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List By Model Dirt Ebike Adult Off Road Frame E Bike Electric Dirtbike
Dirt Ebike Adult Off Road Frame E Bike Electric Dirtbike
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  • China Adult 72 V 8000 W 12000 W Sports Style Dirtbike Kxd Electric Dirt Bike Cross
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  • Adult 72V 8000W Max 12000W Ebike 2021 Steaith Bomber Frame Dirt Electric Mountain Bike Chinese Electric Dirtbike
  • Dirt Ebike Adult Off Road Frame E Bike Electric Dirtbike

    Brand Name:Setro / Best Electric Mountain Bike 2021
    Model Number:ST-SL12KW 12000 Watt E Bike
    Gears:6 Speed
    Frame Material:Aluminum Alloy
    Wheel Size:26"
    Max Speed: 120km/h
    Power Supply:Lithium Battery
    Braking System:Disc Brake
    Motor position:Central Motor
    Battery Position:Integrated Battery
    Product name:Adult Electric Dirt Bike
    Item:12000 Watt Ebike
    Battery:79V 40AH
    Motor Power:12000W
    Max load:150kg
    Warranty:1 Year
    Material:aluminium alloy
    • Description

    Dirt Ebike Adult Off Road Frame E Bike Electric Dirtbike

    Best Chinese Adult Off Road E Dirt Bike 12000W Dirt Ebike Frame Moto Cross Really Fast Electric Mountain Bike 2021 Electric Dirtbike

    Secutronic – China Manufacturer – Electric Dirt Bike

    China Adult 72 V 8000 W 12000 W Sports Style Dirtbike Kxd Electric Dirt Bike Cross

    Dirt eBike Description

    As the world shifts towards increasingly eco-friendly choices for a few of our everyday devices and items, it’s essential to locate items that nonetheless bring us joy without even leaving a sizable financial footprint. or murder a rainforest. With hybrids crossing the country, it is not surprising that the field of energy as electric power has made its way into the bicycle frame. Adult electric motorcycles are the perfect choice for the character-conscious consumer who nevertheless enjoys the exciting off road adventures and daunting jumps.

    Some advantages of Electric Dirt Bikes are:

    NO FUEL:

    A simple step, but a battery-powered electric dirt bike is full of gas mileage, saving you more money in the long run. A battery-powered electric dirt bike is environmentally friendly and is just another way to save fossil fuels and conserve the atmosphere slightly more.

    NO MESS:

    Using a gas-powered bike means messy oil changes, greasy compounds, trying to fill the gas tank without spilling it anywhere, and dirty exhaust pipes. These maintenance things are not only expensive, but create additional tasks for you personally in the field of bicycle maintenance. By using a battery-powered dirt bike, you eliminate the mess and hassle simply by plugging your bike into an electric power supply.


    If you think converting to an electric powered dirt bike will lose speed, you’re far from right. Many bikes give you a sports package for extra power, acceleration, and speed for legitimate bike addicts. An electric dirt bike offers exactly the same excitement as its conventionally fueled counterpart.


    When off-road e-bikes first hit the market, the main consumer criticism revolved around the clunky shape and fashion of this bike. Often the battery box was extremely large and bulky, while the rest of the bike remained sleek and conventional. Luckily, as big brands like Harley Davidson have started dumping electric dirt bikes, designers have worked their magic by creating a bike that looks like a fuel-powered dirt bike. Some may even say that e-bikes look better; they tend to be lighter than conventional bicycles and can be presented in a more compact or compact layout.

    What to look for when buying an electric dirt bike?

    It goes without saying that not all electric dirt bikes are created equal. Some are great options for kids, while others are designed just for adults. And while these battery-powered bikes are designed to rip through mud, gravel, and rough terrain (and kick up a little dirt while doing it), they come in different specs.

    So, just before you put down a deposit on an electric dirt bike or even pay cash, here are some important factors you can consider.

    Electric Motors

    Typically, electric dirt bikes’ drive system come with either hub drive motors or mid drive motors (central drive). The former is usually more affordable and great for flat terrain. On the other hand, mid-drives are typically compact lightweight easy to maitance, and have higher torque than hub drive motors. Mid-wheel drive motors are better suited for climbing steep hills.

    If you’re going to be doing most of your acceleration on rough road terrains or climbing slopes, an electric dirt bike with a mid drive motor would be your best bet.


    First of all, you’re not going to be riding a dirt ebike all day. The reason for this is simple: for now, there are no batteries that support all-day driving. Our current level of technology has not yet arrived.

    While you can get some models like the CAKE KALK OR Dirt eBike to run for 3 hours on a single charge, most other brands like Sur Ron or KTM offer much less than that. If there is an Achilles’ heel for electric dirt bikes, it would be the batteries.

    But that’s not so bad if you want to buy one of these bikes for your teenager. I suggest you consider buying a model with a smaller battery capacity for your child, as that would mean he won’t be out of your sight for long. The limited capacity of the battery means that your child will go home sooner to recharge the battery.

    Conversely, if you are buying one for yourself or another adult, you may want to get one with a long battery life. You definitely don’t want your bike to run out of power just when you’re having the most fun.

    Alternatively, consider purchasing a model with swappable batteries. That means you need to invest in an extra battery and remember to take it with you when you go out for a ride.

    You should also think about the battery charging time. You don’t want to spend nearly half the day “charging” your bike. Therefore, consider choosing one with a reasonable charging time.


    If you’re thinking of buying an electric dirt bike, then somewhere deep down, you enjoy the idea of ​​revving up a bike and zooming off down dirt trails. The thing is, there is hardly any owner or future owner of an electric bike who doesn’t enjoy riding at high speed.

    But here’s the thing, choosing a bike with too much speed isn’t something you particularly want to do, especially if you’re shopping for an electric dirt bike for a younger adult. The stakes are great, and younger adults can easily drown in the sea of ​​their own adrenaline as they hit dirt roads and throw caution to the wind. The result of this recklessness could be disastrous, even with the right gears.

    However, Adults aren’t afraid to buy an electric dirt bike that can go as fast as you want. The dangers are still inherent, but you are smart enough to know when not to take unnecessary risks. SEGWAY DIRT EBIKE X260 with Top Speed 46.6 MPH would be a good choice for those who fears high speed.

    Secutronic ET Time Electric Dirt Bikes

    Secutronic, a Chinese company, is a relatively new entrant to the e-bike arena, but you should relax because you’re in good hands.

    ET Time is one of the biggest names in motorsport, with successes in road racing (MotoGP), Supercross and Motocross.

    Secutronic made a foray into the world of electric dirt bikes with the ET Time dirt ebike, which features a permanent magnet synchronous motor that puts out up to 12 kW and 440 lb ft of torque.

    However, if you get a little clumsy on the throttle, the instantaneous torque will be comparable to a clutch drop maximum of 5400 rpm.

    Top Speed and Range

    You can choose between three power modes to meet your different riding habits, Economy (up to 50 km/h), Enduro (up to 74.5 mph) and Cross (acceleration 3.05 secends from 0 to 31 mph). Cross unleashes your full capacity.

    From a 230 V, 10 A / 13 A power supply, the bike’s 3.6 kWh power pack charges to 80% in 75 minutes and then takes another 35 minutes to reach 100%. When full, ET Time estimates the pack should be good for at least an hour of hard riding.

    The ET Time is clutchless, allowing the rear brake master cylinder to be mounted on the handlebars, making it easy to initiate a drift.

    Additionally, the ET Time features a composite frame. Its open bottom section and aluminum skid plate enhance stiffness, ensuring the bike remains stable even on high jumps.

    The Fastace fork on front wheel has 250mm of travel. In addtion, the multi-link hydraulic spring central rear suspension is graced by a KKE superior shock that offers 260mm of travel.

    The battery packs are interchangeable, although, as is often the case with other electric vehicles, the replacement will likely cost you a pretty penny.

    Where Can I Buy An Electric Dirt Bike?

    The best place you can get your hands on this ET Time Adult Electric Dirt Bike from Secutronic is $2,899.00 US at discounted price. Contact us now by below inquiry form.

    ST-EBSL12KW E Dirt Bike For Sale


    Electric Trials Motorcycle Parameters

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