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List By Model Mountain Ebike Top Quality Elektro MTB Electric Bike
Mountain Ebike Top Quality Elektro MTB Electric Bike
  • Off Road 27.5'' Elektrische Fiet 48V 350 Watt 500W Aluminum Alloy Ebike E Bicycle Electric Mountain Bike
  • Off Road 27.5'' Elektrische Fiet 48V 350 Watt 500W Aluminum Alloy Ebike E Bicycle Electric Mountain Bike
  • Off Road 27.5'' Elektrische Fiet 48V 350 Watt 500W Aluminum Alloy Ebike E Bicycle Electric Mountain Bike
  • Mountain Ebike Top Quality Elektro MTB Electric Bike

    Brand Name:Secutronic/Setro/OEM Mountain Electric Bike
    Gears:9 SPEED
    Frame Material:Aluminum Alloy
    Wheel Size:27.5”
    Max Speed:30-50Km/h
    Power Supply:Lithium Battery
    Braking System:Disc Brake
    Motor position:Rear Hub Motor
    Battery Position:Integrated Battery
    Battery Capacity:10 AH
    Item:27.5 Inch Electric Mountain Bike
    Product:Electric Off Road Bike
    Battery:48V 10AH Lithium
    Weight:About 20kg
    Braking:Z.STAR cable-pull Disc brake
    Motor Power:500W, 350W available
    Pedals:WP-625 Alu alloy with lubricating for MTB
    Saddle:Comfortable and Thickened for MTB
    Derailleur Lever:SENSAH MX-9 speeds
    Tire:INNOVA-PRO, 60TPI, Skin-color edge,29"*2.25"
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    Mountain Ebike Top Quality MTB Elektro Bike Electric Mountain Bike

    Cheap Best Affordable Mountain Ebike Top Quality All Terrain 27.5 Inch 500 Watt 28 Mph MTB Elektro Bike Electric Mountain Bike For Sale

    China E Bike Manufacturer – Electric Mountain Bicycle



    Ebike Mountain Brief Introduction

    How tall should you be for a 27.5 inch mountain bike?

    27.5 inches is larger than 26 inches in the diameter of the wheels. The larger wheel diameters have better passability, and the performance of passing obstacles will be higher. But at the same time, the wheels will be heavier, the center of gravity will be higher, the action will be more clumsy, and the handling of the 26-inch will not be as flexible. The 27.5-inch is a compromise, taking into account the obstacle performance and handling performance.

    Suitable for the crowd:

    Generally, there is no problem with more than 5’6”. 27.5 inches is just the diameter of the wheel set. The frame size is directly related to the height, not the wheel size. As long as you can find a frame that fits your height, the wheels are all right.

    Mountain Ebike Top Quality Elektro MTB Electric Bike List By Model 第2张

    What is a 27.5er mountain bike best for?

    27.5er, the new bloodline of mountain bikes, is different from the 26-inch wheel diameter of traditional bicycles. It adopts a 27.5-inch design and brings many exciting new features!

    Although it is resisted by a small number of people, the 27.5er is gradually becoming the mainstream of mountain bikes. Every year we see more and more 27.5ers appearing in garages and trails. And many of the world’s best drivers are winning race after race with these “big wheels.” It’s time to get our attention.

    For example, Trail Riding on BMX standard mountain roads, small wheel diameter, and small wheelbase are not conducive to riding on rough terrain. Imagine, all other things being equal, that a large wheel touchdown arc makes it easier to navigate uneven ground.

    However, can we assume that the big wheels will traverse these terrains faster? Not always, as more complex situations arise to consider.

    Take shock absorbers, for example. In theory, all forms of suspension, including the 27.5er, seem to flatten the terrain. But installing the shock on a 27.5-inch mountain bike is a lot more complicated than on a 26-inch bike. Larger wheels require a redesign of the frame geometry to make the bike work at its best.

    Bigger wheels and tires also make the ebike heavier, which is also not good for speed. While the 27.5-inch wheels are easier to ride through the diamond bulge, they don’t quite do the same on other types of potholes.

    Small wheels have little momentum and are easy to accelerate, but large rims can better maintain rotational inertia.

    So, even until we find the best frame geometry, it shouldn’t be an assertion that bigger wheels are better because they roll more smoothly.

    What size wheel should you use?

    It’s easy to understand that the current mountain bike market is still dominated by 26-inch wheels. Because for an average-sized rider, a pair of thick tires can already meet the requirements of mountain biking. And the 26-inch wheels fit effortlessly into a normal frame size frame without having to worry about leaving enough muddy clearance.

    There is no doubt that the 27.5 in and 27.5 in are a good choice for you who want a smoother feel, especially when you don’t need a suspension fork. For those tall riders, it is a very good new choice.

    Riders switched to the 27.5er because they loved its faster speed and better passability. For the pros, these advantages of the 27.5 zoll don’t seem to improve their overall time on the same track. But with experience, they seem to become more confident when facing rough terrain.

    Remember that increased comfort and confidence often equates to greater speed.

    Thick tires roll more smoothly than thin tires (in terms of height), so larger wheels provide better comfort and traction.

    Even with the same brand and series of tires, the 27.5in will get a wider footprint due to the change in volume and shape.

    Frame geometry?

    A typical 27.5 er will feel more stable than a 26 er. Part of that is because of the longer wheelbase and the longer rear end designed to make room for the big wheels.

    Another reason for the added stability is that although the axle height of the 27.5er is 1.5 inches higher than that of the 26er, the center of gravity is actually lower when you get in the e bike. Even if the 27.5 inch’s wheel has a higher center of gravity than the 26er, the overall center of gravity is lower when you include the driver.

    In order to get a better geometric angle, the designers also began to change the size parameters of the front fork to increase the handling performance of the 27.5er. With more 27.5 er forks from various brands, the 27.5er’s disadvantage on technical tracks will be a thing of the past.

    Who is the 27.5-inch Mountain Ebike best for?

    Many companies are testing 27.5er DH models and more and more XC riders are using 27.5 er, is it just because of market pressure or because 27.5er is genetically better for some riders than 26er? And in reality, different riders have different options.

    Riders who enjoy the smooth rolling feel of the 27.5er may be able to ride faster. But it’s even worse for riders who can’t stand the 27.5er’s lag on instant acceleration. Simply put, the 27.5er actually affects the subjective feeling of your riding, not the obvious objective speed advantage.

    AdmitJet Ebike Mountain Bike Features:

    Electric pedal assist mountain bikes are relatively advanced, mainly for outdoor and sports.

    Firstly, the appearance: The structure of the whole vehicle is more inclined to electric bicycles, with a large metal frame as the main body. The all-aluminum alloy frame design, the new cool appearance combines the reliable guarantee of impact resistance and durability.

    The 27.5In E Mountain Bike is equipped with an intelligent LCD instrument panel, power status, mileage information, speed, gear, total mileage. There is a 9-speed power assist system, built-in 3 riding modes, human mode, power mode, power mode, easy to press buttons switching, different riding needs can be easily dealt with.

    The Mountain Ebike is equipped with an outdoor-specific sports configuration and adopts an adjustable shock absorber front fork. The shock absorber stroke can be turned on and off through the right knob, providing users with multiple choices of racing and off-road modes, comfort and long-range modes.

    In terms of safety configuration, the ebike is equipped with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, and a high-sensitivity E-ABS power-off system is used. Press the brake lever to power off the brake. Equipped with wear-resistant and rigid double disc brakes for auxiliary braking, it can achieve light-speed power-off braking.

    The whole bike has been upgraded with a pedal assist motor with a power of 350W. In the booster mode, the speed can reach 20 mph (32km/h), and 500W can reach 30 MPH.

    With IPX6 waterproof level, there is no fear of rainy riding. Optional Micro NEW 9-level shifting kit, classic matching of front 3 and rear 9 levels, durable finger shift, 9-speed greatly enhances fun to ride. The electric bike adopts professional control handle, equipped with electronic upshift/downshift buttons, power on button, and headlight on button, which can realize the switching of riding data.

    The weight of the whole vehicle is very light, with a net weight of 23 kg. The battery life is excellent, with a built-in 36V 13AH large-capacity lithium battery, a pure battery life of 80 kilometers, and a comprehensive battery life of 160 kilometers. Equipped with 27.5 inch professional riding tires, it can give you a passionate driving experience.


    Electric Mountain Bikes Configuration

    [frame] EMB300 light weight aluminum alloy/Built in battery/Flat soldering inner wiring / extinction / UV standard

    [handle group] RS light weight aluminum alloy anode reinforcement / straight handle 700 / double pin seat tube 31.6mm

    [Pipe clamp] GY aluminum alloy quick release 34.9

    [front fork] KST magnesium aluminum alloy shoulder control Air fork

    [bowl group] Gy aluminum alloy CNC, conical 44-56mm

    [dial back] sensah & nbsp; mx-9

    Tooth plate: RS aluminum alloy square hole / single disc 38T with aluminum guard plate

    [flywheel] dnp-9 speed, 13-32t

    Chain: YBN-9 speed

    [axis] Kenli Peilin, bb68mm

    [brake] z.star line pull disc brake + original disc 160 / 160mm

    Flower Drum: RS lightweight aluminum alloy / Perrin disc brake

    Light weight aluminum alloy double layer belt rivet

    [spoke] shunjiu high rigid round bar

    [Tire] INNOVA-PRO, skin color edge, 27.5/29″*2.25″

    Double side lock

    “Cushion” thick comfortable mountain

    Foot: WP-625 aluminum alloy high run


    Attachment: Aluminium adjustable rear support and tool

    Customizable for bulk order, so please contact us for details!

    Mountain Electric Bike Pictures

    Bike Model
    ST-EMB300 Speed Pedelec
    36V 13A 350W / 48V 10A 350W / 48V 10A 500W
    Wheel Size
    27.5″ / 29″
    Frame Height
    17″ / 19″
    Bike Color
    Black+Red / Black+Gray
    Net Weight
    ≈19.9 KG
    E300, AL7005, Battery Built-in,Smooth welding&inner Cable,Matte&UV decals
    Handelbar Sets
    RS, Alu alloy with Matte,Handlebar 31.8*700,Stem 90,Seat post 31.6*350mm
    GY, Alu alloy,Quick Release 34.9mm
    KST MgAl alloy,Air suspension, Manual-lockout
    Head Sets
    GY, Alu alloy CNC with sealed Bearings 44-56mm
    Alu alloy 3×28.6×10mm
    Derailleur Lever
    SENSAH MX-9 speeds
    Front Derailleur
    Rear Derailleur
    RS, Alu alloy, Square hole, 38T with alloy cover
    DNP-9S, 13-32T
    KENLI,Square hole,with Bearing,BB68
    Z.STAR cable-pull Disc brake
    RS Alu alloy, 2-sealed Bearings, Disc brake
    Alu alloy with Double-wall&Rivets, W24×H19mm
    SHUNJIU, Circular 13G, Bend head
    INNOVA-PRO, 60TPI, Skin-color edge, 27.5″(29″)×2.25″
    Circular, 22.2×130mm&2-locking ring,Comfortable
    Comfortable and Thickened for MTB
    WP-625 Alu alloy with lubricating for MTB
    JAGWIRE,Internal cables,External cables
    Alu alloy rear kickstand +Tools


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