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List By Model E Dirt Bikes Cheap Enduro Ebike Electric Moto Cross Bike
E Dirt Bikes Cheap Enduro Ebike Electric Moto Cross Bike
  • Custom Adult 3000W 4000W 5000W 9000W 10000W 15000W 20000W 14000 Watt Electric Motorcycle with Lithium Battery
  • China Adult 72 V 8000 W 12000 W Sports Style Dirtbike Kxd Electric Dirt Bike Cross
  • China Adult 72 V 8000 W 12000 W Sports Style Dirtbike Kxd Electric Dirt Bike Cross
  • 2021 New Design EU CE Certificated Most Popular Big Power Motorcycle E-Dirtbike Electric Race Sports Pit Enduro Dirt E Bike
  • 2020 12KW Enduro Ebike Frame Motobike Electrc Moto Cross 12000W Offroad MTB Motorcross Electric Motorcycle for Adult
  • 2020 12KW Enduro Ebike Frame Motobike Electrc Moto Cross 12000W Offroad MTB Motorcross Electric Motorcycle for Adult
  • E Dirt Bikes Cheap Enduro Ebike Electric Moto Cross Bike

    Type: Motocross Electric Motorcycle
    Brand Name:Secutronic/OEM / E Dirt Bikes
    Brake(F/R):hydralic brake
    Item:Electric Motorcycle
    Product:Moto Electrica
    Battery:79V 40AH
    Motor Power:12KW
    Max Speed:100km/h
    Max Load:120KG
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    E Dirt Bikes Cheap Enduro Ebike Electric Moto Cross Bike

    Cheap E Dirt Bikes 2022 12KW Enduro Ebike Frame Motorbike Moto Cross 12000W Offroad MTB Motocross Electric Motorcycle Bike for Adults

    Secutronic – China Manufacturer – Electric Dirt Bikes

    China Adult 72 V 8000 W 12000 W Sports Style Dirtbike Kxd Electric Dirt Bike Cross

    E Dirt Bikes Description

    What is an e dirt bike?

    Also called a trail bike , electric off-road motorcycles are two-wheeled machines designed for racing in nature or for traversing any type of terrain . These vehicles are powered by a battery. Which perfectly plays the role of gasoline or diesel.

    That is to say, the electricity from the battery powers the motor of the electric motorcycle just like gasoline for a conventional motorcycle. For a full charge of the battery you can travel up to 200 km or sometimes more. So what are the characteristics of a good electric off-road motorcycle?

    In the range of electric dirt bikes, there are two different types of motors. A first type called brushed (with brush) and the second most coveted called brushless (without brush) which promotes the absence of friction thus limiting cleaning. As for the battery, it is generally recommended to use lithium ion battery pack because it provides a better capacity, weight, cost and longevity ratio.

    This type of battery also ensures a longer life more or less long to the battery of your all-terrain electric motorcycle. It is also necessary that the battery of the two-wheeled electric vehicle is resistant with a very good autonomy.

    It is also important that you check whether the motorcycle has a gearbox or not. Indeed the speed whether for an all-terrain electric motorcycle or not is an important factor and this whether you are a lover of thrills or not.

    Know if the power is continuous or peak, finally what types of connection offers the device and also the type of permit. Electric motorcycle licenses are available from the age of 16 from type A1 to type B.

    Why should you buy an electric dirt bike?

    Electric dirt bikes are much more expensive than conventional bikes. So why invest in it when you can get a regular bike for a significantly lower price? Also, isn’t the purpose of riding a bike for exercise? Why should you choose a battery powered bike instead?

    We’ll get to the exercise part in a moment. For now, here are a few reasons why you should consider buying an electric dirt bike.

    • Electric dirt bikes are super quiet compared to combustion dirt bikes. It allows you to traverse an off-road trail without disturbing or scaring animals that enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.
    • These bikes typically do not have spark plugs and do not require oil changes, coolants, or engine services. That’s a lot less maintenance compared to combustion engine dirt bikes. And on top of all that savings, there’s no need to refuel. Meaning, there is a huge reduction in running cost and overall maintenance cost with electric dirt bikes.
    • Unlike combustion engines, there is no need to heat up an electric dirt bike. All of its power is instantly available without the need to reach an optimal RPM range. Also, there is no need to jump start an electric bike, something many children and young adults have long struggled with.
    • E-Dirt bikes are easier to ride thanks to their motors. This means that more people can enjoy riding a bike rather than dread the experience, especially if they have to climb steep hills. Sometimes even passionate cyclists might reach for their car keys with the thought of paddling down a punishing hill. But with electric bikes, all that fear and worry is in the past.
    • E Dirt bikes do not produce toxic or polluting fumes. They are eco friendly and anyone interested in reducing their environmental impact should think in this direction. You won’t save money on fuel alone; an electric dirt bike also means saving the planet. And some e dirt bikes are road legal.

    How much does a electric dirt bike cost?

    It doesn’t matter if you’re young or young at heart; if you want a thrill, we give it to you like you’ve never had it before. The following are some of the “best electric dirt bikes” for your reference.

    Let’s compare the price for the best enduro e bikes on the market:

    1. KTM FREERIDE E-XC Enduro Ebike

    Top Speed 50 MPH (80km/h)

    20 Miles of range (32km only)

    Horsepower: 21 bhp

    Price: US $10,499


    Top Speed 46.6 MPH

    74.6 Miles of range

    Full charge time: 4 hours

    Price: US $4,999

    3. CAKE KALK OR Electric Dirt Bike

    Top Speed 56 MPH

    53 Miles of range

    Horsepower: 13 bhp

    Price: US $13,000

    4. ELECTRIC MOTION ESCAPE Electric Motorcycle

    Top Speed 46.6 MPH

    38 Miles of range

    Weight: 183 pounds

    Price: from US $10,500

    5. ZERO E Motocross Zero FX Electric Dirt Bike

    Top Speed 85 MPH

    46 Miles of range

    Weight: 247 pounds

    Horsepower: 46 bhp

    Price: from US $11,595


    Top Speed: The company claims that the Varg is the world’s fastest Dirt Bike. No list a top speed… yet.

    Range: Up to 6 hours

    Weight: 242.5 pounds / 110kg fully charged

    Horsepower: 80 hp

    Price: from US $11,900

    7. Alta Motors Redshift MX Electric Dirt Bike

    Range: Up to 96 km

    Top Speed: 70.8 MPH / 114 km/h

    Weight: 258 pounds / 117kg

    50 Horsepower

    Price: from US $11,900

    Weight: 117 kg

    8. Sur Ron Light Bee X

    Top Speed 47 MPH

    60 Miles of range

    3 hour charging time

    Dual suspension

    Price: from US $4,795

    Secutronic ET Time E Dirt Bikes

    Straddling two worlds, the Time bike deftly uses its electric powertrain both on-road and off-road. Long-strut suspension and dual sports gear are also featured, allowing this lean, mean machine to tackle almost any terrain you put in front of it.

    Designed and manufactured in China, the Time is available in powers of 12 kW brushless DC electric motor. An instant legend when it debuted, the Time Electric Dirt Bike packs real powered modes in every sense of the concept, delivers a huge 440 lb ft peak torque. It weighs 95 kg, delivers 18.5 horsepower and offers three different ride modes with 4 gears. Eco and Dual Sport modes: Enduro and Cross.

    Power Pack

    Equipped with a 92V 40 Ah battery, the Time gets 74 miles of max range with a single charge, and requires no starting or warming up. Whether you use it as a dirt bike or a trail bike, you’ll experience nimble, unhindered handling even when venturing into hostile terrain.

    With its high performance drive system, the Time bike is Ergonomic, lightweight and pollution-free. This electric mountain bike from Secutronic covers the bases with considerable panache.

    It features dual suspension, variable speed motor, raised handlebars, chunky tread tires, hand-operated dual disc brakes, authentic McGrath graphics, and more.

    The 21 inch front wheel and 18 inch rear wheel make the dirt ebike most suitable for adults on mountain dirting or trailing.

    Meanwhile, a power control feature allows you to maintain consistent power levels while using the same thrust, completely overriding the throttle. This lightweight bike isn’t suitable for public roads, so take it out on the trail or the track and go crazy.

    Oh, and did we mention that the bike can reach an incredible top speed of 74.5 MPH?

    Sugggest another model of Kid’s Electric Motocross: this eye-catching off-road kids’ electric dirt bike from Secutronic is fully electric and recommended for riders 14 and older.

    Where Can I Buy An Electric Dirt Bike?

    The best place you can get your hands on this ET Time Adult Electric Dirt Bike from Secutronic is $2,899.00 US at discounted price. Contact us now via below inquiry form.

    ST-EBSL12KW Adult Electric Dirt Bike For Sale


    Electric Trials Motorcycle Parameters

    Customer Review 2020 12KW Enduro Ebike Frame Motorbike Electric Moto Cross 12000W Offroad MTB Motocross Electric Motorcycle for AdultCustomer Review 2020 12KW Enduro Ebike Frame Motorbike Electric Moto Cross 12000W Offroad MTB Motocross Electric Motorcycle for Adult


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