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Blog The Kalk AP is a rugged electric off-road bike

The Kalk AP is a rugged electric off-road bike

December 10, 2018

The Kalk AP – A rugged electric off-road bike

Have you heard of military IPX 7 three-proof mobile phones and military IPX 7 three-proof watches? They are all known for their excellent dust-proof, shock-proof and waterproof functions. However, you must have never heard of Kalk Anti-Poaching bikes. This is a rugged electric off-road bike designed to combat poaching of African wildlife.

The Kalk AP - A rugged electric off-road bike

Over the years, poaching has had devastating consequences for all wildlife. In some cases, this is the main reason why many species are at risk of extinction. Anti-poaching forces use the off-road vehicle for patrol because it is considered the fastest and most nimble mobile tool to use in the wild. However, these vehicles use fuel, which is precisely the scarcest resource in these areas, which not only leads to high cost of law enforcement and guarding, but also causes man-made secondary pollution. What’s more, the noise from the engines of these motor vehicles will inform illegal poachers who are miles away that they can’t effectively achieve their anti-poaching purpose and save endangered species.

The Kalk AP - A rugged electric off-road bike

At the end of 2020, the Swedish electric off-road vehicle manufacturer Cake announced that it will cooperate with the South African Wildlife Research Institute and its related international organizations to develop a solar energy device that is extremely flexible and highly passable in remote areas and harsh conditions. Charge your off-road bike. In 2021, after months of R&D and refinement, the company has successfully launched a durable and very quiet Kalk AP electric off-road bike.

In September 2021, the first batch of Kalk AP electric off-road bikes entered the southern African wilderness and put to work, showing huge advantages compared to the gasoline vehicles used before, and achieved good results.

The Kalk AP - A rugged electric off-road bike

The new Kalk AP electric off-road bike is equipped with a power supply kit and solar panels produced by the famous GoalZero solar company. In areas without grid, a micro solar power station can be used to charge the Kalk AP electric off-road bike. This enables law enforcement officers to travel more freely and without concern into trails and more remote places.

The Kalk AP - A rugged electric off-road bike

The Kalk AP electric off-road bike uses recycled fiber reinforced materials made by Trifilon for the body, trunk and mounts. 18-inch rims, sporty extra-strong seals for better durability, and a spring-damped fork and progressive rear shock for any extreme road surface. In addition, the intelligent drivetrain can produce more torque, as well as higher speed and off-road capability. .

The Kalk AP - A rugged electric off-road bike

Main technical parameters of Kalk AP electric off-road bike:

Maximum speed: 70 km/h (1-2 hours of battery life).

Speed ​​limit: 45 km/h (battery time: 3-4 hours).

Duration: Depends on riding style, rider weight, weather conditions, temperature, road surface and tire pressure.

Charging type: Standard 110V/220 V external charging interface (0-80%: 2 hours, 0-100%: 3 hours).

Battery Specifications: High quality 18650 Lithium battery (removable charging).

Operating voltage (nominal): 51.8 V.

Capacity: 50 Ah / 2.6kWh.

Type: Chain direct drive.

Motor: Built-in permanent magnet motor.

Power: 11 kW (15hp).

Motor torque (shaft): 42 Nm.

Wheel torque: 280 Nm.

Front sprocket: 12 teeth.

Rear sprocket: 80 teeth.

Front Suspension Type: Inverted MX Spring Fork with Rebound Adjustment, Travel: 200mm.

Rear Suspension Type: Direct Mounted Shock Absorber, Simple and Strong.

Wheels and Tires: 18″ Continental TKC80 off-road tires.

Frame material: 6061 aluminum alloy, forged and CNC machined. Recycled fiber reinforced plastic fenders and body.

Handlebar Material: Aviation Grade 7050 Aluminum Alloy.

Wheelbase: 1310mm.

Seat height: 910mm.

Ground clearance: 300mm.

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