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List By Model Big Wheel Electric Scooter Fat Tyre Citycoco For Adults
Big Wheel Electric Scooter Fat Tyre Citycoco For Adults
  • Cheap 60V 1500W 2000W 3000W Fat Wheel Tire Citycoco E Chopper Fatbike Elettric Haley Rider Electric Scooter
  • Wholesale Dropshipping Fat Wheel Big Tire Vintage Scuter Motor Electric Scooter
  • Wholesale Dropshipping Fat Wheel Big Tire Vintage Scuter Motor Electric Scooter
  • Cheap 60V 1500W 2000W 3000W Fat Wheel Tire Citycoco E Chopper Fatbike Elettric Haley Rider Electric Scooter
  • Wholesale Dropshipping Fat Wheel Big Tire Vintage Scuter Motor Electric Scooter
  • Cheap 60V 1500W 2000W 3000W Fat Wheel Tire Citycoco E Chopper Fatbike Elettric Haley Rider Electric Scooter
  • Big Wheel Electric Scooter Fat Tyre Citycoco For Adults

    Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: Secutronic/Setro/OEM
    Model Number: Motor Wheel Electric Scooter
    Power: 1500W
    Voltage: 60v
    Certification: CE,EEC,COC
    Charging Time: 5-6 Hours
    Foldable: No
    Range Per Charge: 35-60km
    Tire Size: 18*9.5 inch
    Item: Big Wheel Electric Scooter
    Product: Citycoco Electric Scooter


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    Big Wheel Electric Scooter Fat Tyre Citycoco For Adults

    Adult Fat Tire 2 Big Wheel E 1500 W City Coco 200KG Max Load Bigfoot Fat Tyre Electric Scooter Citycoco For Sale EU Europe UK USA

    Secutronic – China Manufacturer – Electric Scooter Big Wheels

    Brief Introduction – Big Wheel Electric scooter

    Are Bigger wheels better on a scooter?

    Which is better, big or small wheel?

    We have already decided to buy an electric scooter, and we are looking at different brands and models. We chose a scooter because we were basically going to be using it in the city, so the weight savings and flexibility of a scooter was perfect for us. But when we look at them, we have a doubt: we see different wheel sizes. Which one is the best?

    The best option to solve your doubts and make the best choice is, without a doubt, to let us advise you. Tell us the normal route you are going to take, where you are going to ride, etc. And we will know how to guide you 100% towards the best option.

    The size and diameter of the wheel are important in that they directly affect the behavior of the electric scooter and the way you ride it.

    The general characteristics would be:

    Small wheel:

    – The main advantage is that they need less space to turn, i.e. they have more agility.

    – As disadvantages, they are less stable. If you are going to go at high speed (in the case of powerful scooters) they are less stable. They are also easier to lock under hard braking.

    Large wheels

    – Give greater stability. Better at higher speeds

    – Larger wheels allow a safer ride

    What is the difference between big and small tires?

    A big wheel electric scooter physically much better than a small wheel. In short: For example, a small wheel rolls into a depression and requires a lot of energy to get out again. A large wheel simply rolls in a depression.

    In addition, with a large wheel, the risk of falling over an obstacle is greatly reduced. Even poorer roads, such as fields or forest trails, are usually still drivable.

    Do big wheel scooters go faster?

    A scooter has different top speed ranges. Basically, the effort and endurance increases sharply at speeds above about 15 km / h.

    If the wheel circumference does not change, the scooter will not become faster.

    If the wheel circumference is increased, the acceleration will be worse but the scooter will be faster. Theoretically at least, because the low engine power has to fight against the driving resistance. In fact, despite the larger wheels, the scooter may be slower because there is simply no engine power to combat air resistance.

    Since you only specify the rim size and not the respective required wheel size or circumference, no one here can calculate how fast the scooter would theoretically be.

    Which tires are the best?

    Firstly, for daily use, standard tires are usually perfectly adequate. Specialized dealers or we offer dedicated tires for almost all models for poorer roads, off-road driving or high-speed driving. Recently, scooters with thick pneumatic tires have also emerged (such as the Kickbike Cruiser Max or XH-4A models). These tires are very versatile and are very soft and comfortable on rough or uneven (cobblestone) surfaces.

    Buying advice on e-scooters- the most important criteria when buying.

    When buying an electric scooter, interested parties should consider the following factors:

    Passenger transport:

    The design of electric scooters is important. Because sometimes scooters are not only used by one person alone, but sometimes they have to be used with two people. Some models are designed for only one driver.

    Driving license: In order to be allowed to drive an e-scooter, a driving license is required in comparison to e-scooters. However, a moped driver’s license from the age of 15 or 16 is sufficient if the electric scooter only goes up to 25 km/h. In addition, owners of a motorcycle or car driving license are allowed to drive an electric scooter up to 45 km/h.


    An electric scooter is emission-free and does not need to be refueled with gasoline. Charging the battery is possible at any power outlet, depending on the model. Then it is convenient if the battery is removable, so that charging works in the home or office.

    Few electric scooters require a home power network, for example, a socket in the garage or a suitable public charging station, because the battery is permanently installed. In the second case, charging is usually rather difficult.

    Motor power:

    The power of the installed motor determines the acceleration, whereby a maximum of 45 km/h is permitted as the maximum speed. The higher the motor power, the easier it is to master inclines. You should also look for features such as payload and whether you can take another person along.


    Electric scooters offer a shorter range compared to the gasoline-powered variant. Interested parties should be aware of this. E-scooter riders should definitely consider the long range when selecting a model. This should correspond to the distance that the vehicle is to cover regularly.


    Some electric scooters are optionally available with one or two batteries, so there are variations in the possible range here.

    Body size:

    Even if electric scooters are only used for short distances, we should not neglect the comfort of driving. In particular, people who are about 1.90 meters tall, should pay attention to the size of the electric scooter, so as not to ride with little leg room, becoming an uncomfortable torture.


    Electric scooters come in different variations. Visually, therefore, almost everyone gets their money’s worth. Retro models that incorporate the popular Vespa or Schwalbe design, for example, are also popular. Similar diversity applies to the choice of colors.


    E-scooters can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. The models in our test comparison cost between an inexpensive 1,743 euros and a very luxurious 6,540 euros. For configurable models, the price varies depending on individual design and equipment wishes.

    High Quality Secutronic Electric Big Wheel Scooter City Coco Bike 1-seater 1500 Watt 

    Electric scooter with very strong 1500W power and 60V battery. The e-scooter is equipped with strong battery and very quiet with its electric drive. A real eye-catcher in chopper design.

    The electric scooter has a front and rear brake system for your safety. There are 3 speed levels selectable and the gas is infinitely variable. Comfortable driving thanks to the air-filled wheels.

    Convenient external charging is possible thanks to the removable battery pack. Simply charge the battery at home, in the cafe or at friends and the ride back is guaranteed. Sufficient safety is provided by the disc brakes, shock absorbers front and rear, lights front / rear, turn signals and the horn. In the digital speedometer you can read the mileage, speed and battery level.

    A fat tire electric scooter recommendation for smart spenders

    The ST-EBHG-SV Citycoco is with COC (Certificate of Conformity), EEC certificates. It can be easily registered at the DMV.

    This scooter has a fashionable design, and with a LED headlight, fashionable LED display design, CNC aluminum design, aluminum fork, hydraulic disc brake front and rear, as well as a colorful design.

    The scooter is EWG approved, has COC certificate. and can be driven on the road in Europe; 1500W aluminum wheel powerful brushless motor, comfortable large seat. Removable 60V 12A lithium heat exchanger removable battery, long run time for drive, battery box with stronger cover, more safety and durability. 4A fast charger, can be fully charged in 3-4 hours.

    ST-EBHG-SV Electric Scooter Features and Build Quality

    Thanks to the wide tires, the electric scooter ST-EBHG-SV is really nice in the curve and can be driven out wonderfully.

    It also offers you different smooth riding modes: Whether in the speedy Sport mode, in the energy-saving Ecomode or casually in Comfort mode – the settings can be adjusted to your riding preferences.

    To ensure that you can always charge your e-scooter quickly, the batteries are installed under the running board and can be removed quickly and easily.

    By the way, the ST-EBHG-SV is designed to stand on its own on flat ground thanks to its wide tires and low center of gravity.

    If you need an electric scooter to go to work, shopping, to the beach or to travel, this electric scooter City Coco is the best choice.

    Secutronic Big Wheel Electric Scooter Specifications:

    Weight: 65kg

    Wheelbase: 51″

    LxWxH: 69 x 31 x 43 in 175*78.5*109CM

    Motor and Power: Electric Wheel Hub Motor 1500w

    Battery: Lithium Ion, 60v, 12Ah or 20AH

    Charge Time: 5-6 Hours

    Max Speed: 35-45km/h

    Range Per Charge: 35-60km

    Throttle: Twist and Go

    Brakes: Hydraulic DYISLAND with 160mm Rotors

    Frame Material: Steel

    Fenders: ABS Plastic

    Wide Tires Front/Rear: 225/55-8

    Big Wheel Electric Scooter For Adults For Sale

    Big Wheel Electric Scooter For Adults For Sale

    Electric Big Wheel Scooter Parameters

    Name Adult Big 2 Wheel 1500 W EU 200KG Max Load E Bike Fat Tyre Electric Scooter Citycoco For Sale Europe USA
    Item Motor Wheel Electric Scooter
    Product Wide Tire Electric Scooter
    Battery 12AH lithium battery(14AH 20AH Option)
    Frame Material Steel
    Max Speed 30-50km/h
    Motor Power 1500W hub motor
    Gross weight 65KG
    Range volt 100V-240V
    Payment Paypal,Trade Assurance,WU, T/T
    Max Load 200KG
    Manufacturer Secutronic Technology
    Advantage ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, Superior Quality with Competitive price; In time delivery


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