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List By Model El Mountainbike 350W 500W E Bike Hardtail Fully Mountain Ebike
El Mountainbike 350W 500W E Bike Hardtail Fully Mountain Ebike
  • Off Road 27.5'' Elektrische Fiet 48V 350 Watt 500W Aluminum Alloy Ebike E Bicycle Electric Mountain Bike
  • Off Road 27.5'' Elektrische Fiet 48V 350 Watt 500W Aluminum Alloy Ebike E Bicycle Electric Mountain Bike
  • Off Road 27.5'' Elektrische Fiet 48V 350 Watt 500W Aluminum Alloy Ebike E Bicycle Electric Mountain Bike
  • Off Road 27.5'' Elektrische Fiet 48V 350 Watt 500W Aluminum Alloy Ebike E Bicycle Electric Mountain Bike
  • El Mountainbike 350W 500W E Bike Hardtail Fully Mountain Ebike

    Brand Name:Secutronic/Setro/OEM El Mountainbike
    Gears:9 SPEED
    Frame Material:Aluminum Alloy
    Wheel Size:29”
    Max Speed:30-50Km/h
    Power Supply:Lithium Battery
    Braking System:Disc Brake
    Motor position:Rear Hub Motor
    Battery Position:Integrated Battery
    Battery Capacity:10 AH
    Item:29 Inch Electric Mountain Bike
    Product:Electric Off Road Bike
    Battery:48V 10AH Lithium
    Weight:About 20kg
    Braking:Z.STAR cable-pull Disc brake
    Motor Power:500W, 350W available
    Pedals:WP-625 Alu alloy with lubricating for MTB
    Saddle:Comfortable and Thickened for MTB
    Derailleur Lever:SENSAH MX-9 speeds
    Tire:INNOVA-PRO, 60TPI, Skin-color edge,29"*2.25"
    • Description

    El Mountainbike 350W 500W E Bike Hardtail Fully Mountain Ebike

    Experience the thrill of off-road cycling with a twist – introducing el mountainbike for e-mountain biking.

    The electric power of an e-mountain bike amplifies your pedalling, taking you farther and faster. Enjoy the freedom of an e-mountain bike hardtail – a model defined by its rigid rear and sprung front fork.

    This bike delivers agility and speed, making it perfect for cross-country and trail riding. On the other hand, ‘el mountainbike’ takes the sport to a whole new level, offering maximum power and more advanced suspension, ready to tackle any terrain.

    If you are a cycling enthusiast or a nature lover, an electric mountain bike can bring a new dimension to your outdoor adventures.

    Dive into the world of e-mountain biking and enjoy the ride of your life!

    China E Bike Manufacturer – El Mountainbike



    29 Inch El Mountainbike Hardtail Brief Introduction

    Mastering the Mountains: The EMB300 29 Inch Electric Mountain Bike

    A Comprehensive Overview of the EMB300: A Game Changer in e Mountainbike World

    The Rise of e Mountainbikes

    As technology evolves, so does the world of cycling. Electric bikes, or e-bikes, have changed how we explore the great outdoors. Specifically, the electric mountain bike, or e mountainbike, is gaining popularity among enthusiasts.

    Why Choose an e Mountainbike?

    An e mountainbike provides the same thrill as a regular mountain bike, but with a bit of a boost. Equipped with a powerful motor, these bikes make uphill climbs and long-distance rides easier and more enjoyable.

    Introducing the EMB300 Electric Mountain Bike

    When it comes to electric mountain bikes, the EMB300 stands out. This bike combines the features of an e mountainbike hardtail with the agility of a traditional mountain bike.

    The EMB300’s Frame and Design

    The EMB300 is a marvel of design. Its lightweight aluminum alloy frame incorporates a built-in battery and sleek, flat soldering inner wiring. The bike’s design meets the UV standard, ensuring durability and resilience.

    The Handle Group and Pipe Clamp

    The handle group of the EMB300 is made of RS lightweight aluminum alloy. The bike also features a double pin seat tube and a GY aluminum alloy quick-release pipe clamp, enhancing both comfort and safety.

    The Front Fork and Bowl Group

    The EMB300’s KST magnesium aluminum alloy front fork allows for excellent control. The GY aluminum alloy CNC bowl group, conical at 44-56mm, further enhances the bike’s suspension and handling.

    The Dial Back and Tooth Plate

    The bike’s dial back is from Sensah MX-9, ensuring seamless gear changes. The RS aluminum alloy square hole tooth plate features a single disc 38T with an aluminum guard plate, providing added protection.

    The Flywheel and Chain

    The bike uses a DNP-9 speed flywheel, with a range of 13-32T. This, along with the YBN-9 speed chain, ensures smooth pedaling and improved efficiency.

    The Brake and Flower Drum

    Safety is a top priority in the EMB300. It features a Z.Star line pull disc brake, providing excellent stopping power. The RS lightweight aluminum alloy flower drum, built for Perrin disc brakes, ensures even more safety.

    The El Mountainbike Tires

    Tires are crucial for any bike, and the EMB300 does not disappoint. The bike comes equipped with INNOVA-PRO, skin-colored edge tires, sized at 27.5/29″*2.25″. These tires are durable and designed to handle various terrains.

    Cushion and Foot

    The EMB300 prioritizes comfort with its thick, comfortable mountain bike cushion. The WP-625 aluminum alloy foot provides a stable platform for the rider, enhancing control and balance.

    The EMB300 Extras

    The EMB300 includes a host of extras, including an aluminium adjustable rear support, a useful tool for maintenance, and high-quality Jagwire cables for reliable, efficient braking and shifting.

    El Mountainbike: Perfecting the Balance

    The EMB300 e mountainbike achieves a fine balance between power and maneuverability. It can take you up steep climbs and across challenging terrains effortlessly. Its carbon frame provides strength while reducing weight, a perfect design for off-road biking.

    Bosch Performance Line CX

    Although not equipped with the Bosch Performance Line CX, the EMB300 does have an impressive motor system that provides enough power for both smooth rides and rugged terrains. The motor smoothly integrates with the bottom bracket, allowing for efficient energy transfer and extended battery life.

    E Mountainbike Suspension System

    One of the main advantages of the EMB300 e mountainbike hardtail over full suspension bikes is its suspension system. The suspension fork helps absorb shocks from rough terrains, improving ride quality and control.

    Battery Capacity and Range Extender

    The EMB300’s battery is neatly tucked into its frame, maintaining the bike’s sleek design. With its high battery capacity and the optional range extender, you can take on long-distance rides without worrying about running out of power.

    All About Speed

    This e mountainbike isn’t just about power; it’s about speed too. You can comfortably cruise at 25 km per hour, making it an excellent choice for both cross country rides and adrenaline-fueled descents.

    The Advent of El MTB

    The EMB300 represents the advent of the electric mountain bike (el mtb) era. It combines the traditional elements of a mountain bike with the modern convenience of an e-bike, opening up a new realm of possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts.

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you’re a seasoned mountain biker or new to the sport, the EMB300 29 Inch Electric Mountain Bike offers an unmatched riding experience. Its combination of power, speed, durability, and design make it an outstanding choice among e mountainbikes.

    In the world of e mountainbikes, the EMB300 sets a high bar. Its combination of cutting-edge technology and high-quality components make it a benchmark for others to follow. From its carbon frame to its powerful motor, the EMB300 is a true testament to what e mountainbikes can achieve. Get ready to ride the future with the EMB300 e mountainbike!

    Conclusion: The EMB300 – A True e Mountainbike Hardtail

    In conclusion, the EMB300 29 Inch Electric Mountain Bike is a game-changer in the e mountainbike field. Combining the performance and agility of a traditional mountain bike with the ease and endurance of an electric hardtail, the EMB300 offers a seamless and exhilarating ride on any mountain terrain.

    EMB300 29 Inch Electric Mountain Bike Configuration

    1. Frame: The EMB300 is made from lightweight aluminum alloy and features a built-in battery. The inner wiring is flat soldered for a sleek design, and it has a UV-resistant finish for added durability.
    2. Handle Group: It features an RS lightweight aluminum alloy anode reinforced straight handle 700, with a double pin seat tube of 31.6mm for added stability.
    3. Pipe Clamp: The GY aluminum alloy quick-release pipe clamp at 34.9mm makes adjustments quick and effortless.
    4. Front Fork: It sports a KST magnesium aluminum alloy air fork with shoulder control for improved maneuverability.
    5. Bowl Group: It includes a GY aluminum alloy CNC bowl group, with a conical size of 44-56mm.
    6. Rear Dial: The EMB300 uses a Sensah MX-9 for swift and easy gear shifting.
    7. Tooth Plate: It comes with an RS aluminum alloy square hole tooth plate, featuring a single 38T disc with an aluminum guard plate for added safety.
    8. Flywheel: It uses a DNP 9-speed flywheel, offering a gear range of 13-32T.
    9. Chain: The bike is equipped with a reliable YBN 9-speed chain.
    10. Axis: The EMB300 sports a Kenli Peilin axis, sized at bb68mm.
    11. Brake: The bike uses Z.Star line pull disc brakes, with original discs at 160mm both front and rear for efficient braking.
    12. Flower Drum: It includes an RS lightweight aluminum alloy flower drum, complemented with Perrin disc brakes.
    13. Tire: The EMB300 rolls on INNOVA-PRO tires, measuring 27.5/29″*2.25″, with skin color edges for a sleek look.
    14. Lock: The bike features a double side lock for secure parking.
    15. Cushion: It includes a thick, comfortable mountain-style cushion for an enjoyable ride.
    16. Foot: The bike sports a WP-625 aluminum alloy high run foot.
    17. Attachment: The EMB300 comes with an adjustable aluminum rear support and tool.

    We also offer customization for bulk orders. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details!

    Mountain Electric Bike Pictures

    Bike Model
    ST-EMB300 Speed Pedelec
    36V 13A 350W / 48V 10A 350W / 48V 10A 500W
    Wheel Size
    27.5″ / 29″
    Frame Height
    17″ / 19″
    Bike Color
    Black+Red / Black+Gray
    Net Weight
    ≈19.9 KG
    E300, AL7005, Battery Built-in,Smooth welding&inner Cable,Matte&UV decals
    Handelbar Sets
    RS, Alu alloy with Matte,Handlebar 31.8*700,Stem 90,Seat post 31.6*350mm
    GY, Alu alloy,Quick Release 34.9mm
    KST MgAl alloy,Air suspension, Manual-lockout
    Head Sets
    GY, Alu alloy CNC with sealed Bearings 44-56mm
    Alu alloy 3×28.6×10mm
    Derailleur Lever
    SENSAH MX-9 speeds
    Front Derailleur
    Rear Derailleur
    RS, Alu alloy, Square hole, 38T with alloy cover
    DNP-9S, 13-32T
    KENLI,Square hole,with Bearing,BB68
    Z.STAR cable-pull Disc brake
    RS Alu alloy, 2-sealed Bearings, Disc brake
    Alu alloy with Double-wall&Rivets, W24×H19mm
    SHUNJIU, Circular 13G, Bend head
    INNOVA-PRO, 60TPI, Skin-color edge, 27.5″(29″)×2.25″
    Circular, 22.2×130mm&2-locking ring,Comfortable
    Comfortable and Thickened for MTB
    WP-625 Alu alloy with lubricating for MTB
    JAGWIRE,Internal cables,External cables
    Alu alloy rear kickstand +Tools


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