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Electric ATV

Electric ATV

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Electric ATV product introduction

With the gradual improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, people’s demand for green eco friendly vehicles has gradually increased. Lithium battery powered electric vehicles mainly include electric bicycles and electric motorcycles, in addition, there is a growing demand for other types of electric vehicles including electric ATVs, electric golf carts, electric sightseeing cars, electric shopping carts.

ATV definition and scope of use

The English name of the ATV is ATV [All Terrain Vehicle], which means “a vehicle suitable for all terrains”.

With good quality and excellent performance, you can drive the ATV not  only on the beach, riverbeds, forest roads, streams, and even on harsher desert. Passenger carrying or transporting and hunting makes the ATV fully functional and an all-around mobility tool.

Electric ATVs are four wheeler vehicles, with battery powered electricity, which are easy to operate, safe and stable. Its performance is much superior to that of electric tricycles and four-wheeled vehicles. The basic unit of electric four-wheel vehicle mainly includes frame, plastic parts, shock absorption, battery, controller and electric motor.

Gas Powered ATV Models:

ATV products include: 50cc, 90cc, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, 200cc, 250cc, 300cc, 350cc, 400cc, 500cc, 600cc, 700cc, 800cc according to the displacement of the engine.

ATV Types

At present, according to usage, the main types of the ATV include:
Gas Powered ATV
Electric Powered ATV

Children’s ATV,
Adults ATV
Agricultural (Farm) ATV
Hunting ATV,
Fire fighting ATV

1) In terms of form and structure, there are mainly three-wheel, four-wheel and six-wheel.

Among them, for outstanding advantages in safety and structure, four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles currently account for the vast majority of the global civilian market of all-terrain vehicles.

2) Electric ATV can be divided into the following types according to its use and appearance:

(1) Multi-function (Utility, U-shaped): for special work;
(2) Sports models (Sport, S type): for competitive and recreational use by experienced drivers;
(3) Youth (Youth, Y type): for teenagers and children under the age of 16;
(4) General (General, G type): for general entertainment and daily use.

In Europe and USA, the use of four wheelers is mainly for entertainment and sports, while in Australia, all-terrain vehicles are mainly used in agricultural production.

At present, this model also has a trend of rapid expansion to military and work applications. Meantime, the combination of ATV and robot research technology has produced intelligent field operation robots and intelligent alien landing robots.

E Powered ATV Transmission:

Electric ATV mainly has chain drive, belt drive, shaft drive.

Chain drive is our most common transmission method.

The advantages of belt drive: shock mitigation, vibration absorption, less noise, low cost, and more convenient maintenance.
The shaft drive is characterized by durability, high manufacturing cost, extremely high material requirements, and greater processing difficulty.

The biggest advantage of shaft driver is:  it will not stretch, no oil pollution, basically maintenance-free, low loss and high transmission efficiency.

The history of ATV – A history of ATV

1970 HONDA US90 first all-terrain vehicle (ATV)

1979  YAMAHA  YT125

1981  HONDA three-wheel off-road ATV – ATC250R


HONDA  ATC200E “Big Red” three-wheeled ATV

1984  Yamaha and HONDA started selling four-wheel ATVs.


1986  Honda FourTrax TRX250R

1986  Honda FOURTRAX350 four-wheel drive

1988 Honda FourTrax 300 4×4

The last Suzuki QuadRacer 250cc 2-stroke quad ATV left the market.

The first Arctic Cat ATVs go on sale.

Bombardier starts selling ATVs.
Late 1990s to early 2000s

Polaris supplied the 683cc engine for its Sportsman, the largest displacement in an ATV at the time. Its price is $7399.

Bombardier develops an EFI ATV, the 800cc Outlander.

Arctic Cat’s latest model, the ThunderCat 1000, won the top award of the year, a two-cylinder four-stroke sport/utility model.

Electric ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Industry Status and Development Prospects in China

1. Status Quo of ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Industry
According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 200 Electric ATV companies in China, mainly located in Zhejiang, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong and Guangdong, and their production volume is about 40% of the total production of all-terrain vehicles in the world

These enterprises include traditional motorcycle enterprises, brand-new professional all-terrain vehicle manufacturers, and enterprises engaged in leisure and sports equipment manufacturing.

2. Electric ATV (Electric all-terrain vehicle) industry export market and certification

China’s battery-powered ATV export market is mainly concentrated in the United States and Europe. In 2021, the number of Electric ATVs exported from China to Europe and the United States will continue to increase.

Certifications of Electric All terrain vehicles include: ISO9001, CE, EEC, EPA, WMI. Among them, the most commonly used certifications for export to the European market are CE and EEC.

For US market, if the supplier have EPA certification, the possibility of transaction will be higher.

While a few countries currently import all-terrain vehicles or motorcycles, they need WMI (CERTIFICATE OF WORLD MANUFACTURER IDENTIFIER CODE). In brief is the World Manufacturer Identification Code), to be precise, WMI is not a certificate, but a qualification.

Suppliers can go to the China Automobile Center to apply for it. Currently, WMI is more commonly used in Australia and Canada.
The top 10 countries in China’s four wheeler ATV exports in 2021 are:
United States, Australia, France, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Germany, UK.

What is the difference between Electric ATVs and Electric UTVs?

In fact, it is very easy to distinguish.

Electric ATV is a handle-type all-terrain four-wheel off-road vehicle, commonly known as “ATV”. It has a general appearance without a canopy, is simple and practical, and has good off-road performance. Generally, the handlebars are used to control the direction.

You can also understand it as Electric Four Wheeled motorcycles or Electric Quad Bike;

Electric UTV is more like an electric car than ATV. Because it is controlled by the steering wheel, accelerator, and pedals, it feels more off-road.

Does anyone make an electric four wheeler?

Secutronic mainly produces electric all-terrain vehicles (ATV/UTV),, electric motorcycles and main spare parts.

The company has a wide range of high quality electric four wheelers for adults, electric ATVs for kids, electric powered motorbikes, dirt bikes, etc. And it is now committed to creating high-quality sports and leisure products for the world.

The company is committed to the development and production of high-quality electric motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles, with the principle of “keep improving product quality and do everything possible to meet user requirements”.

The products are mainly exported to the United States, Canada, Russia, South Korea, the European Union and other countries, and have got the certificates from United States EPA, CARB and the EU’s E-mark. The products have been praised in the US and EU markets.

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