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List By Model Electric Scooter 200Kg Max Load 56 Mph Electrico For Adults
Electric Scooter 200Kg Max Load 56 Mph Electrico For Adults
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  • Electric Scooter 200Kg Max Load 56 Mph Electrico For Adults

    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: Setro / OEM
    Model Number: Euro Electric Scooter
    Power: 1001-2000w
    Voltage: 60v
    Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC
    Charging Time: 10-15H
    Range Per Charge: 60-110km
    Tire Size: 11 inch
    Item: Euro Scooter
    Material: Aluminum+Iron Alloy
    • Description

    Electric Scooter 200Kg Max Load 56 Mph 3200W Electrico For Adults

    The Electric Scooter 200Kg is specifically designed to accommodate heavier riders, providing a stable and comfortable ride even under substantial weight.

    Secutronic – China Manufacturer – Electric Scooter

    Brief Introduction – Electric Scooter Max Load 200Kg

    The DF4S Electric Scooter 200KG Load: An Ideal Ride for Heavier Riders

    Unpacking the Features of an Electric Scooter with a 200 kg Max Load

    Electric scooters have revolutionized the way we commute. Among the variety of options available in the market, the DF4S Electric Scooter stands out, especially for heavy riders.

    The DF4S Electric Scooter is specifically designed with heavier riders in mind, boasting a maximum load capacity of approximately 200 kg. This capability means it can comfortably accommodate riders of larger build, while still delivering an optimal performance.

    Furthermore, the balance of power in this electric scooter ensures that a heavier weight doesn’t compromise its speed or efficiency.

    Design and Material: Built for Strength and Comfort

    Crafted from a blend of aluminum and iron alloy, the DF4S Electric Scooter boasts strength and durability.

    The DF4S Electric Scooter isn’t simply another offering for heavier adults. Indeed, its thoughtful design accommodates these riders with ease. Moreover, it’s a versatile model, with the ability to bear a max load of 200 kg or more comfortably.

    This high weight capacity doesn’t just allow for heavier riders, but also provides flexibility for carrying additional items if needed. Whether it’s a hefty backpack or grocery bags, the DF4S can handle it.

    Hence, it proves to be more than just a mode of transport; it becomes a reliable companion for various everyday needs. The robust construction, paired with its 11-inch off-road pneumatic tires, ensures a smooth ride on all terrains.

    Motor Power and Speed: Electric scooters for heavy rides

    The DF4S Electric Scooter is powered by two 1600W brushless motors, yielding a total motor power of 3200W.

    The DF4S Electric Scooter is equipped with substantial motor power. Thanks to the combined strength of its two 1600W brushless motors, it’s capable of impressive speed. This powerhouse can reach a top speed of 85 km/h. What’s more, it achieves this speed without compromising stability or control, a vital factor for safety.

    Consequently, heavier riders are given the assurance that their size won’t limit their ability to move swiftly and efficiently. It’s a testament to how the scooter’s design meets the unique requirements of heavy riders, blending power, speed, and safety in a seamless way.

    Battery Life and Charging Time: Go the Distance

    The battery life of the DF4S Electric Scooter is truly impressive. The DF4S Electric Scooter offers a variety of battery options, each influencing the scooter’s maximum running distance. Initially, if you opt for the 20Ah battery, you can anticipate a considerable distance of about 65 km on a single charge.

    On the other hand, the 25Ah battery takes it up a notch, extending your ride to about 75 km. For even longer journeys, the 26Ah battery can push your scooter to cover approximately 80 km. Finally, the most potent option, the 30Ah battery, propels you to the maximum range of around 95 km, ensuring your ride goes the distance.

    Moreover, the scooter’s downtime is minimized thanks to the efficient charging system. A full recharge requires merely 4-8 hours. Consequently, whether it’s an overnight charge or a daytime top-up, it won’t be long before you’re ready to hop back on your scooter, fully charged and ready to conquer the roads again.

    Safety Features: Disc Brakes and Lights

    Front and rear oil brakes, complemented by an electronic power brake system, provide strong stopping power for safety.

    Prioritizing safety is essential, especially when catering to heavier riders, and the DF4S Electric Scooter understands this importance. Rather than sacrificing safety for performance, it incorporates both elements into its design seamlessly.

    For starters, the DF4S is equipped with high-quality disc brakes. These are crucial for controlling speed and ensuring immediate stopping power when needed. This feature provides riders with an added layer of security while on the move, as they can confidently navigate through varying traffic conditions.

    Moreover, visibility is another significant factor in road safety. Accordingly, the DF4S Electric Scooter comes fitted with multiple lights. It boasts a front DB light that illuminates the path ahead, ensuring riders can see and be seen even in low-light conditions.

    Furthermore, this electric scooter doesn’t stop at just one light. It comes with 2 angel devil lights that not only enhance visibility but also add a cool aesthetic to the scooter, making it stand out on the road.

    Lastly, for those night-time rides, the DF4S is equipped with a rear brake flash tail light. This addition serves as a signal to other road users, enhancing the rider’s safety when they apply the brakes. Thus, even in the dark, riders can make their presence and intentions known, reducing the risk of accidents.

    Enhancing Your Riding Experience: Electric scooters for heavy adults

    Firstly, the DF4S Electric Scooter impresses with its array of user-friendly features. One standout is the colorful LCD display, making ride-related information such as speed and battery life accessible at a glance. Furthermore, a built-in mobile phone USB charging port ensures that you can keep your devices charged even while on the go.

    Secondly, ride comfort is also a significant consideration, and the DF4S does not disappoint. Thanks to the hydraulic spring suspension, riders can anticipate smoother journeys, effectively reducing the impact from road bumps. What’s more, a dedicated seat is provided for those moments when you want to rest your legs, adding another layer of comfort to your rides.

    Yet, the DF4S Electric Scooter offers more than just comfort and convenience. When it comes to transporting a hefty load, this electric scooter is expertly designed to meet the challenge. Initially, one can appreciate its ability to accommodate a substantial weight without sacrificing stability or performance.

    Moreover, it doesn’t just carry the load; it ensures the rider enjoys an unparalleled journey. Consequently, the engineering behind this electric scooter offers an exceptional riding experience, which remains consistent regardless of the rider’s size. It’s an impressive feat that testifies to its adaptability, confirming its status as a highly versatile mode of transportation.

    In conclusion, the DF4S Electric Scooter rises above its peers with its impressive max load capacity, extraordinary motor power, durable battery life, and comprehensive safety features. It stands as a top choice for heavier riders, and, indeed, for anyone seeking an electric scooter designed for adults.

    The DF4S showcases how thoughtfully considered design and advanced technology can synergize to accommodate the needs of diverse riders. It ensures a ride that is both uncompromising on quality and thoroughly satisfying.

    Details – Electric Scooter 200Kg

    Europe Dropship 3200 W 60 V Elettrico/Eletrico Trotinette Two Wheeler 60V 3200W Off Road Electric ScooterEurope Dropship 3200 W 60 V Elettrico/Eletrico Trotinette Two Wheeler 60V 3200W Off Road Electric ScooterEurope Dropship 3200 W 60 V Elettrico/Eletrico Trotinette Two Wheeler 60V 3200W Off Road Electric ScooterEurope Dropship 3200 W 60 V Elettrico/Eletrico Trotinette Two Wheeler 60V 3200W Off Road Electric ScooterEurope Dropship 3200 W 60 V Elettrico/Eletrico Trotinette Two Wheeler 60V 3200W Off Road Electric ScooterEurope Dropship 3200 W 60 V Elettrico/Eletrico Trotinette Two Wheeler 60V 3200W Off Road Electric ScooterEurope Dropship 3200 W 60 V Elettrico/Eletrico Trotinette Two Wheeler 60V 3200W Off Road Electric ScooterEurope Dropship 3200 W 60 V Elettrico/Eletrico Trotinette Two Wheeler 60V 3200W Off Road Electric Scooter

    Electric Scooter Specifications

    Item Name DF4S Electric Scooter
    Feature C Shape Front Damping + Back 50 degree damping
    Front and rear Oil Brake + Electronic power brake
    With front DB light, 2 angel devil lights, rear brake flash tail light
    3 Gears (3 speeds)
    Color Black ( Please refer to  Yellow + Black one)
    Material Aluminum+Iron Alloy
    Motors 60V/1600W brushless motor x 2 pcs (3200W)
    Max Speed 85 km/h
    Endurance Mileage 85-90KM
    Max load: appr. 300KG
    Max Running distance : 20AH Battery : About 65kms
    25AH Battery : About 75kms
    26AH Battery : About 80kms
    30AH Battery : About 95kms
    Display Colorful LCD Display with Mobile Phone USB Charging port
    Suspension Hydraulic spring suspension
    Tire: 11 inch off-road pneumatic tire /11 inch road pneumatic tire
    Li-Battery: 60V/20Ah (25Ah/26Ah/30Ah for option)
    Charging time: 4-8h
    Horn Yes
    Alarm System Yes
    Seat Yes
    Tire Size: 11inch off road / on road tire Option
    Product size: 120*65*120 cm (Open Size)
    120*25*52 cm (Folding Size)
    N.W/G.W: 43.5kgs /50kg
    Carton size: 120*35*51.5 cm
    Motor (W) Drive mode Battery(AH) Charging time(H) Range (KM) N.W/G.W (KG)
    60V 3200W Dual drive / Double Motor 60V 20AH 10H 60~70KM 44/50
    60V 25AH 12H 75~85KM 46/52
    Samsung 60V 26AH 13H 80~90KM 45/51
    Samsung 60V 30AH 15H 90~110KM 46/52


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