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  • Munro 2.0 CE Electric Bicycle Vehicle 2 Wheels Retro Style Vintage Motorcycle MOPED Ebike Beach Cruiser for French EU Market
  • Munro 2.0 CE Electric Bicycle Vehicle 2 Wheels Retro Style Vintage Motorcycle MOPED Ebike Beach Cruiser for French EU Market
  • Munro 2.0 CE Electric Bicycle Vehicle 2 Wheels Retro Style Vintage Motorcycle MOPED Ebike Beach Cruiser for French EU Market
  • Munro 2.0 CE Electric Bicycle Vehicle 2 Wheels Retro Style Vintage Motorcycle MOPED Ebike Beach Cruiser for French EU Market
  • Munro 2.0 CE Electric Bicycle Vehicle 2 Wheels Retro Style Vintage Motorcycle MOPED Ebike Beach Cruiser for French EU Market
  • Munro 2.0 CE Electric Bicycle Vehicle 2 Wheels Retro Style Vintage Motorcycle MOPED Ebike Beach Cruiser for French EU Market
  • Beach Cruiser Elektrofahrrad Erwachsene Fat Tire Ebike E Fahrrad

    Model Number:Beach Cruiser Electric Bike
    Gänge:2 Speed
    Reichweite pro Leistung:31 - 60 km
    Material des Rahmens:Aluminium-Legierung
    Radgröße:26 Zoll*3.0
    Bremssystem:Hydraulic Disc Brake (Hydraulic Brake Pad)
    Das Drehmoment:>100 Nm
    Position des Motors:Hinterradnabenmotor
    Position der Batterie:
    Integrierte Batterie
    Artikel:Retro Electric Bike Bicycle
    Produkt:Retro Electric Fat Bike
    Batterie:48V 11.6Ah Lithium
    N.W./G.W.:55kg / 90kg
    Max Braking distance:1m (20km/h)
    Maximale Belastung:100KG
    Maximale Geschwindigkeit:50KM/H
    • Beschreibung

    Beach Cruiser Elektrofahrrad Erwachsene Fat Tire Ebike E Fahrrad

    China Best Adult Ridd Retro 26 inch Fat Tire Top Rated Super Deluxe Chopper Style Men’s Women’s Beach Cruiser Electric Bike Bicycle 48V

    Secutronic – China Manufacturer – Electric Bike Beach Cruiser

    Munro 2.0 CE Electric Bicycle Vehicle 2 Wheels Retro Style Vintage Motorcycle MOPED Ebike Beach Cruiser for French EU Market

    Beach Cruiser Electric Bike Brief Introduction

    Much of the attention paid to bikes has been on mountain, road, and BMX models. It’s not difficult to understand, as these models cater to a variety of usage needs, as well as riding styles.

    But for those who just want the most essential bike, what would they want?

    I thought maybe it would be a Cruiser bike, as its name suggests. While they can’t handle off-road, alpine, stunt or long-distance riding, whether for lounging or just running errands, electric cruiser bikes are perfect for those who just need a comfortable way to ride .

    This class has come back into fashion in recent years as more and more people realize the simplicity, comfort and unique value of such cruiser bikes.

    What is a cruiser ebike?

    A Beach Cruiser Electric Bike can easily get through heavy traffic and you won’t need a parking spot when you reach your destination.

    A cruising electric bike is simple to ride with a sporty rear hub motor and a comfortable, upright riding position.

    Vintage electric bikes are built from the ground up to outperform all other electric bikes on the market.

    The display on electric bikes usually shows things like today’s speed, battery level, perfect mode, assist level, time, trip pedometer, and total miles traveled.

    Hub motors have been around forever and are generally cheaper and more versatile. They are great motors for anyone who needs a credible electric bike for a long, mostly flat ride.

    Do electric bikes work on the beach?  

    Riding an e-bike by the sea is a unique experience, allowing you to enjoy the salty air and the ocean breeze. But instead of riding on the boardwalk, have you considered using your e-bike on the beach?

    Not all e-bikes (or their wheels) are created equal, and can turn your experience on sandy shores into both success and defeat. To make sure you’re ready to hit the sand with your e-bike.

    What bike can you ride on the beach?

    To ride your ebike in the sand, you’re going to need the right wheels. Standard e-bike wheels aren’t wide enough to work effectively in sand. So what width of tires do you need to be able to use your e-bike at the beach? For a smoother ride, you should install Fat Tire type wheels on your bike.

    Fat Tire refers to all e-bike tires that are wider than 6cm, allowing them to perform optimally on sand, snow or other rough terrain. Because the tires have a larger air volume than standard tyres, they provide a smoother ride, increased stability and more traction – all of which make riding your e-bike on sand much more enjoyable.

    If you plan to use your e-bike on the sand, be sure to invest in an e-bike that has received good reviews and has tires that can be replaced with 6cm tires or larger.

    The best type of sand for a Beach Cruiser ebike?

    Although the fat tires allow you to use your electric bike on all types of sand, the quality of the ride varies depending on whether you are riding on hard sand or soft sand. Because soft, dry sand is very loose, it can be difficult for your tires to get enough traction to move smoothly on the beach, even with wide tires.

    If you plan to ride in dry sand, you may need to turn on the e-bike motor and pedal with it to adjust to the undulations of the terrain. You will also need to watch out for loose sand that can seep into the e-bike chain or motor.

    For the best riding experience, take your e-bike, fitted with fat tires, down to the wet, harder sand just before you reach the water’s edge. This area offers the ideal conditions for a comfortable ride, allowing you to enjoy the view and the salty breeze.

    This is also an area where there is the least amount of sand to seep into the chain or motor, where it can cause problems if not removed. However, when near water, remember to avoid accidentally wetting the motor if the tide starts to rise, which could require you to pedal all the way back.

    The electric bike plows through the sand to the sea as a fat bike.

    The trend towards electric bikes is unbroken – more than two million pedelecs and e bikes are already rolling on German roads and are the focus of Eurobike. And it will show that the electric motor is also reaching the fun bikes.

    Bicycles with electric drive enable completely new concepts like the fat bike: The tires are 4 inches wide and even plow through deep snow and soft sand on the beach. A central motor from Bosch helps with this.

    Bicycles with electric drive enable completely new concepts like the fat bike: The tires are 4 inches wide and even plow through deep snow and soft sand on the beach. A central motor from Bosch helps with this.

    What is a beach cruiser bike good for?

    Cruiser ebikes are often called cruiser electric bikes and sometimes beach cruiser electric bikes. They are stable, easy to ride, and ideal for recreational riding at low to medium speeds. Generally speaking, electric beach cruiser bikes have the following key characteristics.

    These features typically include a simple metal frame, wide air-filled tires, curved handlebars for an upright riding position, and reverse brakes.

    Different types of electric beach cruiser bikes will vary slightly, but the above characteristics are the most common and representative of this type of model.

    Another major feature of them is their high potential for customization and upgrades, not just the vehicle itself, but also accessories such as fenders, lights, seats, luggage racks, and more.

    Although other models can have more powerful and professional performance, the Cruiser E Bike has its irreplaceable advantage – comfort. It does not require the rider to use any professional riding position, but allows the rider to sit directly and comfortably on the seat, and maintain a relatively upright riding position to prevent loose pedaling.

    How do you properly clean your e-bike after a walk on the beach?

    Although it is exciting to use your electric bike, a simple ride can damage it if you do not take the necessary precautions during and after the ride. As you know from walking the beach in flip flops, the sand tends to fly all over the place.

    If you plan to take your e-bike to the beach, you can assume that the wheels will kick sand into the bike’s motor or chain. Even if it doesn’t cause immediate damage while you’re riding, you should make sure to thoroughly clean the engine, chain, wheels, frame, and every other corner of your bike.

    If you ignore the sand, your e-bike could deteriorate over time. In this case, you will have to take everything apart and clean everything, re-grease and reassemble. It’s best to avoid these hassles and clean your e-bike after every ride in the sand.

    In addition to simply brushing grit from dirty areas, you can also use an air compressor with a nozzle to more precisely target areas where you want to remove sand from the bike. This will allow you to get close to the chain, motor, and nooks and crannies of the frame for effective cleaning.

    If you don’t have access to an air compressor, you can also use a reverse vacuum or a canister of condensed air to dislodge the remaining sand. By eliminating the sand, you will ensure that your bike remains in perfect condition, ride after ride.

    Advantages of Electric Beach Cruiser Bikes:

    If we want to go to work by transport but without getting overheated, electric beach bikes are a good option to combine exercise and transport. E-bikes are no longer usual bikes that have an electric motor incorporated to be able to climb steep slopes and paths more easily. It is a new discipline with a particular term of use.

    Electric bicycles for the beach are a measure for bottled cities due to their simplicity of use and their great efficiency in short itineraries.

    Likewise, we must add to all this the low price and little care that bicycles require and we should also add how portable folding electric bicycles are.

    Today the vast majority of cruiser electric bikes handle integrated propellers. There are also others that use an external motor transferring pedaling force through links. The power of an beach cruiser electric bicycle varies between 200W and 700W, however, some countries only support 250W and 18 MPH with assisted pedaling.

    As a justified recommendation in our personal experience in the bike sector, I can say that the huge brands contribute in good quality and accessories that other brands do not offer, so we are going to try to present the best brands of electric bikes on the market.

    Still, specific electric beach cruiser bikes have a range between 25 and 70 kilometers with a top speed of 35 KM/H (22 MPH).

    How much is a Beach Cruiser E Bike:

    For example, the Secutronic ST-EBMR26 Electric Bicycle Cruiser Style featuring a 400W electric motor, a Lithium 48V 11Ah Samsung cell battery, ranges 30 miles per charge, and 4″ fat tires, has a price of US $1,999 only.

    So if you’re looking for a vehicle half way between an urban bike and a Mountainbike, with a modern and carefree aesthetic for riding around the city, the motorized choppers are for you.

    Don‘t think twice and be part of the exclusive group of owners of an Electric Beach Cruiser Bike!

    Secutronic ST-EBMR26 Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

    An electric bike ride through the beaches and the city

    The idea of ​​the arrival of good weather makes us think of long walks around the city. ST-EBMR26 is a great example of a city to explore in our favorite way, on foot or by bike, no matter how.

    Electric beach cruiser bikes are, without a doubt, a way to get around in an affordable, safe, ecological and healthy way compared to the motorcycles we all know.

    It is justified that Secutronic electric bicycles provide good things for health by lowering the danger of enduring cardiovascular diseases caused by increasing parking in our community.

    Along with this, we must add that you save gasoline and also taxes. In summary, the electric bike is an alternative option to the usual motors located on motorcycles.

    For practical purposes, a beach cruiser electric bike does not have all the legal problems or expenses related to mopeds (older sisters of ebikes) and much less of motorcycles. This is the main advantage of electric beach bikes that have a motor for assisted pedaling.

    It has all the benefits of electromobility and clean transport, free of CO2 and a cheap cost that does not entail effort, avoiding in addition to all the expense that buying a vehicle entails.


    Pictures – Cruiser E Bike

    Specifications – Electric Bicycle Cruiser Style


    The main size of the Retro Electric Beach Cruiser Bike:

    Length 1850mm

    Höhe 950mm

    Front track / This Fashion Electric Bicycle width 630mm

    Radstand 1125mm

    Bodenfreiheit 260mm

    Hauptleistung Qualität 42kg

    Nennspannung 48V

    Die maximale Last Qualität 100KG±1%

    Steigfähigkeit (Last 80KG) ≤15°

    High Quality Cruiser Ebike Frame:

    Rahmenkonstruktion Aluminium-Legierung

    Maximum design speed:

    Low speed: 20 MPH

    High speed: 28 MPH

    Bremsweg (trockenes Land) ≤1m (20km/h)

    Stoßdämpfer vorne Einstellbarer Stoßdämpfer mit mittlerer Federung

    Stoßdämpfer hinten Einstellbarer Federstoßdämpfer

    Gabel Aluminium-Legierung

    Hintere Flachgabel

    Spezifikationen für den Vorderreifen 26 Zoll X 3.0

    Reifengröße hinten 26″ X 3.0

    Front & Rear brake method: Standard dual hydraulic disc brake

    Sitzhöhe 810mm

    Maximaler Rollwinkel Links ≤40°

    Rechts ≤40°

    Maximaler Lenkeinschlag 30°

    Battery System

    Battery Type 18650 Lithium ion Battery

    Spannung 48V

    Battery Capacity 11.6AH

    Standard-Ladestrom 3A

    Der maximale Entladestrom beträgt 10A

    Standard-Ladezeit: 6 Stunden

    The maximum mileage ( Battery life): 30 miles on a single charge

    Einzelzellenkapazität 2900mAh

    Weight of Battery: 3.1kg

    Battery charge and discharge times 2000 (80% DOD)

    Battery Protection System 13S/17A Same Port

    Power System Motor Type Brushless DC High Magneto

    Motor Controller FOC Vector Controller

    Powerful motor rated power and speed: 500-Watt motor / 430rpm

    Max motor power and speed 800W/430rpm

    Maximum torque and speed of motor 42N.m/40rpm

    Top Recoverable Energy Level III 82%

    Maximaler Steuerstrom 17±1A

    Energieausnutzung des Motors 82%

    Beleuchtung Elektrische Scheinwerfer, Scheinwerfer LED-Scheinwerfer

    Tagfahrlicht LED-Leuchte

    Blinker LED-Blinker



    Remote Control Match Mobile APP, Auto positionieren, Auto verriegeln

    Smart Meter LED-Anzeige

    Electric Bicycle Cruiser Style For Sale

    Artikel Electric Bike Beach Cruiser For Adults
    Lieferfrist 2-3 Tage
    Hersteller Secutronic-Technik
    Vorteil ISO9001 Qualitätsmanagementsystem-Zertifizierung und ISO14001 Umweltmanagementsystem-Zertifizierung, Überlegene Qualität mit konkurrenzfähigem Preis; Pünktliche Lieferung

    Cutomers Reviews Munro 2.0 Ebike Vinatge Beautiful Design Hot Sale Amazon Ebay Rechargeable Frame Motorcycle Elektro Bicycle
    Cutomers Reviews Munro 2.0 Ebike Vinatge Beautiful Design Hot Sale Amazon Ebay Rechargeable Frame Motorcycle Elektro Bicycle


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