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List By Model E Moto Electric Bike Fast Off Road Dirt Style Ebike For Sale
E Moto Electric Bike Fast Off Road Dirt Style Ebike For Sale
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  • E Moto Electric Bike Fast Off Road Dirt Style Ebike For Sale

    Type: Motocross Electric Motorcycle
    Brand Name:Secutronic/OEM / Enduro Ebike
    Brake(F/R):hydralic disc brakes
    Battery:79V 40AH
    Range: 74.5 miles (120 km)
    Max Speed:120km/h (74.5 mph)

    Max Torque: 442 lb-ft

    Max Load:120KG
    • Description

    E Moto Electric Bike Fast Off Road Dirt Style Ebike For Sale

    Chinese High Speed E-Bikes Electrica Fast El Dirt eBike Full Suspension Electrica Cross Mountainbike E Moto Electric Bike For Sale

    Secutronic – China Professional Manufacturer – Electric Moto Bike

    China Adult 72 V 8000 W 12000 W Sports Style Dirtbike Kxd Electric Dirt Bike Cross

    E Moto Bike Description

    How Fast Do Moto E Bikes Go?

    At least two companies have presented electric bicycles capable of reaching 37 miles / hour in recent months.

    The first is carried out by VanMoof, a Dutch manufacturer. Your V model will have a 700W motor powerful enough to break the speed limit in most cities. It is scheduled to hit the market at the end of next year for $3,300.

    The second is not a bicycle as such, but a device capable of propelling the speed of any bicycle 50% more. It is signed by Speedi, a New Zealand company. Before them, we could already count devices such as the Vintage Electric Roadster , bordering on 40 mph, or the Revolution X , powerful enough to travel at about 60 MPH (96 km/h). It is more similar to a traditional MTB (but faster).

    Generally gas bike are faster than electric powered bikes. For example, In the 1972 Trans-Atlantic Trophy, Cal Rayborn -one of the best racers of the time- rode a version of the Harley Davidson XR 750 and set a new record (426 kilometers per hour) astonishing everyone in attendance.

    Meanwhile, the Harley Davidson LiveWire establishes itself as the motorcycle, reaches the last goal at a speed of 177.59 km/h, slightly faster than the 177 km / h approved by the electric mount. All this, records in the category of electric street motorcycles in which he participated.

    Secutronic ST-EBSL12KW Electric Moto Bike offers no doubt about its pretensions, with a design that pays homage to the classic motorcycles, it is a Trial Moto with the same base as an electric dirt bike, very ergonomic, with a Torque of 600Nm, it is smoother and enjoys a higher speed of 74.5 MPH (120km/h). It is a fast and high performance e motorcycle you can buy.

    Are Electric Moto Bikes Road Legal?

    Of course, all of the electric bikes have different modes and speed limiters. But they could potentially ride faster than any other cyclist, approaching the speeds of a motorist or a car. Obviously, this poses challenges for the legislator: is a bicycle that can travel at 60 km/h a bicycle or a motorized vehicle that requires special licenses and specific controls, as is the case with the different types of motorcycles?

    Today no permit is required to ride a bicycle. Neither of registrations or specific taxes. It is something that could change if e-bikes start to take to the streets. The line between an electric bike and an electric motorcycle is a thin one.

    The General Directorate of Traffic, by European regulations, prefers to call them “speed bikes”.

    The ST-EBSL12KW is motorized device with up to 12,000W and capable of reaching speeds of 74.5 mph.

    Most such electric dirt bikes are street legal because they have proper road equipment and make very little noise. Unlike conventional e-bikes (250W and 25 km/h maximum assisted), they are for off-road riding but also pass the road regulations.

    They do require homologation, registration, technical sheet and periodic reviews (ITV). For practical purposes they are mopeds ( L1e ), not bicycles, if you want to drive it on road.

    The legality also depends on what country you reside in.

    The future is electric. The question is no longer how fast the market is growing, but how fast bicycles are going.

    Do Moto E Bikes Have Gears?

    On the market there are many models of gearboxes designed for the most different purposes and price ranges. Each is characterized by its intended use or by working best with a particular brand or engine type. When looking for which type of rear derailleur to install on your electric bike, you can make a choice by thinking about the requirements of the motor, but also the mode of operation and the comfort of use for you.

    ➡️ What type of exchange and transmission system should I choose?

    The e-bike models you find out there are basically equipped with one of two types of gearboxes available:

    Gear transmission with derailleur

    Internal hub gearbox

    Both were initially designed to work mechanically. Today the same systems can operate the gearbox with an electrical system that can be configured by the rider at the time of installation.

    The interesting aspect of its customization is that you can choose between 3 modes: manual, automatic or semi-automatic gear change.

    1. Gearbox with derailleur

    This type of gearbox for electronic bicycles is the most frequent thanks to the wide range of pedals on offer and the wide availability of components to choose from to customize the bicycle.

    The ST-EBSL12KW e moto electric bike has 4 gears, supports 3 riding modes including economy, dual sports, similar to the Sur Ron Light Bee X.

    Thanks to its diffusion, we can find gearboxes of this type at an affordable price.

    2. Internal hub gearbox

    This second transmission system is designed to act on the rear wheel hub.

    It was used before the introduction of the front derailleur and today it is successfully used again in electric bicycles for urban mobility.

    ➡️ Reliability of gear changes in electric bicycles

    The main advantage of the front derailleur drive system is that it responds quickly to the shift command. By activating the selector on the handlebar, the cyclist can change gear immediately while pedalling.

    The presence of the electric motor also speeds up the reactivity of the movement of the chain on the sprockets.

    Gear shifting is also reliable on electric bikes but, especially on a bike with an electric crank motor, it tends to wear out more easily than on a conventional bike.

    The increased wear (approximately 30% higher than on a standard bike) is due to the action of the motor pulling hard on the chain to produce pedal assistance.

    This means having to check your bike’s chain and sprockets more often, and possibly replace them.

    Front derailleur gearing is preferred on electric sport bikes and mountain bikes because it has a wider range of adjustments that are essential for use by athletes and sports enthusiasts.

    ➡️ When to choose the hub gears on an electric bike?

    Internal gearing of the rear axle is probably the best option for those who use the bike for daily urban trips , such as commuting, shopping or commuting.

    Generally speaking, it is the preferred center if you plan to go on a flat road where there are no excessive inclines to face.

    In fact, this transmission system is more comfortable than the previous one and is perfect even for those who are not experts in the field. In terms of wear, in this case the chain does not move on the sprockets but remains fixed.

    This feature results in longer chain life and faster shifting speed.

    With the chain stopped it is very difficult for it to rise from its seat, as is sometimes the case with traditional derailleurs.

    One of the advantages of the internal offset of the axles is the ability to shift even when stationary and at very low speeds. In addition, you can change more than one gear at the same time (think, for example, of restarting from a sudden stop like in front of a traffic light…).

    The maintenance of the inner hub gearbox is lower than that of the traditional gearbox.

    In fact, the front derailleur is subject to wear and, being outside, it can be more easily damaged.

    On the other hand, the rear derailleur inside the hub is protected by a special box.

    ✅ Why an electronic change system per electric bike?

    If you choose for your e bike a geared transmission system with derailleur or one with an internal gearbox at the rear, I would like to offer you a proposal to make it work if it is electrically and mechanically.

    The mechanical transmission in fact requires maintenance with a certain regularity and a more accurate control of all the components. It also requires verifies that the gears are correctly adjusted so that it happens in a correct way.

    The electronic transmission on the other hand can be calibrated by its measurement thanks to the software of which it is endowed. This allows you to do it with ease and to avoid having to approximate the setting.

    Secutronic ST-EBSL12KW Electric Moto Bike

    Superior Off-Road Performance:

    Secutronic aims to do more than supply electric scooters. The company wants to offer a range of mobility devices that combine software, robotics and self-balancing technology. The debut of this e moto bike follows the introduction of three other off-road hybrid products, including an ATV, all in an effort to build its new Powersports business unit.

    First of all, this high quality ST-EBSL12KW E Moto Electric Bike offers superior off-road performance for all types of users. Secondly, it is an eco-friendly, lightweight, easy to maintain and inexpensive electric dirt bike for adrenaline junkies with a “conscience”, a vehicle that will take you to live the best outdoor experiences.

    With 12KW motor, ST-EBSL12KW Dirt eBike can reach a top speed of 74.5mph, travel up to 74 miles, climbing a 35° slope.

    SPECIFICATIONS Of Electric Dirt EBike EBSL12KW:

    Central 12KW Electric Motor:

    High-speed electric motorcycle means power, speed and performance. It is different from electric vehicles for home use. Its maximum speed can reach more than 80km/h, and it is generally equipped with high-power motors.

    The emergence of the mid-mounted motor just makes up for the shortcomings of the hub motor. It has an independent heat dissipation structure. The motor is under the seat and is generally water cooled or air cooled. Therefore, even if the speed reaches 100km/h or more, there will be no problem of burning tires.

    In addition, the torque of the mid motor is larger than hub motor, which has a strong advantage in acceleration on the track or climbing in the mountains. Therefore, high-power electric moto bikes, such as 5000W, 8000W, and even more than 10000W motors, use central motor.

    92V 40Ah Lithium ion Battery Pack

    The 3.6 kwh lithium battery offers greater autonomy 74 miles, or up to 4h 50 minutes in Trial or Enduro operation practicing, with a weight of 80kg.

    With the ST-EBSL12KW Dirt Electric Bike, you can take it on any off-road adventure you’ve been dreaming of.


    It has a PRB electric clutch system, which helps to make the bike jump. Its bodywork is larger to provide better comfort when sitting, with an approval kit for driving on public roads.

    Cruise Control

    This E Moto Electric Bike adds a cruise speed adjustment function, which can ensure the safety of driving and confortable riding experience.

    Brakes and Suspension

    suspension: Double-shoulder inverted front fork (adjustable)

    Rear suspension: Multi-link hydraulic spring central type

    Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes

    Other Features:

    Among the features included in the bike are hill start assist, regenerative braking, reverse and traction control. It also has a function inherited from cars with automatic gearbox, as just by releasing the brake, the ST-EBSL12KW begins to move forward slowly to ensure a smoother start from a standstill.


    • Water resistance: Battery IP65; IP67 controller
    • light -Monitor: Digital display
    • Rear rack: Option

    Additional Information

    You can buy this e Dirt Bike in combination with a helmet or briefcase so that you are always protected.

    ST-EBSL12KW E Moto Electric Bike For Sale


    Electric Trials Motorcycle Parameters

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