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List By Model Fast Electric Motorcycle Bike Silent Boys Adventure Motocross
Fast Electric Motorcycle Bike Silent Boys Adventure Motocross
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  • AdmitJet Armor 20KW 85MPH Electric Dirt Bikes For Adults
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  • 2023 Latest China 20KW Cheap Offroad Long Range Max Speed 130 KM/H EBike Electric Mountain Bike for Adult
  • 2023 Latest China 20KW Cheap Offroad Long Range Max Speed 130 KM/H EBike Electric Mountain Bike for Adult
  • Electric MX Bike New Ebike E Dirt Bike For Sale
  • 2023 Latest China 20KW Cheap Offroad Long Range Max Speed 130 KM/H EBike Electric Mountain Bike for Adult
  • Fast Electric Motorcycle Bike Silent Boys Adventure Motocross

    Brand Name: Secutronic/AdmitJet/OEM
    Range per Power: 170 KM
    Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Wheel Size: 26"
    Max Speed: 130km/h 
    Power Supply: Lithium Battery
    Motor position:Central Motor
    Battery Position:Integrated Battery
    Product name: Electric Motocross Bike
    Warranty: 1 Year
    F&R Disc Brake:Sinter
    Lithium battery:72V 70AH
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    Fast Electric Motorcycle Silent Boys Adventure Motocross

    Affordable Price Silent High Voltage Hollywood Stunt Boys Adventure Super Fast Electric Motocross Motorcycle For Sale Spain USA UK Canada France

    Secutronic – China Manufacturer – Electric Bike Fastest

    Description – Electric Dirt Bike Mx

    Fastest Electric Dirt Bikes: The 2023 AdmitJet Armor

    For those who love adventure and speed, the 2023 AdmitJet Armor is a game-changer. This electric powered motorcycle is the fastest of its kind, capable of reaching speeds of up to 85 mph. With a Related Power 3000W DC electric motor and a maximum power of 20000W, the AdmitJet Armor is an impressive machine that can take on any challenge.

    In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of the 2023 AdmitJet Armor and why it’s the fastest electric dirt bike on the market. We’ll also take a look at some of the other fastest electric bikes and motorcycles and see how they compare.

    Unmatched Speed and Power

    The AdmitJet Armor’s 3000W DC electric motor provides it with an incredible amount of power. With 0-1-2-3-4 forward gears and a reverse gear, this bike is designed to tackle any terrain. Its peak wheel torque of 1000N.m and motor peak torque of 65N.m ensure that the bike can handle even the toughest obstacles.

    At a top speed of 85 mph, the AdmitJet Armor is the fastest electric dirt bike on the market. Its lithium battery, manufactured by CATL, has a peak output current of 300Ah and a continuous output current of 150Ah. With a distance per charge of 105 miles, this bike is perfect for long rides through rough terrain.

    Advanced Design and Build Quality

    The 2023 AdmitJet Armor is built to last. Its frame is made of metal Q345b+6061 forge aluminium alloy, with a rear fork made of aluminium alloy. The bike’s rims are made of 7116 code alloy, and the hub is cast for maximum strength.

    The bike’s front and rear tire sizes are 80/100-21 and 110/90-18, respectively. The F&R absorber is single-chamber and dual-adjustable, and the F&R tire cordial ensures a smooth ride even on bumpy terrain.

    One of the most impressive features of the AdmitJet Armor is its fast-swappable battery. The battery can be replaced in just 60 seconds, making it easy to swap out and get back on the road. The battery has a max voltage of 84-92.4V and can be charged in just 1-6 hours with a 10Ah charger.

    How fast can an electric motorcycle go?

    The 2023 AdmitJet Armor is not the only electric bike or motorcycle that can reach high speeds, but it’s surely one of the fast e bikes in the world.

    When it comes to speed, there has long been a debate between gasoline-powered motorcycles and electric-powered motorcycles. Gasoline-powered motorcycles have traditionally been known for their high top speeds and powerful engines, which can deliver an adrenaline-fueled ride. However, electric-powered motorcycles have made significant progress in recent years, and some models are now capable of delivering speeds that rival or exceed those of gasoline-powered motorcycles.

    In terms of acceleration, electric-powered motorcycles have an advantage over gasoline-powered motorcycles. Electric motors provide instant torque, which allows electric motorcycles to accelerate from a standstill much more quickly than gasoline-powered motorcycles. The Harley-Davidson LiveWire, for example, can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds. This is faster than many gasoline-powered motorcycles in the same price range.

    Overall, while gasoline-powered motorcycles have traditionally been known for their high top speeds, electric-powered motorcycles are quickly catching up in terms of speed and acceleration. As battery technology continues to improve, it’s likely that we’ll see even more impressive electric motorcycles in the future.

    Other Fastest Electric Bikes and Motorcycles

    The Lightning LS-218 is currently the fastest electric motorcycle on the market, with a top speed of 218 mph. The Arc Vector, a high-end electric vehicle, has a top speed of 124 mph to 150 mph.

    The Harley Davidson Livewire is another electric motorcycle that can reach impressive speeds. It has a top speed of 95 mph and can reach 60 mph in just 3 seconds. The Lightning Strike, a more affordable option, has a top speed of 150 mph.

    The Ghost is an Italian Volt electric motorcycle that can reach speeds of up to 112 mph. The Zero FX, Artisan, Mototec, Redshift, Suron, Husqvarna, Stark Varg, and Alta are all other fastest e bikes that can reach high speeds.

    Why Choose the 2023 AdmitJet Armor?

    While there are many fast electric bikes and motorcycles on the market, the 2023 AdmitJet Armor stands out for several reasons. Its speed, power, and range make it perfect for long rides and rough terrain. Its fast-swappable battery and advanced design make it a practical and reliable option for those who want to travel at high speeds without sacrificing safety or quality.

    AdmitJet Armor – The Ultimate Electric Dirt Bike

    This is a game-changer for those who want to use their electric dirt bike for extended periods without needing to stop and charge.

    Additionally, the 2023 AdmitJet Armor is made with a high-quality metal Q345b+6061 Forge Aluminium Alloy frame, which makes it durable and able to handle high speeds. The aluminum alloy used is known for its strength and resistance to corrosion, making it an ideal choice for an electric dirt bike that will be used in a variety of environments.

    The 2023 AdmitJet Armor also boasts a powerful 3000W DC electric motor, which provides excellent acceleration and a top speed of up to 85 miles per hour. With 0-1-2-3-4 forward gears and a reverse gear, riders have plenty of options to tailor the ride to their liking. The motor’s peak torque is 65 N.m, and the peak wheel torque is 1000 N.m, providing a smooth and stable ride.

    How the AdmitJet Armor Outpaces the Competition with a Top Speed of 85 MPH

    The AdmitJet Armor’s lithium battery is made by CATL, one of the leading battery manufacturers in China. The 72V 70Ah battery has a peak output current of 300Ah and a continuous output current of 150Ah. It has a maximum voltage of 84-92.4V and can last up to 105 miles on a single charge. With a charging time of just 1-6 hours using a 10Ah charger, riders can get back on the road quickly and easily.

    Safety of the Fastest Ebike

    In terms of safety features, the AdmitJet Armor has a disk brake system for both the front and rear wheels, providing excellent stopping power when needed. The LED lights on the bike provide clear visibility even in low-light conditions, and the LCD meter allows riders to keep track of their speed, battery level, and other important information.

    At a net weight of just 108kg, the AdmitJet Armor is relatively lightweight for an electric dirt bike, making it easy to handle and maneuver on the road. Its dimensions of 2120x840x1225mm make it a comfortable ride for riders of various heights, and the ground clearance of 318mm means it can handle rough terrain without issue.

    Advanced Design of the Electric Bike Fast

    The 2023 AdmitJet Armor is a high-quality electric dirt bike that offers exceptional speed and performance in a safe and reliable package. Its advanced features and design make it a practical choice for those looking for a fast electric dirt bike that can handle a variety of environments. With its fast-swappable battery, riders can extend their ride time without worry, and its aluminum alloy frame and disk brake system ensure a safe and stable ride.

    Stylish and Comfortable

    The AdmitJet Armor is not only fast and powerful but also stylish and comfortable. The seat height is 900mm, and the ground clearance is 318mm, making it easy to ride over rough terrain. The handbar is made of aluminum alloy, and the steering, brake, and clutch levers are made of 7075 aluminum alloy.

    Wide Range of Applications

    The AdmitJet Armor is a versatile bike that can be used for a wide range of applications. Whether you want to go off-roading, ride on the street, or go on an adventure, this bike is up for the challenge. Its high speeds make it a practical option for commuters who want to get to work quickly, and its rugged design makes it a great option for those who like to explore the great outdoors.

    Affordable Price

    One of the best things about the AdmitJet Armor is its affordable price. Despite its impressive features and performance, it is priced at under $4000. This makes it an accessible option for those who want a high-quality electric bike without breaking the bank.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, the 2023 AdmitJet Armor is a fast, powerful, and versatile electric dirt bike that is built to last. Its advanced design, fast-swappable battery, high-quality components, and affordable price make it a practical and reliable option for those who want to go electric. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, commuter, or just want to experience the thrill of high-speed riding, the AdmitJet Armor is a great choice.

    Overall, the AdmitJet Armor is a strong contender in the world of electric dirt bikes, offering high speeds, long-range, and top-of-the-line safety features. Its affordable price point and attractive design make it a popular choice for riders looking for a fast and reliable electric dirt bike. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner, the AdmitJet Armor is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality electric dirt bike that can handle anything you throw at it.

    Parameter – Fast Ebike

    Model: AdmitJet Armor Electric Dirt Bike MX
    Electric Motor Related Power 3000W DC E-Power,0-1-2-3-4 Forward Gear
    Max Power 72V 20000W
    Max Speed(km/h) 130 KM/H (85 MPH)
    L×W×H (mm) 2120×840×1225
    WheelBase (mm) 1424
    Seat Height (mm) 900
    Ground Clearance (mm) 318
    Net Weight (kg) 108(together battery weight)
    Brake (Front/Rear) Disk/Disk
    Tyre, Front & Rear 80/100-21; 110/90-18
    Lithium Battery CATL 72V 70Ah (60Ah Option)
    Peak output current of battery(Ah) 300Ah
    Continuous output current of Battery (Ah) 150
    Distance Per Charge(km) 170
    Charging Time(h) 1-6H (10Ah charger)
    F&R Absorber Single-chamber dual-adjustable
    F&R Tire Cordial
    All Set Of Light LED
    Display LCD Meter
    Rim&Hub Rim:7116 code alloy                 Hub:casting
    Fame Metal Q345b+6061 Forge Aluminium Alloy
    Rear Fork Aluminium Alloy
    Driven Chain 520
    Driven Sprocket Steel
    F&R Disc Brake Pad CD Copper base
    0Km/h-100Km 5s
    Hand Bar Aluminium Alloy
    Steering, Brake & Clutch Lever Aluminium Alloy 7075
    Max Loading Weight (KG):  150KG
    N.W./G.W.:  118KG/145KG
    Package Size:  182*47*112cm
    Remark:controller with bluetooth,battery BMS come with bluetooth too, both of them can adjuct data by app

    AdmitJet Armor Electric Mx Bikes



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