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Electric Dirt Bike

Adult Powerful Sports Electric Dirt Bike

48V 72V 79V 1000W 2000W 5000W 8000W 12000W 3KW 5KW 8KW 12KW Moto Cross Pitbike Enduro Ebike Motorcycle Frame Pit Motocross For Sale UK USA

Why not just buy a traditional dirt bike?

Do you want to buy an electric dirt bike? Can electric bikes be pivotal in adding fun and excitement to your boring routine? Riding an electric dirt bike can be an enjoyable and exciting escape from your mundane routine. Especially if they are speed and adventure enthusiasts, they would love to ride the bike faster. Even the AMA has recognized electric bikes’ growth in America and has started to organize electric enduro bike races. In order to develop the electric two-wheeled vehicles, it is necessary to solve the problem of battery life. It is particularly important to everyone, especially for some users who pursue motorcycle travel. The battery life will determine whether they will accept the hard conditions of electrification, such as Electric Motion Escape, the performance in this regard is not very good. Under normal circumstances, it can only provide about 70 kilometers of battery life. If the extreme use state is maintained for a long time, the value will drop significantly.

Features of Electrci Dirt Bike:

However, compared with gasoline vehicles, the inherently strong torque of electric vehicles is very suitable for off-road conditions, and the handling experience is even better. This is why many well-known brands and start-up brands have set their sights on off road motorcycle market. Secutronic will launch a variety of Electric Motocross Bikes and mountain bikes in 2022, with more capacity lithium batteries and more than 100 power curves, to simulate 125cc-450cc, four-stroke, two-stroke engines dirt bikes. After several years of accumulation, the global electric motor bike category has begun to show a real explosive trend, and many series products similar to motorcycles have been formed. In the future, Secutronic will also bring more high-quality products, making everyone more Directly and systematically feel the charm of electric riding.

Gas Dirt Bikes vs. Electric Dirt Bikes for Adults | Which One to Choose?

8 advantages of electric dirt bikes when compared to gas one.


If you’re all about performance, electric motorcycles have a clear advantage over gas motorcycles. Gas powered engines take longer to hit peak power and deliver maximum torque – both of which require the engine to be spinning at a high RPM rate. On the other hand, battery powered electric dirtbikes can reach their peak power and torque instantly from 0 RPM.


An experienced rider will know that gas motorcycles are fiddly and frequently require tinkering and maintenance to keep them running without problems. Ongoing maintenance takes away from the most enjoyable part of owning a motorcycle: riding. Thankfully, as electric motocross bikes don’t have pistons, valves, oil, carburetors – or any other component that may need your attention – they are extremely low maintenance. Keep it charged, keep your tires pumped, and enjoy the ride!


A myth that surrounds electric moto cross is that they are far more expensive than gas-powered motorcycles. While they are some expensive right now, some electric bike manufacturers including Secutronic are introducing business models that turn motorcycle ownership on its head and pass the savings onto the consumer. Meanwhile, electric dirt bikes need much less maintenance cost.


Electric motor bikes are undeniably more comfortable than gas motorcycles. If you’ve never driven an electric motor cycle, this claim may make you slightly skeptical. However, once you’ve gone electric, you’ll notice it instantly. First off, there’s the vibrations. Gas bikes vibrate while you’re riding and while you’re waiting at the traffic lights. While this issue is getting better with newer gas motorcycles with balancer engines – the issue will never really go away. Electric motorcycles don’t vibrate and keep you at peace – even before you’ve had your first cup of coffee.


A controversial entry to this list but another great aspect of electric enduro motorcycles when compared to gas motorcycles is how quiet they are. The saying that e motos are completely silent isn’t 100% true, however, these noises are minimal – especially when you compare tham to the exhaust noise produced by some gas cruisers.


Electric motorcycles are now much more convenient than gas motorcycles. Previous short range limitations and lack of charging infrastructure made electric motorcycles more of a headache than gasoline powered ones, but the issue has now been eradicated. In 2021, the amount of level 2 and DC chargers on the road has boomed and total ranges have increased across the board. So much so, it’s not uncommon to find electric moto offering a highway and city range of 200 miles.


The unwavering and undeniable plus of electric motorcycles is eco friendly, they bring positive impact on the environment. While this has been a benefit since EVs came on the market, it’s more poignant now than ever before. The shift towards green vehicles is already in the works – from public entities moving towards electric fleets to local and federal governments offering financial incentives to switch to electric vehicles. So, do your part to contribute by going electric!


E Dirt Bikes are not only safer for the planet, they’re also safer for riders, too. Electric Bikes companies are pushing the envelope when it comes to motorcycle safety. How? By using motorcycle AI and big data to build bikes that are in tune with your surroundings and potential hazards. Gas motorcycles don’t have the same capability or capacity to incorporate this kind of advanced technology. While you can buy off-the-shelf warning systems for gas motorcycles, they’re usually very expensive and don’t measure up to the built-in safety technology of the electric motorcycls. Therefore, if you’re looking to practice safe motorcycling, electric is the way to go.

Electric Bikes and Electric Dirt Bikes – What’s the difference?

Electric Bikes or e-bikes have the same handle as a regular bike, but they use an electric motor. The electric motor assists propulsion, due to which it is suitable to be ridden for long distances. Still, it becomes problematic when the terrains are irregular and sloppy. On the other hand, Electric Dirt Bikes have an exclusive design specializing in rugged terrains and irregular roads. You can use them for normal trail riding and pavement riding, but the real fun begins when use in loose dirt, mud, or gravel. These bikes are specially for hitting trails and going deep.

What is the max speed of an electric dirt bike from Secutronic?

An electric dirt bike’s average speed is somewhere between 20-40 miles per hour, although this speed limit is not true for all-electric dirt bikes. For instance, an ebike with a 1000 watt motor can go up to 32 miles per hour. picking the type of bike depends upon you, whether you want a fast e dirt bike or not. The fastest electric dirt bike in the world is the Zero FX, manufactured by Zero Motorcycles. It can reach speeds of up to 85mph. The Redshift MX by Alta Motors can reach speeds of nearly 70mph. Besides, Stark Future claims that the Stark Varg with electric carbon fiber sleeve motor is the world’s fastest e dirt bike, they don’t actually list a top speed yet. The KTM Freeride E-XC is another speed demon that runs at up to 60mph. Suggest the website DirtbikeSam.com from USA: Best Electric Dirt Bikes (Updated 2021) There are plenty of high-end e dirt bikes from Secutronic that are capable of going at high speeds, the top speed can reach 75mph (120KM/H).

Advantage of Secutronic AdmitJet Electric Dirt Bikes:

With the increasing trend of electric motorcycles, Secutronic, a major off-road dirt bike and mountain enduro bike manufacturing company, certainly cannot lag behind. In order to develop the emoto market, SECUTRONIC has launched a variety of new electric dirt bikes, laying the foundation for the future development of electric vehicles.

Power and Battery of Admitjet dirt ebike:

The electric dirt bikes have more powe output and better battery life, to ensure pure electric off road vehicles can also be as fun as traditional dirt bikes. Therefore, clients can get more eco friendly and trendy electric vehicles. The new AdmitJet e dirt bike with air cooled 12KW electric motor has a maximum horsepower of 17hp. And for battery improvements, the new model AdmitJet has max 4.32 kwh battery capacity (72V 60Ah). The most import, the battery has a 50% increase in recharge capacity. It means that a single charge can give you about 1.5 hours of riding, similar range with a full tank of gas on a 250CC dirt bike. The 2022 AdmitJet dirt bike both have an IMU which gives cornering-sensitive traction control and cornering-aware ABS. And the new model inverted front fork and rear shock makes the ride more stable and more adjustable. Secutronic Time E Dirtbike has 4 Gears and 3 Riding modes: Economy, Enduro and Sport. The super off-road capability make our electric bikes suitable not only for beginners, but also for professional riders. The design of the steel tube frame, the new shape and color matching, plus the new small instrument panel, electric meter, and redesigned key hole, get the bike a new look.

How Much is an AdmitJet Electric Dirt Bike?

Price plays an important role in any big purchase. It will most certainly show up on your pros and cons list when deciding on the best electric dirt bike for you. As the technology has evolved over the past decade, electric dirt bikes have become more affordable. However, they still only inhabit a tiny share of the dirt bike market. This means that you will struggle to find a good second-hand electric dirt bike.

Prices of electric dirt bikes to traditional dirt bikes

Prices for established brand, 250CC gas-powered dirt bikes range between $5000 and $8,000 US. However, The purchase price of Secutronic similarly powered electric dirt bikes is much lower, only between US$2,000 and US$3,500. Even low priced, the dirtbikes are also fun, quality, and especially available for those with smaller budgets. We have also Kids Electric Dirt Bike with price under US$ 1000. E dirt bikes also require less maintenance, meaning less costs involved after purchasing the bike. To answer the question of "how much is an electric dirt bike", we need to look at purchase price and maintenance together. When doing that, over the lifespan of the motorcycle, the costs of an electric dirt bike will be similar to, or not less than a traditional dirt bike.

Secutronic Electric Dirt Bikes For Sale:

Business Type: Manufactuer, Wholesale, Export, OEM Main Market: Europe: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain; America: USA,Canada; Other Countries: Australia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa Certificates: EEC COC Certificated, CE Approval Products Size:26" 27.5" 29" (26 inch 27.5 inch 29 inch ) Sales Volume: 2019 $9,325,000; 2020 $11,893,000; 2021 $13,659,000 Agent Sales: Sur-ron / Surron Super Moto Cross Main Products: High Speed 12KW 79V Full Size Big Wheel Timemoto Time ET Sports and Pit Electric Dirt Bike Best Touring Frame Ebike Fast 8000 10000 12000 Watt Bicicleta Electrica Green Power EL 10000Watt Doble Suspension Crossmotor Homme Enduro Trail Pitbike Adventure E Bicycle Kids Mini Cheap Electro Dirt Bike Mid Drive Rocket Electr Bicimoto E-Bike Electro Dirtbike

Electric Mobility Scooter

Electric Chopper Bike

Electric Chopper Bike for Sale - Amazon Best Selling Bicicleta Electrica China Manufacturers Cheap Price Adults Big Mo Push E-Bike American Electra 500W 48V 1000 Watt 1000W Motor E Bike Custom Design Fat Tire Beach Cruiser Paseo Motorized E Bicycle For Sale Uk Australia Spain An Electric Chopper Bicycle for adults is an e bike in the style of a chopper motorcycle. That means low saddle and higher steering wheel. Additionally, the frame is designed in such a way that it resembles a motorcycle. For example, the battery is cleverly hidden in the frame where otherwise the gas tank would be on an actual motorcycle. An e-chopper bike is a very cool design if you’re looking for an e bike for leisurely and relaxed use that makes an impact wherever you go!

Electric City Bike

Ebike 500W City; Ebike City 20 26 27.5 29 inch; Smart City E Bike; Electric City Bike 350W 400W 500W 1000W; Electric Bike Citycoco; E City Electric Bike

Kids Electric Bike

Best 12 and 16 inch Road Electric Balance Bike For Kids and Teens Fast Trials E Mountain Pocket Motocross Dirt EBike With Motorcycle Seat For Sale UK Australia Singapore Cheap Price Bmw Mini 6V Ride On Electra Chopper Scooter Motorbike Electric bikes for kids are quickly gaining in popularity, and the technology powering them continues to get better and better. From electric balance bikes for motocross kids to electric commuter bikes and e-mountain bikes, kids ebikes are an incredible tool for enabling kids to go faster and farther than their little legs can carry them on their own. Whether you have a future bmx star, a young child tackling longer distances, a teenager commuting to work, or you’re a parent looking to replace short car trips, there’s an ebike for that! Ebikes for kids vary widely in purpose, so understanding what to look for as well as what is available is essential to finding the right bike for your child and your family.  

Electric ATV

Electric ATV For Adults or Kids

China Best 4 Wheel E Powered 4X4 Off Road Quad Bike

Electric ATV product introduction With the gradual improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, people's demand for green eco friendly vehicles has gradually increased. Lithium battery powered electric vehicles mainly include electric bicycles and electric motorcycles, in addition, there is a growing demand for other types of electric vehicles including electric ATVs, electric golf carts, electric sightseeing cars, electric shopping carts.

ATV definition and scope of use

The English name of the ATV is ATV [All Terrain Vehicle], which means "a vehicle suitable for all terrains". With good quality and excellent performance, you can drive the ATV not  only on the beach, riverbeds, forest roads, streams, and even on harsher desert. Passenger carrying or transporting and hunting makes the ATV fully functional and an all-around mobility tool. Electric ATVs are four wheeler vehicles, with battery powered electricity, which are easy to operate, safe and stable. Its performance is much superior to that of electric tricycles and four-wheeled vehicles. The basic unit of electric four-wheel vehicle mainly includes frame, plastic parts, shock absorption, battery, controller and electric motor.

Gas Powered ATV Models:

ATV products include: 50cc, 90cc, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, 200cc, 250cc, 300cc, 350cc, 400cc, 500cc, 600cc, 700cc, 800cc according to the displacement of the engine.

ATV Types

At present, according to usage, the main types of the ATV include: Gas Powered ATV Electric Powered ATV Children's ATV, Adults ATV Agricultural (Farm) ATV Hunting ATV, Fire fighting ATV etc. 1) In terms of form and structure, there are mainly three-wheel, four-wheel and six-wheel. Among them, for outstanding advantages in safety and structure, four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles currently account for the vast majority of the global civilian market of all-terrain vehicles.

2) Electric ATV can be divided into the following types according to its use and appearance:

(1) Multi-function (Utility, U-shaped): for special work; (2) Sports models (Sport, S type): for competitive and recreational use by experienced drivers; (3) Youth (Youth, Y type): for teenagers and children under the age of 16; (4) General (General, G type): for general entertainment and daily use. In Europe and USA, the use of four wheelers is mainly for entertainment and sports, while in Australia, all-terrain vehicles are mainly used in agricultural production. At present, this model also has a trend of rapid expansion to military and work applications. Meantime, the combination of ATV and robot research technology has produced intelligent field operation robots and intelligent alien landing robots.

E Powered ATV Transmission:

Electric ATV mainly has chain drive, belt drive, shaft drive. Chain drive is our most common transmission method. The advantages of belt drive: shock mitigation, vibration absorption, less noise, low cost, and more convenient maintenance. The shaft drive is characterized by durability, high manufacturing cost, extremely high material requirements, and greater processing difficulty. The biggest advantage of shaft driver is:  it will not stretch, no oil pollution, basically maintenance-free, low loss and high transmission efficiency.

The history of ATV - A history of ATV

1970 HONDA US90 first all-terrain vehicle (ATV) 1979  YAMAHA  YT125 1981  HONDA three-wheel off-road ATV - ATC250R QUADRUNNER LT125 HONDA  ATC200E "Big Red" three-wheeled ATV 1984  Yamaha and HONDA started selling four-wheel ATVs. 1985  SUZUKI QUADRACER LT250 1986  Honda FourTrax TRX250R 1986  Honda FOURTRAX350 four-wheel drive 1988 Honda FourTrax 300 4x4 1992 The last Suzuki QuadRacer 250cc 2-stroke quad ATV left the market. 1996 The first Arctic Cat ATVs go on sale. 1998 Bombardier starts selling ATVs. Late 1990s to early 2000s 2001 Polaris supplied the 683cc engine for its Sportsman, the largest displacement in an ATV at the time. Its price is $7399. 2006 Bombardier develops an EFI ATV, the 800cc Outlander. 2008 Arctic Cat's latest model, the ThunderCat 1000, won the top award of the year, a two-cylinder four-stroke sport/utility model.

Electric ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Industry Status and Development Prospects in China

1. Status Quo of ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Industry According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 200 Electric ATV companies in China, mainly located in Zhejiang, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong and Guangdong, and their production volume is about 40% of the total production of all-terrain vehicles in the world

These enterprises include traditional motorcycle enterprises, brand-new professional all-terrain vehicle manufacturers, and enterprises engaged in leisure and sports equipment manufacturing.

2. Electric ATV (Electric all-terrain vehicle) industry export market and certification

China's battery-powered ATV export market is mainly concentrated in the United States and Europe. In 2021, the number of Electric ATVs exported from China to Europe and the United States will continue to increase. Certifications of Electric All terrain vehicles include: ISO9001, CE, EEC, EPA, WMI. Among them, the most commonly used certifications for export to the European market are CE and EEC. For US market, if the supplier have EPA certification, the possibility of transaction will be higher. While a few countries currently import all-terrain vehicles or motorcycles, they need WMI (CERTIFICATE OF WORLD MANUFACTURER IDENTIFIER CODE). In brief is the World Manufacturer Identification Code), to be precise, WMI is not a certificate, but a qualification. Suppliers can go to the China Automobile Center to apply for it. Currently, WMI is more commonly used in Australia and Canada. The top 10 countries in China's four wheeler ATV exports in 2021 are: United States, Australia, France, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Germany, UK.

What is the difference between Electric ATVs and Electric UTVs?

In fact, it is very easy to distinguish. Electric ATV is a handle-type all-terrain four-wheel off-road vehicle, commonly known as "ATV". It has a general appearance without a canopy, is simple and practical, and has good off-road performance. Generally, the handlebars are used to control the direction. You can also understand it as Electric Four Wheeled motorcycles or Electric Quad Bike; Electric UTV is more like an electric car than ATV. Because it is controlled by the steering wheel, accelerator, and pedals, it feels more off-road.

Does anyone make an electric four wheeler?

Secutronic mainly produces electric all-terrain vehicles (ATV/UTV),, electric motorcycles and main spare parts. The company has a wide range of high quality electric four wheelers for adults, electric ATVs for kids, electric powered motorbikes, dirt bikes, etc. And it is now committed to creating high-quality sports and leisure products for the world. The company is committed to the development and production of high-quality electric motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles, with the principle of "keep improving product quality and do everything possible to meet user requirements". The products are mainly exported to the United States, Canada, Russia, South Korea, the European Union and other countries, and have got the certificates from United States EPA, CARB and the EU's E-mark. The products have been praised in the US and EU markets.

Our Products on Electric ATVs:China 4 Wheel RC Car 60V 2000W 4Wd Farm Agriculture Quad Bike Electric ATV 4X4 For Adults For Sale

Cheap Price Best 4 Wheel Sport Scooter 60V 1500W 2000W 4X4 Fully Electric Powered ATV Four Wheeler For Adults China Companies Manufacturers Best Quad Bike Utility Full Size E Force Adult Off Road Electric ATV For Hunting Farm Children's Mini Quad 12V 24 Volt 36V 48V 350 500 Watt Ride On Electric Kids ATVs For 8 10 12 Year Olds For Sale Canada Australia

Electric Scooter

China Adult 250W 350W 1000W 2000W 3000W 5000W 6000W 8000W Offroad Fat Tire Citycoco Motorcycle Bike Self-balancing Foldable Mobility Electric Scooter For Elderly

Electric Motorcycle

Electric Motorcycle

An electric motorcycle is a type of electric vehicle that uses a battery to drive the motor. The electric drive and control system consists of a drive motor, a power supply, and a speed control device for the motor. The other devices of the electric motobike are basically the same as those of the internal combustion engine. The composition of an e moto includes: electric drive and control system, mechanical systems such as driving force transmission, and working devices to complete predetermined tasks. The electric drive and control system is the core of the electric vehicle, and it is also the biggest difference from the vehicle driven by the internal combustion engine.

Our Products:

Chinese Manufacturers Popular Vintage Adult Adventure 30 Mph 72V 1500W 2000W 3000W 5000W 2000 5000 Watt  Electric Motorcycle

Touch Of Modern Smart Classic Chopper Electrical Motorcycles Cafe Racer For Tall Riders

Super 2018 2019 2020 2021 Best Sportbike For Sale Belgium Korea Malta Thailand Philippines Pakistan

Fast 70 Mph With Clutch Trials Motocross E Motorbikes Dubai Cheap Price Toys R Us Kids Teenager City Riders 6V Bmw 6 Volt Mini Ride On Motorcycle Custom Super Awd 2Wd 100 150 200 Mph 200 Mile Range 10000W 10000 Watt 10Kw 11Kw 15Kw 35KW 50KW Electric Motorcycle Under 10000 Urban Retro Boys Girls Moped With Pedals For Beginners China Best Fat Tire Mountain Adult Pocket Bike Hot Sale in USA UK Canada France Australia Buy Online Sur ron Moto Cross Surron Off Road Enduro Trail Scrambler Full Size Street Legal Niu Vespa Commuter Electro Motorbike And Scooters

Electric Surf Board

Electric Surf Board | E Jet Surf Board | Electro Jetsurf

Electric Surf Board | E Jet Surf Board | Electro Jetsurf

What is an electric surf board? 

An electric surf board is a surfboard powered by rechargeable batteries, electric motors, etc. A built-in lithium battery provides the motor with kinetic energy for approximately 1 hour. Electric surfboards were originally designed for fun use. As a low-cost, lightweight water entertainment equipment, electric jet surfboard is more convenient and effective in rescue than boats or jetboards, so it is quickly favored by rescue teams and lifeguards. The electric surfboard breaks the technical barriers between "great gods" and "rookies". Its superior torque and high jet propulsion let players pay more attention on surfing only, without worrying about wave height, wind speed and physical ability. Just enjoy surfing without catching waves.

What is an electric surfboard called? What types does a motorized surfboard includ?

Firstly, Electric surf board:

Similar to the standard surfboards we often see. Compared to the other two, it has the most power and the fastest speed.

Secondly, Electric Stand Up Paddle Board:

Also known as a SUP board, similar to a traditional paddle board. The difference is that it is equipped with an electric thruster in the tail.

Finally, Electric hydrofoil surfboard:

The surfboard consists of batteries, drives, motors, propellers and hydrofoils. Using the "Bernoulli principle" (similar to how an airplane takes off), a battery operated engine generates thrust, which lifts the player out of the water and move forward at a high speed, giving the player the feeling of "surfing" on the water. Representative product: Liftfoils eFoil Visit here electric hydrofoil surfboard Lift Foils: Lift Foils | eFoil Electric Surfboard

AdmitJet Electric Surf Board

Globally, the yachting, jet skis, surfing and extreme sports related industries have a huge market size of hundreds of billions of dollars. The fast growing demand from many water sports enthusiasts is also driving the development of the entire industry. Profound changes are taking place in a range of processes, from industrial design and technological innovation to integrated manufacturing and testing. With advanced technology, AdmitJet brings a new water surfing experience to extreme sports and water sports enthusiasts around the world, allowing more people to participate in the traditional extreme sport of surfing, getting rid of the limitations of natural factors such as water, seasons and waves condition.

Integrated manufacturing capability

AdmitJet's core competence is integrated manufacturing capabilities. We make the key processes including original design to production and testing by ourseves, so that we can guarante the quality and reliability of the jet boards. For water power products, their water resistance, anti-corrosion and stability are critical to the user's use and experience. AdmitJet takes electric surfing as an entry point and breakthrough. Focusing on this new category, AdmitJet makes market segmentation and expansion in the traditional surfing industry, through difference positioning. And considers the free and unfettered product characteristics of electric surfboards, it quickly formed a brand imprint with a certain degree of spread and memory. AdmitJet focuses on bringing extreme speed and precise control to the driver.

Product Performance:

The AdmitJet Electric Surf Board is equipped with a 12kW high performance pump jet propulsion. With the powerful battery operated engine, the surfboard can reach the top speed of 55 km/h (35 MPH) in 5 seconds, so that people can fully experience the thrill and excitement of speeding on the water. The electronic governor controls the output power levels of the motor, and adjust the running speed of the jet board and make it running more smoothly. The large capacity 72V 58Ah battery enables AdmitJet surfboard long ride times with high speeds. And the longest battery life is 60 minutes, allowing users to fully enjoy the fun of flying on the water.

Board models:

AdmitJet has launched two electric surf board models. The shell of the first model is made of lightweight carbon fiber, ensuring sufficient strength and wear resistance. And it also greatly reduces the weight, easy to transport and carry. The other board is made of EPP (Expanded polypropylene). It has greater buoyancy, more max loading weight, and lighter net weight, It's 5KG lighter than the carbon fiber board. In addition, the waterproof sealing is better. The most important, its soft material ensures the safety of users, and it is suitable for beginners and women.

Admit Electric Surfboard Products:

Factory Price Buy Freestyle Rescue Jet Surf For Sale UK Canada NZ Malaysia Shop Online Purchase A Vendre GP Style USA California Miami Orlando Los Angeles San Diego Amazon Ebay Alibaba Hot Selling Best Big Power Elektrisch Wakeboard E Jetboard River Lake Stand Up Electric Motorized Jetsurf  Surfboard Wake  Surfing Board The Skateboard Extreme Powerboard Electric Surfboards Jetsurf 2018 2019 2020 2021 Best Electro Surf Boards For Sale

Folding Electric Bike

Cheap Electric Folding Bike, Mini Electric Folding Bike, 500W Folding Electric Bike, 20 Inch Folding Electric Bike. - 1000W Electric Folding Bike, - Folding Electric Mountain Bike, - Xiaomi Electric Folding Bike, - Fat Folding Electric Bike, - 26" Hummer Folding Electric Bike, - Electric Folding Bike Carbon

Stealth Bomber Electric Bike

Secutronic is a large scale technology based enterprise, specialized R&D, production, sales and service of electric bicycle and other electric vehicles. Committed to providing consumers with durable and smart lithium electric bikes for outdoor sports, and enduro electric bikes. There is a factory for the production of electric bike conversion kits, including stealth bomber electric bike frame kits and motor kits, ultra-light aluminum alloy bicycle frame, front forks and other spare parts. The company pays special attention to product research and development and innovation. The huge research and development team is dedicated to infrastructure design and product application design. Every year, a large number of innovative, high performance and fashionable bomber ebikes are launched. In addition, our electric bikes are CE certified as well as EN certified. Our R&D team has obtained a series of patents in China.

Secutronic Bomber Electric Bikes

For young people who like off-roading or pursue thrills, Secutronic's latest smart lithium-ion mountain bike can meet their needs. Secutronic bikes are designed for men, with a simple and elegant look, cool appearance. It has the advantages of lightness, power saving, strong climbing force, and long continuous mileage. Appearance All Secutronic's bomber electric bikes feature a flat-grip, fortified steel stealth bomber electric bike frame and integrated lithium-ion battery. The whole body posture is free and stretched, heroic and valiant, and looks very energetic.

High Performance

Overall handling, climbing and downhill performance are excellent, making them ideal for enduro racing and after-get off work workouts. Secutronic's stealth bikes have a humanized design with three riding modes to choose from, Human, pedal assist and pur electric. The electric bicycle is equipped with a central axle to add riding assistance. Without using the handlebars, riding can realize the power assist function, which is more labor saving, convenient and power saving. Stealth bomber ebikes from Secutronic use a combination of electric assist and mechanical shifting. The hub motor is available in 3000W, 5000W, 8000W. The 3000W stealth ebike is with a top speed of 44.5 - 50MPH (70-80 KM/H). And the 5000W electric bike has a top speed of 50 - 56 MPH (80-90 KM/H). While, the 8000W stealth bomber e bike can reach a top speed of 60 MPH. The quick acceleration can be in 2.9 seconds to reach 50KM/H once you twist the throttle.


These bomber ebikes use Samsung lithium battery 72V 26Ah or 72V 40AH PANASONIC lithium battery. For 8000W electric bike, it uses 40Ah battery only. The 3000W bike with 26Ah battery can get a range of 70-80km with a single charge. And 5000W ebike with 26Ah battery has a range of 60-70km. The 8000W stealth bomber bike with 40Ah battery can reach the endurance of 100KM (60 miles). All above ranges are under pure electric mode. Transmission The Secutronic bomber electric bikes use chain drive for transmission. Compared with belt drive, chain drive can ensure an accurate average transmission ratio. The transmission power is larger, and the force acting on the shaft and bearing is smaller. And a high-end Shimano 7 Speed ​​derailleur is used on Secutronic bomber electric bikes. It is very convenient to adjust the speed when riding, especially in the sudden uphill section. It can quickly complete the shift from high-speed to low-speed, and make the riding comfortable and safer. Brake system: The ZOOM front and rear double disc braking system with four pistons are durable with better braking performance, achieve sensitive braking.

Full Suspension

A full suspension mountain bike keeps you in control and comfort on rough terrain. Zoom Front Fork and DNM brand high quality rear suspension bold hydraulic suspensions. Revolutionary suspension technology makes this power bike fast, light and smooth. Electric Motor High-speed motor made with Japanese technology, with internal gears made of high-strength alloy steel. High temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, wear resistance and long service life. In terms of power, the efficiency of high-speed motors far exceeds the power effect of ordinary electric vehicles. Especially when climbing hills, the effect is more obvious. Controller 72V 80A sinewave controller. Tires 26-inch KENDA wear-resistant and anti puncture off-road tires have low resistance and strong grip, and suitable for various rough roads. Saddle The bikes adopt special saddle for dirt bikes. It has a longer seat cushion, and more in line with the mountain riding needs. A motorcycle saddle is available to custom. Lights Durable and multi functional LED headlights are with sufficient brightness and low power consumption. Motorcycle lights are available to custom . Stealth E Bikes Price What would the price for Secutronic stealth electric bike for sale? The Secutronic bomber ebike is with a collection of many high-tech and high performance. Compare with the Stealth Electric Stealth B52 ebike, see more details at Stealth B-52 ebike, it has many advantages, but the price is much lower. It's under $3000 and the 3000W version even under $2000.

Secutronic Stealth bomber electric bike for sale as follows:

Good Price 2012 2015 2017 High Speed Capital Revolve Hurricane 3000W Stealth Bomber Frame H 52 B 52 F37 B52 B-52 Mountain Electric Bike Fighter E Bike Chinese Ebike For Sale Australia UK USA Canada
  • Top speed: 55mph    / 70mph    / 87mph
  • Maximum Loading weight: 120 kg
  • Standard 72V 29ah / 40ah Lithium-ion battery
  • 1 – Year warranty backed by Secutronic

Harley Moped

Harley Scooter, Moped Bicycle, Scooter Motorcycle, Moped Motorcycle, Harley Style Scooter. - Scooter Harley Davidson, - Harley Electric Scooter, - Harley Davidson Moped, - Harley Davidson Bicycle, - Harley Davidson Electric Scooter, - Harley Davidson Moped Bike, - Motorcycle Moped Scooter

Electric Fat Bike

Fat Tire Electric Bike - Beach Cruiser Mountain Ebike

Fat Tire Electric Bike

What is a Fat Tire Electric Bike? (Advantages and Disadvantages)

In recent years, wide and wide pneumatic tire bicycles are very popular. Because the tires are wide and the contact surface with the ground is large, the friction force is also large, and the phenomenon of tire slippage is not easy to occur. Therefore, it is very suitable for riding on sandy ground, beaches, or mountain biking. Commonly known as "Fat tire" Electric bikes. A Fat Tire Electric Bike is an pedal assisted electric bicycle, which is not only lightweight and convenience as a bicycle, but also can effectively compensate for the burden of the bicycle when going uphill, against the wind, and carrying loads. Electric bike is based on a traditional bicycle, equipped with a power system with a torque sensor as the core, equipped with a motor and a battery.

Generally speaking, road electric bike tires are relatively narrow. Because the increase in grip from the increase in tire width is not enough to offset the resulting friction.

Therefore, a road electric bike generally try to make the tire as narrow as possible. Road tire electric bikes are largely lighter because the tires have less rolling resistance. Electric mountain bikes generally use wider tires, but with the exception of the recently emerging "fat ebikes", tires are generally no wider than 2.4 inches. Wider tires can better handle the impact of the road, while providing greater grip in poor conditions. The tire size is generally expressed as 26x1.95" (inch), 26 indicates the diameter of the wheel, and 1.95 indicates the width of the tire. Above 1.90, you can ride in the mountains. The higher the number, the stronger the grip, but at the same time, the greater the resistance, the smaller the number is, just the opposite.

Is a Fat tire ebike worth it?

Yes, it's worth buying. The tire tread of a fat tire bike has a larger ground contact area, greater friction between the tire and the ground, and better grip performance, and the thickness of the tread also fully guarantees a longer tire life, allowing users to operate on complex road conditions, like mountain, beach, snow. Riding more smoothly and safely.

Advantages about Secutronic Fat Tire Electric Bike:

With the most unique design of the bike, with 4-inch fat tires, 160 Nm of torque, a powerful mid-range drive motor, and a high-power battery, it will bring you an unforgettable experience! With a completely redesigned frame, we've perfected our approach to balancing fat bike performance. Made from the most durable and sustainable materials and finished with beautiful paint, Secutronic's Fat tire ebike frame is part bike and part art!

Product features

Ultra-lightweight, the whole vehicle weighs less than 26kg. Sturdy aluminum frame with a lifetime warranty. Durable LG Li-ion battery 10S Shimano DEORE Kit It adopts front and rear dual shock absorbers and dual disc brakes. torque sensor Walk Mode: The bike assists you when you walk with the cart Battery Highest quality LG Li-Ion battery with 1000 times longer charging time. It's easy to remove and you can charge the battery on the bike or remove it and charge it at home. Dash board Not only does a color display provide better display quality, it also gives you more features, such as a light sensor, USB charger, and backlighting. Appearance design The silhouette is as unique and striking as other Nireeka models. Multiple sizes available: 20, 26, 27.5 29 inch. A variety of colors are available: black, blue, green white and red.

Fat Tire

Secutronic's Fat tire electric bikes come with 26"x4" all-terrain fat tires. These wide tires can be driven on any terrain, including sand, snow, mountains, forests and asphalt.

What are Fat tire Ebikes good for?

How to choose an fat tire Electric bike?

3 Types of Electric Bikes

According to the power factor, electric bicycles include the following three types:

1: Assist type. The motor only starts when you press the pedal.

2: Electric self-propelled type. Only one mode is driven purely by electric power.

3: Hybrid. It has two modes: pedal assist mode and pure electric drive mode.

What most new riders choose is usually a Category 1 e-bike. This type of bike is the most affordable and most accepted type. This kind of bike integrates manpower and electricity. When the cyclist pedals hard, it can provide assistance to the motor. The built-in smart chip controls how much assistance the motor should apply to the bicycle through the amount of assistance. Category 2 electric biks, riders do not need to exert their own strength, as long as they are connected to the power supply, they can go on the road. In terms of riding speed, it's not too far off from a Class 1 e-bike. Category 3 ebikes are popular among urban commuters and commuters. Compared to Category 1 and Category 2 e-bikes, they are faster and have more power. But the price is more expensive, the benefit is the ability to carry heavier loads and faster speeds. Because electric bikes have speed regulations in many countries: The high speeds limit of an electric bicycle in European countries is 25km/h. The United States stipulates that electric bicycles must be equipped with pedal devices, the power output of the motor is not higher than 750W, and the speed is not higher than 20 MPH (32km/h). In October 2020, the US Department of the Interior announced the final regulations for the use of electric bickes in public places. Electric vehicles with high speeds below 28 MPH (45km/h) are classified as non-motorized vehicles and enjoy the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as bicycles. But this refers to the case of pure electric battery life. If we feel that the speed is not enough, we can also use the pedal to assist, we've tested a lot of hydrid fat tire ebikes, the top speed can reach more than 30 MPH (48km/h).

Also, by traditional bicycle categories, including:

Electric mountain bike, Electric road bike, Cargo Electric bike, Commuter electric bike Off Road Electric Bike, Folding e bike Beach cruiser ebike etc. For example, electric off road bikes can even ride in soft soil, sand and even snow, and perform very well. Batteries, Ride Range and Motors Manufacturers take each bike’s powerplant very seriously. The original intention of the design is naturally the relationship between performance and riding mileage. The powerful motor provides higher speed and greater mileage, making it easier for us to climb hills and haul cargo. Of course, e-bikes with larger batteries have longer range. Battery charge time: Most batteries take 3 to 5 hours to fully charge, larger capacity batteries will last longer. Battery installation location: Some e-bikes have batteries integrated into the frame, while others are located outside the frame. The latter is easier to charge and replace the battery.

According to the motor position, electric bikes include: mid-mounted motor ebike and hub motor ebike.

The e bikes central motor is on the bottom bracket in the middle of the frame. Hub motors are located in the hubs of the rear wheels (some are on the front wheels). Mid-mounted motor has better sporty performance. as the name suggests, the mid motor is to place the motor in the middle of the frame. It can maintain the front and rear balance of the electric vehicle to the maximum extent, and will not affect the shock absorption, and the motor will be less impacted by the road surface on rough roads. In terms of wiring, because of the ultra-high degree of integration, the exposure of the wire tube will be less, so it is better than the electric vehicle with the hub motor in terms of handling, stability, and passability on rough roads. Wheel hub motor: The motor is integrated into the inside of the hub barrel. After power-on, the motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, thereby driving the wheels to rotate and driving the vehicle forward. Hub motors are mature in design and inexpensive. But since the motor is integrated into the wheel, the electric bike is unbalanced front and rear. There are four common types of motors used in electric bickes: brushed and geared hub motors, brushed gearless hub motors, brushless gearless hub motors, and brushless geared hub motors. Amont these four types of motors, the first three are the most common. And the No. 4 brushless motor with teeth is actually the best, followed by the brushed and geared motor, the third is the brushless and gearless motor, and the worst, is the brushed and toothless motor.

Electric bike torque

Torque can be used as a reference if you plan to haul heavy loads. In Newton meters (N.M), the maximum torque of an electric bike can be between 40 N·M and 120 N.M. However, when you change the way you drive, the actual torque will vary.

Braking performance of electric bikes

The braking system of an electric bike is an important part of the bicycle, which is directly related to the safety of the rider, and is one of the most critical safety technical indicators of the e bike. Because the braking system affects not only the performance of the ebike, but also the safety of the rider. There are two main types of disc brake systems for electric biks, one is mechanical disc brakes and the other is hydraulic disc brakes.

At present, more electric bikes use hydraulic disc brakes, and only a small number of e bikes use mechanical disc brakes.

So, what is the difference between mechanical disc brakes and hydraulic disc brakes?

Mechanical disc brake

Mechanical disc brakes are also called wire brakes, often seen on entry-level bicycles. Compare with hydraulic disc brakes, the price of mechanical disc brakes is also much cheaper. The working principle of the mechanical disc brake: It can pull the steel wire for the brake lever and push the inner unilateral or bilateral pads, which are to make the pads rub against the brake discs to generate braking force. The braking force of mechanical disc brakes is basically sufficient for daily use. But for many heavy electric bikes, that's not enough. The braking force of the mechanical disc brake is also good, and it can also reach the critical point of locking. Mechanical disc brakes are also very convenient to maintain, especially when long-distance riding, many riders will also choose mechanical disc brakes.

Hydraulic disc brake

Hydraulic disc brakes, also known as oil disc brakes, mainly push the brake oil in the oil pot through the brake lever. At this time, the brake oil pushes the piston of the caliper at the same time. The friction between the pads and the brake pads produces braking force. Whether it is an entry-level bicycle or a professional-level bicycle, hydraulic disc brakes are used. Compared with mechanical disc brakes, hydraulic brakes are much better than mechanical ones in terms of performance and their own heat dissipation capacity. In terms of braking, hydraulic disc brakes can satisfy many riding styles, such as mountain racing and many off-road bicycles. But hydraulic disc brakes are more troublesome to maintain. In terms of price, hydraulic disc brakes are also more expensive than entry-level mechanical disc brakes. The feel is also much better than hydraulic disc brakes, which are very smooth.

Suspension fork

For the comfort of electric vehicles, front fork shock absorption can be described as the top priority. The suspension forks of electric vehicles mainly includes ordinary front shock absorption and hydraulic front shock absorption. The production process of ordinary suspension and hydraulic suspension is completely different. We can easily identify it by touching the bottom of the front fork with hands.

Other key features and components

Of course, it's not just the motor and battery that your e-bike needs to consider, there are these details to consider: Pedals: The more performance-focused an e bike is, the smoother and more responsive its pedals will be. We've tested a number of e-bikes, you can refer to this to find the best ebike for you. Integrated Accessories: Many e-bikes now come with a range of integrated accessories: Lighting: Electric bikes with lighting are a nice safety feature. Good e-bike lighting is stronger.

Rear racks: The sturdy back seat can be used to carry people and heavy loads.

LCD Display: Can be used to monitor e-bike battery life, pedal assist mode, mileage, speed, and more. Smartphone Integration: The electronics of high-end electric bikes can be wirelessly connected to smartphones. Available programs include GPS, service logging and other features, and there are even apps that allow you to unlock the bike's integrated lock. Safety: Some e-bikes come with a rear wheel lock on the frame. Quality: Electric bikes in different price classes also represent the quality class of the bike to some extent. Inexpensive e-bikes often don't have high-end features like smartphone integration, and they're also inferior in accessories. High-end electric bikes will be more durable and more responsive in terms of brakes, tires, shifters and drivetrains. Frame: Although the choice of e-bike frames ranges from carbon fiber to steel, most e-bike frames are made of aluminum. E-bikes are inherently heavier than regular bikes, and lighter e-bikes will make you feel faster and have longer mileage. Especially when we need to carry the bike forward on the pavement, like when going up stairs - the lighter the better.

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Strictly speaking, Jet Ski® is the trademarked name of a personal watercraft (PWC) produced by the Kawasaki Motor Company, but the term has become a generic name for all types of personal watercraft. It is part water skiing device and part speedboat, with a definite hint of motorcycle during operation. Instead of the traditional propeller or screw motor, this PWC uses an enclosed gas-powered motor to literally push water out in a jet stream. Just like a motorcycle, acceleration is provided by a manual throttle located on the right handlebar. By turning the throttle, the driver can increase the power of the motor. Steering requires a combination of front-mounted handlebar pointing and body manipulation. Unlike street motorcycles, this personal watercraft typically requires significant acceleration to complete sharp turns in the water. If you want to pursue the speed of water sports, then playing a jet ski must be fun. The roar of the motor, the splashing of the waves, the high tides and the exciting, this is the exciting sea motorboating. It originated in the United States in the early 20th century. In the 1920s, the International Motorboat Federation was established and began to hold world competitions at all levels. The average motorboat can drive up to 70-80 km/h, and the big motorboat that can take two or three people can reach 100 km/h. In this way, even if you don’t know how to operate it, you can follow the master motorboat driver. Feel the speed of lightning on the water.

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