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List By Model Electric Cross Bike Adult Men Cross Country Mountain E Moto EBike
Electric Cross Bike Adult Men Cross Country Mountain E Moto EBike
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  • Electric Cross Bike Adult Men Cross Country Mountain E Moto EBike

    Type: Electric Cross Bike
    Brand Name:Secutronic/OEM / Dirt Bike Moto
    Brake(F/R):hydralic brake
    Item:Electric Motorcycle
    Product:Moto Electrica
    Battery:79V 40AH
    Motor Power:12KW
    Max Speed:100km/h
    Max Load:120KG
    • Description

    Electric Cross Bike Adult Men Cross Country Mountain E Moto EBike

    2020 Best EBike Cheap Adult Men Cross Country E Bikes Motocross Electro Dirt Motorbike Homme Electric Moto Cross Mountain Bike for Sale

    Secutronic – China Manufacturer – Cross eBikes


    Electric Cross Bike Description

    Mountain Bikes

    When choosing a mountain bike, many people are guided by patterns such as the brand, the size of the wheel, the gear and derailleur group or the material of the frame. However, as happens when buying a car or a computer, one of the details that should be taken into account is the type of use it will be given.

    Is it true that a utility car is not the same as a large sedan? The same thing happens with mountain bikes. They are all designed to ride on unpaved terrain, but there are different types, each one focused on a specific mode of use.

    The most frequent are trail , downhill, cross country and enduro, although there are other segments such as marathon or all-mountain . Here we tell you what they consist of, how they differ and which is the type that best fits depending on the use you are going to give your mountain bike .

    What is a Cross Bike?

    Cross country  (also known as rally or XC) is a competition modality where bikers have to cross mountain sections at high speed. There are usually no big drops. On the contrary, the routes tend to be flat or uphill with obstacles such as stone areas, ramps, muddy terrain or tracks that hide technical difficulties.

    In these bikes the geometry is designed to make it very reactive, taking advantage of each pedal stroke. They usually use forks with very little suspension travel (80mm or 100mm) and in some cases without suspension of any kind, since eliminating the suspensions lightens weight.

    In fact, XC mountain bikes are the ones that have made this rim size fashionable.

    How long does an electric cross bike battery last?

    Battery life depends on the care it receives. Keeping the battery protected from temperature fluctuations and storing it in a dry place can extend battery life. With regular use, most electric cross bike batteries become less efficient after about 3-5 years.

    How far can an electric cross bike go?

    Normally, electric cross bikes with lead batteries can go from 30 miles to 45 miles, this type of battery is already little used. While with lithium ion batteries, the usable route is usually 45 to 60 miles, some models up to more than 80 miles, depending on the model.

    And for those cross ebikes with pedal assisted, the range can be much more like 100 miles.

    Are electric cross bikes waterproof?

    Electric bike powertrains are completely weather-sealed, making them safe to use in wet conditions. However, leaving an electric bike in heavy rain for an extended period without riding it can lead to mechanical and cosmetic damage.

    How often should I charge my Cross Ebike?

    For best longevity and optimal performance, it is best not to let the battery fully discharge before charging. You should charge your electric bike battery when it has between 30 and 60 percent of its capacity left. However, some experts suggest an occasional full discharge after about 30 to 40 charges.

    Can Cross Ebikes go uphill?

    Yes, electric cross bikes are well equipped to climb steep hills. Electric mountain bikes have rear hub motors or mid-drive motors. If you want an E Bike Cross that can easily climb steep hills, the mid drive option is your best choice.

    What are some of the advantages of electric cross bikes?

    Just like other electric vehicles, electric cross bikes are eco-friendly as they do not use gasoline or gas. They are quite easy to handle and comparatively low maintenance.

    Secutronic Time Cross Country E Bike For Sale

    When it comes to off road adventures, an electric cross bike can give you the exhilarating thrill you’re looking for that no other ride can.

    Electric off-road vehicles like the Time Cross Ebikes are changing the game around the world.

    Main Features:

    Max. Speed: 74.5 MPH

    Range: 74 Miles @ 15 mph

    Motor Power: Brushless 12000W

    Battery Power: 92V 40Ah Lithium Battery

    Charge Time: 3-4 hours

    Speed & Range

    Weekend adventurers will absolutely enjoy the speeds and distances that this electric dirt bike can do. The Time cross bike can reach impressive speeds of up to 74.5 MPH (while ELECTRIC MOTION ESCAPE‘s Top Speed 46.6 MPH only), so you’ll be zipping through rough trails without any problems. It also gives a speedy acceleration of 0 to 35 mph in just 4 short seconds!

    You can even choose from 3 riding modes with the equiped 4 gears, that’ll help you customize the kind of ride you want. If you’re saving on battery for a longer range, the lower speed limit of Eco mode is best. If you’re up for the challenge, go full-throttle and activate Sport mode.

    As if that’s not impressive enough, this electric cross bike from Secutronic also has spectacular range. Let’s face it, even if you want to, you won’t be going full-speed all the time. If you keep your speed on an average of 20 mph (which is still quite fast in hilly and curvy tracks), you can travel as far as 74 miles in a single charge (KTM FREERIDE E-XC 20 Miles of range only)!

    That’s pretty admirable and would totally help you maximize the fun of off roading all the better.

    What’s more, the Time might be called a ‘dirt’ bike but it’s pretty flexible when it comes to terrain. You could ride on both flat, paved city streets (subject to licence and regulation) and rough, bumpy dirt trails with ease. So on and off road rides will definitely be comfortable!

    Power: Electric Motor & Battery Pack

    You can do all the cool tricks and neat turns you want when riding the Time. Thanks to its high torque brushless motor. It can reach up to 12000W power level and has a maximum torque of 440 lb ft.

    What’s more, it has a terrific FOC controller that features a multi-curve compounding algorithm. This allows you to manoeuvre, control, and personalize your rides better and more reliably. It even has additional features on its controller like the Kinetic Energy Recovery which helps boost the bike’s performance whenever you need it.

    And when you add this electric dirt bike’s powerful 92V 40 Ah Lithium-ion battery to the mix, you’re guaranteed top-tier quality performance. The battery is responsible for the high power load capacity and 20% above average cruising range of this Time electric motorcycle.

    The Time trail bike has a chain drive system, so you’re getting maximum power but with lower maintenance costs. Convenient, right? The bike even has 2 charging modes and a quick, efficient 3 to 4-hour charging time.

    Ride Quality

    The Time doesn’t just look good. It also provides incredibly comfortable rides even as you go as fast as you can on rough, bumpy trails. And you can thank its incredible, progressive INTERSECT TR suspension system for the smoother ride you’ll be experiencing. The electric motorcycle boasts of a double cylinder, vertical telescopic front shock absorber system, and a multi-link center rear shock absorber system.

    The Time electric dirt eBike also features a custom-designed, all-metal braking system for reliable stopping. It has four-piston hydraulic discs both in its front and rear to really give you the braking you need whenever you need it.

    Of course, its impressive pair of tyres also lends to the incredible performance and top-notch ride quality of the Time. It features 21 inch front wheel and 18 inch rear wheel, fat tyres and removable battery, just like Sur Ron Light Bee X.

    Tyres, brakes, suspension, rear rack and fender: each sound good on their own, but working together? You have to experience the Time in action to find out!


    When you’re doing an outstanding performance, it’s not surprising that this electric off road bike was built to be as durable as possible. The Time is designed with a high-quality steel frame to really stand up to the rough conditions of your riding.

    Though robust, the frame is still as lightweight as possible, and demanding riders are sure to enjoy the light sturdiness of this bike. So do all of the neat tricks you want!

    It also boasts of innovative and convenient features like a custom-made FASTace inverted fork and an exclusive gold oil seal chain that makes for a more stable ride. These features also maximize the bike’s load capacity and can even reduce how often you need to maintain it.

    And the additional comfort! Riding on rough trails can be unpleasant to your backside after a while. Thanks to the Time’s thick, foam-filled saddle, you’ll be well-cushioned so that you can ride for longer!

    Eco Friendly

    This electric cross bike is definitely safer for the environment compared to gas bikes. Time is proud of zero-emissions, meaning its motor doesn’t produce anything that pollutes the environment. So this electric motorcycle can even be ridden indoors (but within reason), since you won’t be inhaling or trapping toxic fumes in the room.

    Plus, the Time dirt eBike has a small footprint and low noise, so you can even ride near animals if you like. What’s more, it doesn’t require gasoline to work. In general, this can help you save a lot and reduce your CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.

    Fun factor

    The Time Cross Country E Bike is simple to operate and its adjustable seat makes it suitable for a wider range of ages. Its ease of handling makes it an excellent choice for a variety of riders, regardless of skill level. Beginners and experienced riders will still love this adrenaline rushing Powerful electric dirt bike from Secutronic.

    But that’s not all! While the Time is definitely fun and exciting for your weekend casual adventures, you can also use it for work. Low noise, ease of control and zero emissions make it an ideal personal vehicle for a variety of industries including agriculture, tourism and even patrolling.

    And if you just want to keep riding, the Time even excels at that!

    Details – Electric Cross Bike For Adults


    Electric Motocross Motorcycle Parameters

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