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List By Model Mid Drive Ebike 27.5 Mid Motor Electric Bycicle E Bike
Mid Drive Ebike 27.5 Mid Motor Electric Bycicle E Bike
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  • Mid Drive Ebike 27.5 Mid Motor Electric Bycicle E Bike

    Wattage: 351 - 500w
    Voltage: 48V
    Power Supply: Lithium Battery
    Wheel Size: Kenda 27.5*1.95 inch
    Motor: Brushless
    Certification: CE,DOT,EEC
    Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Foldable: No
    Max Speed: 35 KM/H
    Range per Power: 31 - 60 km
    • Description

    Mid Drive Ebike 27.5 Mid Motor Electric Bycicle E Bike

    Affordable China Middrive Middle Motor Belt Mid Drive Ebike 2 Wheel 27.5 inch City Commuter Electric Bycicle E Bike For Sale

    Secutronic – Electric Bicycle Manufacturer – Mid Drive Ebike

    Mid Motor Ebike Brief Introduction

    Ebike Mid Drive Vs Hub Motor

    Electric bikes come in two main types of motor systems: mid-drive and hub motor. Both systems have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between them will largely depend on personal preference and intended use.

    Mid-drive motors are mounted in the center of the bike, between the pedals, and they drive the chain. This type of motor is often preferred by more experienced riders and off-road enthusiasts, as it provides a more natural and intuitive ride experience. Mid-drive motors are also typically more powerful and offer better traction and control on steep or challenging terrain.

    Hub motors, on the other hand, are mounted in the wheel hub of either the front or rear wheel. They are more common in entry-level or commuter-style electric bikes, as they are less expensive and easier to install. Hub motors provide a more straightforward and smooth ride experience, and they are less likely to get damaged if the bike is ridden over rough terrain.

    Is a mid drive eBike better?

    Whether a mid-drive eBike is better depends on the individual’s specific needs and preferences. Both mid-drive and hub motor eBikes have their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

    Advantages of mid-drive eBikes:

    1. Better traction: Mid-drive motors are located near the center of the bike, which helps distribute the weight evenly, providing better traction and stability, especially on uneven terrain.
    2. Improved performance: Mid-drive motors provide more efficient power transfer to the wheels, making the bike more responsive to the rider’s input and allowing it to tackle steeper hills more easily.
    3. Greater compatibility: Mid-drive motors can be used with different gear systems, making them a more versatile option for riders who want to optimize their gear ratios for different types of terrain.

    Advantages of hub motor eBikes:

    1. Simplicity: Hub motor eBikes are generally easier to install and maintain than mid-drive eBikes.
    2. Smooth and quiet operation: Hub motors are usually quieter and smoother than mid-drive motors, making them a better choice for riders who prefer a more relaxed ride.
    3. Less wear and tear: Because the motor is located in the wheel hub, there is less strain on the bike’s frame, which can result in a longer lifespan for the bike.

    Ultimately, the choice between a mid-drive and hub motor eBike will come down to the individual’s specific needs and preferences. Some riders may prefer the improved performance and versatility of a mid-drive eBike, while others may prefer the simplicity and smoother operation of a hub motor eBike.

    Mid Drive Ebike – Revolutionizing the Way You Ride

    Introducing the STVS7-EM Mid Drive Ebike, a high-quality electric bike powered by a powerful mid drive motor that takes your mountain biking experience to the next level. The mid drive motor is mounted in the middle of the bike frame, providing better balance, stability and more efficient power transfer. With its mid motor technology, this ebike delivers superior performance compared to a traditional hub motor.

    Pedal assisted with Suspension Forks for a Smoother Ride

    The STVS7-EM Mid Drive Ebike is designed for maximum comfort and convenience. It features a pedal assist system that makes your rides smoother and more effortless. Additionally, the bike comes equipped with suspension forks that absorb shock and vibration, making for a more comfortable ride even on rough terrain.

    Battery Packs, Hydraulic Disc Brakes, and More

    The STVS7-EM Mid Drive Ebike comes with a 48V 10AH GRENERGY lithium battery pack that provides ample power for long rides. The hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable stopping power, ensuring that you can stop your bike quickly and safely in any situation.

    Cargo Bikes and More

    This mid drive electric bike is versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re using it for commuting, mountain biking, or hauling cargo, the STVS7-EM is a great choice. The rear rack provides plenty of space for carrying your gear, while the mid drive motor provides the power to handle heavy loads.

    Powerful Motor, Hub Drive, and Motor and Battery

    The STVS7-EM Mid Drive Ebike is powered by a 350W 48V 8FANG mid drive motor that provides plenty of power for a variety of rides. The motor is coupled with a 48V 10AH battery pack for long-lasting performance. The hub drive provides reliable and efficient power transfer, while the motor and battery provide the power you need to tackle even the toughest terrain.

    High-Quality, Durable, and Efficient

    This mid drive electric bike is built with high-quality materials and features advanced technology that makes it efficient, durable, and long-lasting. The aluminum frame is smooth welded and features cable inside, making it strong and light. The hydraulic brakes, LCD digital display, and SHIMANO M370 derailleur lever provide a smooth and controlled riding experience.

    Take Your Mountain Biking Experience to the Next Level

    With its mid drive motor, hydraulic brakes, and high-quality components, the STVS7-EM Mid Drive Ebike is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their mountain biking experience to the next level. So why wait? Get your hands on this amazing ebike today and experience the ultimate in comfort, power, and versatility.

    Mid Drive Electric Bikes Details

    Specifications – Ebike Mid Drive

    Mid Drive Electric Bike Description

    Best-selling hot item, exported to Europe and America, quality assurance

    Batch can be customized by OEN, large quantity can be inquired, please contact customer service or electric link for details!

    >>Power riding, pure electric riding, pure manpower riding, three modes of riding freely switch, easy to deal with full road riding;

    >>BAFANG Octagon Central Drive Motor, brushless and toothed mute efficient, improve cruising range;

    >>High quality lithium battery, 48V10Ah, safety certification, energy saving and environmental protection, detachable and easy to use;

    >>LCD liquid crystal meter, 5-speed power assist, riding parameter display and control, highlighting the riding style;


    Mid Drive E Bikes Parameters

    VS7.0-EM (middle drive) electric bike
    Bike.Model STVS7-EM Electric MTB Electric Parameter Specification
    Wheel.Size 27.5″ Battery GRENERGY,Lithium,48V 10AH
    Frame.Size 16.5″/17.5″ Full charging time 5~8 Hours
    Bike.Color BlackRed/BlackGreen Charging times 2000 Times
    Bike.Weight 19.0 KG Endurance miles Pure electric mode,50KM
    PARTS Specification Assist riding mode,70~100KM
    Frame VS7.0 Alloy AL7005 smooth welding&cable inside Motor


    8FANG,350W 48V,Middle drive
    Handelbarset AL6061 alloy with anode,31.8*680mm,31.6mm seat post Brushless DC low resistance
    Clamp Quick Release,34.9mm Rotation speed 70-150 RPM
    Fork AL suspension mechanical lockout,100mm travel Reduction ratio 1:21.9
    Headset Aluminum CNC Level speed 27 Levels
    Derailleur Lever SHIMANO M370-27 Speeds Rotational torque 80-200 N.M
    Front Derailleur None Maximum speed 35 KM/H
    Rear Derailleur SHIMANO M370 Controller Speed, motor built-in controller
    Crankset Motor comes 46T Waterproof grade IP 65
    Freewheel SUGEK-9S,11-32T Monitor LCD digital display control instrument
    Chain YBN-9S  



    Display function




    MPH/Single mileage/Total mileage
    Brake YINXIN mechanical disc Electricity/Output power/Riding time
    Hub AL alloy disc-brake Number of gears/Maximum speed/Wheel Setting
    Rim AL alloy double-deck&rivets 32Holes Motor speed/Fault indication
    Spoke Circular 14G Waterproof grade IPS 6
    Tire KENDA K1187,27.5*1.95 Assistance Torque assist control
    Grip Circular,Comfortable Speed Handle Stepless speed dial, speed sensor
    Saddle Comfortable for MTB  


    Brake control






    Five star power brake handle




    Pedals WP-625 AL alloy smooth
    Kikstand Steel,Realamount


    Mid Drive Electric Bicycle Applications

    Product Name Affordable China Middrive Middle Motor Belt Mid Drive Ebike 2 Wheel 27.5 inch City Commuter Electric Bycicle E Bike For Sale
    Item Mid Motor Ebike
    Product Mid Drive Electric Bike
    Battery 48V 10AH Lithium
    N.W./G.W. 19KG / 25KG
    Braking Front & Rear disc brakes
    Motor Power 350W 8FANG Mid Drive
    Full charging time 5~8 Hours
    Max Load 150KG
    Delivery time 2-3 days
    Rear Derailleur SHIMANO M370
    Manufacturer Secutronic Technology – A professional manufacturer of advanced personal vehicles and solutions that increase your productivity and reduce costs. Secutronic is committed to improving customer satisfaction through advanced technology and a commitment to innovation, quality, value and design. With its state-of-the-art digital technology, a strong R&D department and a well-trained production team help produce the most advanced products.
    Advantage ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, Superior Quality with Competitive price; In time delivery


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