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List By Model Electric Dirt Bike for Sale Adult Motocross 72V 12000W
Electric Dirt Bike for Sale Adult Motocross 72V 12000W
  • 2022 Adult Emotorcycle Best Eletric/Motocycle E Mountainbike Fast 12000W Enduro Ebike Long Rang Electric Dirt Bike
  • 2022 Adult Emotorcycle Best Eletric/Motocycle E Mountainbike Fast 12000W Enduro Ebike Long Rang Electric Dirt Bike
  • 2022 Adult Emotorcycle Best Eletric/Motocycle E Mountainbike Fast 12000W Enduro Ebike Long Rang Electric Dirt Bike
  • 2022 Adult Emotorcycle Best Eletric/Motocycle E Mountainbike Fast 12000W Enduro Ebike Long Rang Electric Dirt Bike
  • 2022 Adult Emotorcycle Best Eletric/Motocycle E Mountainbike Fast 12000W Enduro Ebike Long Rang Electric Dirt Bike
  • 2022 Adult Emotorcycle Best Eletric/Motocycle E Mountainbike Fast 12000W Enduro Ebike Long Rang Electric Dirt Bike
  • Electric Dirt Bike for Sale Adult Motocross 72V 12000W

    Brand Name: Secutronic/AdmitJet/OEM
    Range per Power: 110 - 120 KM
    Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Wheel Size: 26"
    Max Speed: 120km/h
    Power Supply: Lithium Battery
    Motor position:Central Motor
    Battery Position:Integrated Battery
    Product name: Electric Off Road Dirt Bike
    Max load: 150kg
    F&R Disc Brake:Sinter
    Lithium battery:72V 50AH
    • Description

    Electric Dirt Bike for Sale Adult Motocross 72V 12000W

    Adult Motocross 72V 12000W High Power Brushless Motor 125CC Orion Alta Off Road Jump E Motor-cross Electric Dirt Bike for Sale

    Secutronic – China Manufacturer – Electric Dirt Bike for Sale

    Description – Electric Enduro Bike

    What to look for when buying an electric dirt bike ?

    Battery powered electric dirt bikes are mountain bikes that have a small frame. They are mainly used for dirt jumps or skate or bike parks. Due to the small size, they are very suitable for tricks and the frame plus a suspension fork provide the necessary stability. If you want to buy a dirt bike, there are a few things to consider.

    How to buy the right dirt ebike ?


    First of all, you should be aware that the price of a decent e dirt bike starts at around 3000 euros. Do not buy cheap offers, because here could be inferior parts installed. Since the bike is very heavily loaded, inferior parts could be a major accident risk.

    Brand New E Dirt Bike:

    It is also best not to buy a used bike. The dirt ebike is, after all, a piece of sports equipment for an extreme sport and you never know what a used electric dirt bike has already experienced. In the worst case, the frame could have a hidden crack and after a short time the bike breaks down.

    If at all, you should only get a used bike from someone you know well and from whom you know how he has treated the bike before or what it has already been through.

    If you want to buy a dirt bike, the physics of the frame is very important. The material is also crucial, steel frames are very sturdy, but also heavy. Aluminum frames, on the other hand, are nice and light, but don’t hold up as well.

    Frame Size

    In addition to the frame, the wheel size is very important. The question is whether you want to ride 24-inch or 26-inch wheels. With 24-inchers you are more agile, 26-inchers give a little more stability at speed.

    Electric Motor

    Mid-mounted motor

    In fact, the mid-motor is always a combination of motor and gearbox: The high speeds of the motor are reduced by the gearbox to the cadence of the rider, thus the e-motor works in a better efficiency. The drive unit sits centrally in the wheel near the crank for a favorable center of gravity.

    In this way, the additional weight of the components has little effect on the driving dynamics. Anyone looking for maximum performance for mountain biking will find it difficult to get past the mid-motor.

    ST-011 with mid drive motor features advantages:

    integrated gearbox, thus better power delivery

    Central center of gravity

    The entire drive is part of the suspended mass.

    good driving dynamics

    The engine power is additionally translated by the gearshift.


    Hub Motor

    On electric mountain bikes, motors in the rear hub are a dying breed – their detrimental effect on the function of a suspended rear end is simply too great. But even on hardtails, the disadvantages of this setup are clearly noticeable: most of these drive types are direct-drive motors, which means the motor has no gearbox and operates at the same speed as the rear wheel.

    However, because electric motors prefer to turn quickly, they have less power and get hot sooner. This is especially true on inclines.

    Another shortcoming is the weight distribution: The motor sits in the area of the rear wheel hub. Its own weight makes the bike tail-heavy, sporty driving maneuvers and fast direction changes are not its strength.

    Brake System

    Another important consideration is the brakes. Often, entry-level bikes have mechanical brakes on them. These are sufficient for the beginning, if you do not chase down steep descents.

    Should you intend to do so, you’d better go for hydraulic brakes right from the start. These are more expensive, but lose little braking power under heavy load.


    The suspension fork is also a key point for dirt bikes. Here there are strong price and quality differences. It is best to inform yourself in MTB trade magazines about the current models and let friends or experts advise you on which suspension fork is best suited for your purpose.

    Dirt bikes should be stable first and foremost, however, you should still try to make the bike as light as possible. A lighter bike is also easier to control. So when buying, make sure that the bike is not too heavy, but that it is still quality parts.

    AdmitJet ST-011 Ebike dirt bike

    The ST-011 adult electric dirt bike is just as ambitious as its internal combustion engine counterparts, but with the added benefit of zero emissions!

    The ST-011 is a unique dirt ebike that sports the geometry and reproduction of Jeremy McGrath’s winning big bike!

    Equipped with a new brushless powerful motor with permanent magnets (brushless motor), the ST-011 delivers a peak power of 12 kW (approx. 17 hp) and a peak torque of 960 Nm. That is to say a motorcycle announced competitive against a thermal motorcycle of equivalent size. Count on 5 hours for a complete charge, much shorter than some other brands like Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket taking 12 hours to fully charge.

    The pleasure of riding without effort

    Almost no maintenance, a mechanical gearbox but no risk of stalling… In short, the pleasure of riding in its raw state! The more winding and narrow the tracks, the greater the pleasure.

    The totality of the torque is available as of the first turns of wheel, finished the changes of speed. Riding a motorcycle has never been so easy. And since the electric motor delivers 12 kW of maximum power, the E-TIME adult electric motorcycle is on a par with many motorcycles with internal combustion engines.

    A mechanical gearbox on an electric motocross bike?

    It may be surprising, but the main advantage of the mechanical gearbox on this electric motocross bike is the fact that you can use it like a gas powered dirt bike. Except that you can’t stall with the ST-011! Indeed you can start in third or fourth gear to get used to the bike and then shift into first gear (much more nervous) when you know the bike better.

    The 4 gears offer dual sport modes, perfect for off road adventures and mountain biking.

    Clean and quiet

    No fuel and mixture, no oil, very little noise. Now you can enjoy your eco friendly electric dirt bike without disturbing the neighborhood. A digital display will show you the remaining battery level as well as your speed which can easily reach 75 miles per hour.

    Even more autonomy

    The 72V 50A lithium battery offers a comfortable range of 75 miles with a single charge.

    How much is a electric motocross?

    Firstly, let’s take a look at these 2021 Best Electric Dirt Bikes for adults, selected by some websites:


    Top Speed 50 MPH (80km/h)

    20 Miles of range (32km only)

    Horsepower: 21 bhp

    Price: US $10,499


    Top Speed 46.6 MPH

    74.6 Miles of range

    Full charge time: 4 hours

    Price: US $4,999

    3. CAKE KALK OR Motocross Electrica

    Top Speed 56 MPH

    53 Miles of range

    Horsepower: 13 bhp

    Price: US $13,000


    Top Speed 46.6 MPH

    38 Miles of range

    Weight: 183 pounds

    Price: from US $10,500

    5. ZERO Motocross Zero FX Bike

    Top Speed 85 MPH

    46 Miles of range

    Weight: 247 pounds

    Horsepower: 46 bhp

    Price: from US $11,595

    6. STARK VARG STARK FUTURE Electric Motocross

    Carbon fiber sleeve electric motor.

    Top Speed: The company claims that the Varg is the world’s fastest motocross. No list a top speed… yet.

    Range: Up to 6 hours

    Weight: 242.5 pounds / 110kg fully charged

    Horsepower: 80 bhp

    Price: from US $11,900

    7. Alta Motors Redshift MX Moto Electrique

    Top Speed: 70.8 MPH / 114 km/h

    Range: Up to 96 km

    Weight: 258 pounds / 117kg

    Horsepower: 50 bhp

    Price: from US $11,900

    Weight: 117 kg

    8. Sur Ron Light Bee X

    Top Speed 47 MPH

    60 Miles of range

    3 hour charging time

    Dual suspension

    Price: from US $4,795

    The ST-011 electric dirt bike was introduced last year and became an instant hit. Its low price of around $3,399 combined with around 12 kW of power and 75 mph top speed make it a popular electric motorcross.

    Parameter – ST-011 Electric Dirt Bike for Sale

    Model Name ST-011
    Vehicle Type Road/off-road
    Related Power 3000W AC E-Power,0-1-2-3-4 Forward Gear
    Max Power 12000W
    Max Speed(km/h) 120
    L×W×H (mm) 2120×840×1225
    WheelBase (mm) 1430
    Seat Height (mm) 930
    Ground Clearance (mm) 300
    Net Weight (kg) 120(together battery weight)
    Brake (Front/Rear) Disk/Disk
    Tyre, Front 110/70-17;80/100-21
    Tyre, Rear 130/70-17;110/100-18
    Max. Load Capacity (kg) 150
    Lithium Battery 72V 50Ah
    Distance Per Charge(km) 110 – 120 KM
    Charging Time(h) 5h(10Ah charger)
    F&R Absorber Quality and size same as fastace brand product,made by our new mould(54/60)
    F&R Tire CST
    All Set Of Light Option, all set of light plug and cable are available, can add light seperately
    Display LED
    Rim&Hub Rim:7075 or 7116 code alloy Hub:CNC alloy
    Rear Fame Metal
    Rear Fork Aluminium Alloy
    Driven Chain 520
    Driven Sprocket Aluminium Alloy
    F&R Disc Brake Sinter
    0Km/h-100Km 6s
    Hand Bar Aluminium Alloy
    Steering CNC alloy
    Brake&Clutch Lever CNC alloy
    Remark: controller with bluetooth, battery BMS come with bluetooth too, so both of them can adjuct data by app
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