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List By Model Children Electric Bike China Childrens E Bikes For Sale UK
Children Electric Bike China Childrens E Bikes For Sale UK
  • 2022 Children Toy E Bicycle 12 Inch Lithium Battery 12
  • 2022 Children Toy E Bicycle 12 Inch Lithium Battery 12
  • 2022 Children Toy E Bicycle 12 Inch Lithium Battery 12
  • 2022 Children Toy E Bicycle 12 Inch Lithium Battery 12
  • 2022 Children Toy E Bicycle 12 Inch Lithium Battery 12
  • 2022 Children Toy E Bicycle 12 Inch Lithium Battery 12
  • 2022 Children Toy E Bicycle 12 Inch Lithium Battery 12
  • 2022 Children Toy E Bicycle 12 Inch Lithium Battery 12
  • 2022 Children Toy E Bicycle 12 Inch Lithium Battery 12
  • Children Electric Bike China Childrens E Bikes For Sale UK

    Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
    Brand Name: Secutronic/Setro/OEM EBike Kids
    Model Number:Children Electric Bike
    Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Wheel Size: 12"
    Voltage: 24V
    Power Supply: Lithium Battery
    Braking System: Disc Brake
    Battery Capacity: 4.5 Ah
    Riding time: 40-60mins
    N.W.: 9kg
    Motor Power: 24V 80W
    Max Load: 35KG
    Range: 10km
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    Children Electric Bike China Childrens E Bikes For Sale UK

    Wholesale Kids Children’s E Bikes Cheap China Motor Powered Scooter And Mini Children Ebike Bicycle Electric Bike For Sale UK Australia

    Secutronic – China Manufacturer – Children’s E Bike

    Brief Introduction – Children’s Electric Bike

    Can A Child Ride An Electric Bike ?

    Cycling fun and promotes physical development. Therefore, the question of the age at which children can start to ride, very relevant. It is necessary to carefully observe all safety rules and at the same time not to deprive children the joy of free movement.

    First of all, you need to answer the question, when you can put a child behind the wheel at all. Pediatricians, educators and psychologists believe that the speed of this process is not necessary. The real benchmark would be that the little man has mastered the full foot and physically stronger. Then he was able to sit on the bicycle seat and hold the steering wheel. The first “booster test” can be done as early as 12-18 months.

    In free skating, of course, there is still no question. Just put on the 3-wheeled bike crumb and show:

    The Way The Pedals Work;

    How To Stop;

    How To Convert To A Side.

    Recommendation: It is better to start the development of wheeled vehicles with Secutronic balance bikes. Therefore:

    Train The Necessary Muscle Groups;

    Strengthen The Response To What Is Happening And To Give It The Desired Shape;

    Learn Basic Bicycle Management Skills.

    At the age groups of 2.5-3 years of the child to ride a bike can be almost completely.

    The time to move to the next stage is determined by:

    Physical And Mental Development Of The Child;

    His General Health;

    Specific Skills on electric bikes;

    Frequency Of Cycles;

    Possibilities For Parents To Pay Attention.

    Generally, kids riding a tradional 2 wheel bike or a tricycle graduated in 2-3 years. With good physical development of children can be transplanted on the electric power motorized bike even earlier. Note that the rapidly developing young organism strength often to change the bike during this time. When growth reaches 1 m, the diameter of the wheel should be 12 inches.

    Further acts simple rule: for every 0.15 m of growth is added immediately to 4 inches.

    Traveling On The Road

    But to drive the bike, even 2-wheeled class, sport, in the yard or on the sidewalk is one thing. It is quite another thing when a child is going to leave the roadway. There already operates will not parents (or rather, there is one), and the inexorable rules of the road. They are prescribed for children up to 7 years to go only:

    On Sidewalks;

    Special Dedicated Lanes;

    Pedestrian Zones And Other Places Where A Motor Vehicle Does Not Follow.

    Riding up to 14 years of age is also allowed for bicycles and trails. And from the age of 14 may ride and ride on roadsides, bike paths and dedicated lanes on them. But regardless of the specific age, absolute priority is still assigned to the bike lanes. All other options are provided rules only for the case when they can not be used for some reason. If preschool children go to a separate seat under the control of adults, or any adult accompanies them, then you can go and on the sidewalk.

    Obviously, this requires a certain level of skills and reactions. Not every child 7-11 years to be ready with enough purely psycho-physiological point of view, and ensure its safe passage on the road is impossible.

    That is why the rules of the road say unequivocally: to ride a bike on the road (on his way) before reaching 14 years can not be. All regulation on quality standards do not set the most used bike. But anyway, for your own peace of mind and avoid many of the problems before 14 years to authorize the use of special children’s bike unique designs. Attempts too early to use “adult” model will only lead to great danger, and sometimes directly to a big problem.

    And another subtlety: the rules of the road constantly changing, and you have at least once every six months to get acquainted with their fresh edition.

    A Secutronic electric bike without pedals for kids or a motorcycle? 

    Whether they need it or not is up to each individual. But what should we call it, an electric bike without pedals or an electric balance bike?

    It’s not the first in its segment, as not long ago we saw Spanish manufacturer Mondraker bring out its Grommy, a “balance bike” for the little ones.

    But the Grommy was more like an electric scooter than an ebike, and the new Secutronic have everything it takes to be considered an electric bike for kids.

    And the turning point, even if we are dealing with “balance bikes”, i.e. without pedals, is the fact that there are no pedals.

    When we talk about normal electric bicycles, i.e. for adults, and we see that it has no pedals, the word that comes to mind is the same, it is not a bike, it is a motorcycle.

    For others simply everything that has an engine, even if it is a touring bike with pedal assistance for an elderly person to move around the city is already considered a motorcycle and not a bike.

    Do children need a bicycle without pedals with an electric motor?

    This is another issue when talking about bicycles and non-bicycles. Everyone buys what they want with their money.

    True, we don’t know whether having a motor or not has any influence on whether children learn to ride a bike better or worse.

    But the new 12 inch and 16 inch electric balance bikes, being from Secutronic, a brand with tradition in the manufacture of motorcycles, could be oriented to lovers of this sport and their small families.

    Specifically, the ages for which they are designed are between 3 and 5 years.

    So what do we call it, electric balance bike, or electric bike for kids?

    Secutronic High Quality Electric Balance Bike

    This small 12 inch Electric Balance Bike is powered by a 24V, 80W brushed electric hub motor and is equipped with a chain mid drive and rear drum brake system.

    A 24V lithium battery is capable of reaching a range of approximately 6 mph with single charge, and a published charging time of 1 hour.

    It features an aluminum frame, steel forks and 12-inch wheels with “hybrid” tires.

    How much joy would you have had getting an electric bike like this Secutronic bike when you were three years old?

    The manufacturer Secutronic recommends that children not progress to the fastest mode, as the child specific bike can propel a kid at a speed of about 9 mph, so it is safest to use that speed for ages 5 or 6.

    Secutronic Children E Bikes For Sale

    This electric bike can carry up to 34 kg (approximately 75 pounds) and has a seat height that can be adjusted from just over 15 inches to above 17″, and we can even bet that children over the age of 6 will be riding this bike with enthusiasm.

    With a ride time of about an hour and a recharge time between one and two hours, the bike has a built-in standby time.

    This lightweight super kids e bike is designed specifically for children. So they can start using the bike as a conventional balance bike with its specially designed freewheel system.

    Then watch them improve and progress to the slow speed setting (4 mph) by balancing on their own using the footrests.

    Simultaneously as they perfect throttle control they can control at the same time with the bikes’ twist throttle.

    Once they are confident using the slow speed setting, they can advance to the fast speed setting (9 mph).

    It features hybrid tires suitable for on and off road use as dirt bikes or mountain bikes, and a chain-driven motor that delivers reliable performance.

    The good news is that kids have a chance to get used to the bike before adding power; it’s a great way to introduce the next generation to throttle control without the hassle of a clutch.

    This bike weighs just under 20 lbs, has a seat height of almost 16″ and is available in the colors: red, blue, green, green, pink and black.

    Because its top speed is more or less fast, it won’t let kids get away from their parents.

    How excited would you have been to receive one of these as a gift, being a kid? I would jump for joy!

    Secutronic Children Electric Bike For Sale


    Specifications – Secutronic Childrens E Bikes

    Motor Power 24V 80 Watt Motor, brushed
    Lithium Battery 24V,2600mAh*7, riding 40-60mins
    Max Speed 6.5KM /13 KM/H
    Controller 24V 150W
    Wheel Size 12″
    Weight 9KG
    Frame Material Aluminum alloy, thickness 1.8mm
    Motor protective cover PP
    Front fork Steel, thickness 1.4mm
    Wheel rim PU
    Chain 25H, steel
    handlebars aluminium alloy
    Saddle Vacuum, high density polyurethane foam, 210mm*120mm, 170g
    Seat pipe clamp Aluminum alloy, 31.8mm
    tyre Rubber, 12*2.125
    Axle carbon steel
    Inner tire Butyl rubber, 12*1.95
    Brake line 100mm core and 85mm tube
    Motor protective cover PP
    Tire Rubber, 12*2.125
    Brake handle PVC
    Max Load 34 KG
    Type Motor Assisted Bicycle
    Brake Drum 80 holding brake
    Charger 24V 0.8Ah (1 hour charging time)
    Product Size L150mm W31mm H67mm
    Carton size 95X21X51CM (95% assembled); 82*21*40(90%assemble)
    Colour Red/Yellow/Blue
    Item Electric Balance Bike
    Product Electric Bike for Kids
    Motor Power 80W
    Max Load 35KG
    Delivery time 2-3 days
    Manufacturer Secutronic Technology – A professional manufacturer of advanced personal vehicles and solutions that increase your productivity and reduce costs. Secutronic is committed to improving customer satisfaction through advanced technology and a commitment to innovation, quality, value and design. With its state-of-the-art digital technology, a strong R&D department and a well-trained production team help produce the most advanced products.
    Advantage ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, Superior Quality with Competitive price; In time delivery

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