Surely it is the most obvious point, but surely there is someone who still has doubts. Electric motorbikes work simply with the force of the electric motor driven, generally, through the right handlebar. Electric bikes work with pedals, although with assistance.


    An electric motorcycle is cheaper to maintain than a combustion motorcycle, despite the fact that the price is, for now, somewhat higher. On the contrary, the electric bicycle is the cheapest to maintain, as we have seen for example in the case of insurance. In addition, wear parts are cheaper on bicycles as well. Likewise, the purchase price is also lower on bicycles.


    In both cases , parking is very comfortable since we can do it in spaces enabled for it or, in the case of motorcycles, even on the sidewalks.


    In both cases, going from one point to another is done quickly and safely , but the moped can be our great ally if the journey is uphill, since we will not have to make any kind of physical effort. On the contrary, the bicycle can be uploaded to different public transport, thus becoming a mobility complement. What both segments do share is that if the weather is not good, driving is almost impossible.


    As a general rule, motorcycles can carry up to two people , thus being able to share the trip with another person and save some expense, but bicycles can only carry one person, except in cases such as tandems.

    Autonomy and recharging

    Broadly speaking, electric mopeds have much more autonomy than electric bicycles, so we will have to recharge them less frequently. In the case of motorcycles, we can recharge them at public charging points or at home, but we can only recharge bikes at home.


    Generally, electric bicycles are limited to 25 km/h, while electric motorcycles have higher speeds up to 45 km/h.

    However, the Secutronic Stealth Bomber ebike with pedals and 8000W high power hub motor can reach speed at 60 mph.

    If you want a super-fast, reliable electric bike, turn the key and get ready to ride; If you have money to spend, we highly recommend the Secutronic Stealth Bomber 8000W 60 MPH electric bike.

    The Stealth Bomber 60 MPH ebike are at the forefront of e-bike technology, highly respected in the e-bike community for their build quality and great performance. They are at the top of their category, within the top 10 electric bikes of the future , meaning they are rare examples of bikes built from the ground up.

    More Options from Secutronic: 80 mph and 70 mph electric bike for sale

    And the ET time with 12000W central motor can reach top speed of 70 mph. Meanwhile, the AdmitJet Armor electric dirt bike, boasting a maximum power of 20KW, accelerates to remarkable speeds of up to 80 mph, securing its position as one of the fastest bikes in its class.

    60 Mph Electric Bike Specifications

    Description of Secutronic 60 Mph EBike


    From the appearance, the whole e bike combines the styles of electric bicycles and off-road motorcycle well, and the streamlined appearance is simple and has some sci-fi feeling.

    Riding Mode

    Secutronic 60 Mph Ebike has three riding modes, electric + power assistance + manpower. It is great for the riders to mix their riding styles.

    Hub Motor

    Secutronic Stealth Bomber Electric Bikes are availabe 72V 3000W 5000W 8000W versions.

    Please check details for the 3 models here:

    3000W Stealth Bomber E Bike

    5000W Stealth Bomber E Bike

    8000W Stealth Bomber E Bike

    Stealth Bomber E Bike’s Top Speed:

    Electric motors initially output maximum torque directly. Secutronic Stealth Bomber E bike with big power 72V 8000W can reach high speed of 60 mph / 96 km/h within seconds. It just like an arrow shot out when you twist the throttle.

    And the top speed for 72 3000W is 44.5 – 50MPH (70-80 KM/H).

    The 5000W’s top speed is 50 – 56 MPH (80-90 KM/H).

    Range And Ride Time

    Generally a 8000W ebike is with an operating range arround 37 Miles with a full recharge. With 72V 40Ah Samsung Lithium Battery, this Bomber Electric Bike can reach range of 50 – 55 miles.

    60 Mph Electric Bike Full Suspension

    A full suspension mountain bike keeps you in control and comfort on rough terrain. Zoom Front Fork and DNM brand high quality rear suspension bold hydraulic suspensions. Revolutionary suspension technology makes this power bike fast, light and smooth.

    200Mm Travel Front Forks

    It adopts Zoom Front Fork and DNM brand high quality rear suspension. Tuned and spec’d by the Secutronic stealth team before shipping, This Chinese Stealth Bomber Ebike is a very good all-round package for riders without feeling that it compromises in any field.

    Braking System

    The Secutronic Stealth Bomber electric bike has double piston hydraulic disc brakes + EBS electronic braking + kinetic energy recovery system. The system provide excellent stopping power even in the worst conditions.

    Disc brakes consist of a brake disc attached to the wheel and a caliper on the edge of the disc. Precise braking effects fromhe high pressure brake fluid pushing the brake pads, and brakes clamping on 203mm rotors of the brake discs.

    Secutronic stealth ebike proposes an optimization method for the distribution of electric motor and mechanical braking force for the hybrid system in which the braking force of the front and rear axles is kept fixed, and the regen braking which recovers 16% higher energe than that of the fuzzy control, enhancing range and ride time.


    The bikes adopt special saddle for electric dirt bikes. It has a longer seat cushion, and more in line with the mountain riding needs. A motorcycle saddle is available to custom.

    60 Mph Electric Bike Parameters

    8000W Motor Kit Includes

    a, 8000W motorized rear wheel(26×2.6″)
    Optional: 26×3.0″, 26×4.0″

    b, 24MOZ Tube controller

    c, Brake lever

    d, throttle

    e, LCD display

    f, 6 or 7 speed gear

    Front Wheel and Tire(26×2.6″)

    Optional: 26×3.0″, 26×4.0″


    155mm drop out

    Front Fork

    TAIWAN Zoom Triple Crown Oil Suspension Fork (Adjustable and Lockable), Range:180mm

    Rear Suspension(Shock) bb5.jpg
    Chain Wheel & Crankset bb6.jpg
    Hydraulic Brake System bb7.jpg
    Zoom Handlebar Set

    Includes Zoom Handlebar, Stem and Seat post


    Ergonomic Big Seat; high quality PU


    72V 26AH Li-on Battery(Samsung 22P Cell)


    48V 25AH Li-on Battery(Samsung 22P Cell)

    72V 40AH Li-on Battery(Panasonic Brand)

    Flexible Style


    60 Mph Electric Bike Parameters

    Product Name Stealth Bomber E Bike
    Motor 72V 8000W Rear Brushless Geared Motor (5000W, 3000W option)
    Battery 72V 26Ah (72V 40AH lithium battery PANASONIC Brand Option)
    Big LCD instrument With Waterproof Wire
    Range 80-100km (Electric only)
    Frame Fortified Steel Frame
    Tyres 26*2.6 Mountain Tyres KENDA
    Brake Front/Rear Disc Brake ZOOM
    Derailleur Outer 7 Speed SHIMANO
    Chain KMC 7 Speed Chain
    Standard Configuration With headlight and half grip throttle
    Handle Bar/Stem
    AL-ALLOY AL6061 31.8 ZOOM
    Chain Wheel 42 teeths double covers AL-ALLOY LESCO
    Saddle Sport Seat VELO

    Stealth Ebike Applications

    Item Stealth Bomber Electric Bike
    Product Electric Bicycle 8000W 72V
    Battery 72V 40AH Lithium ion Battery
    N.W./G.W. 40kg / 68kg
    Fork TAIWAN Zoom;Customizable
    Motor Power 8000W
    Brake hydraulic disc brake
    Max Load 160KG
    Delivery time 2-3 days
    OEM And ODM Available
    Manufacturer Secutronic Technology – A professional manufacturer of advanced personal vehicles and solutions that increase your productivity and reduce costs. Secutronic is committed to improving customer satisfaction through advanced technology and a commitment to innovation, quality, value and design. With its state-of-the-art digital technology, a strong R&D department and a well-trained production team help produce the most advanced products.
    Advantage ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, Superior Quality with Competitive price; In time delivery


    Why Us?

    Secutronic Technology Co., Ltd

    60 Mph Electric Bike 72V 8000W E Bikes For Adults For Sale List By Model 第14张

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