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News BMW Vision AMBY, an electric off-road concept car, further occupies the electric motorcycle market

BMW Vision AMBY, an electric off-road concept car, further occupies the electric motorcycle market

December 27, 2021

This year, BMW continues to output in the electric vehicle market. This should be the third electric vehicle that the chief executive has seen. The Vision AMBY electric off-road concept car has a slim body and looks like an off-road bicycle.

Of course, this Vision AMBY is to make up for the market vacancies of the previous two cars. CE04 is a large pedal, and CE02 is a mini model. Therefore, a more fun off-road vehicle is needed, so this Vision AMBY should be delivered. Born.

Vision AMBY not only looks like a cross-country bike, the frame is also evolved from a cross-country climbing bike, equipped with a set of 2000Wh battery pack, and has a fast charging function. Vision AMBY also has three power mode options, the first gear is limited to 25km/h; the second gear is limited to 45km/h, but it pays more attention to torque output, which is more suitable for outdoor off-road use; the third gear reaches 60km/h. h, suitable for use in cities. According to different power output, the maximum range of this car can reach 300km, and the range can only reach 75km at least.

Vision AMBY also has many additional functions. The whole car settings can be set through the mobile phone APP, and it can also be used as a car key, with biometric identification to unlock the car.

It also brings a sister bike, the i Vision AMBY electric cross-country bike. Compared with the Vision AMBY, it has increased pedals and reduced battery capacity. It is an electrically-assisted electric cross-country bike.

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