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Battery Powered Dirt Bike 20KW For Adults For Sale
Electric Dirt Bikes

Electric Dirt Bikes

Electric Dirt Bikes – Adult Powerful Sports

AdmitJet Armor: The Ultimate Electric Dirt Bike for Off-Road Thrills

  • Discover the thrill of a 48V, 1000W enduro ebike designed for the ultimate off-road experience.
  • With a powerful 72V, 2000W motor, this pitbike is perfect for motocross enthusiasts in the UK and USA.
  • Experience adrenaline-pumping performance with a 79V, 5000W moto cross bike, perfect for hitting the trails.
  • Upgrade your off-road adventure with an 8000W, 3KW electric motorcycle, offering unmatched power and speed.
  • Dominate the dirt with a 12000W, 5KW enduro ebike designed for serious off-road riders.
  • Prepare to master any terrain. We have an 8KW 12KW and 20KW pit motocross bike for sale. It’s available in both the UK and USA.
  • Enhance your off-road experience with a high-performance motorcycle frame, perfect for building your custom enduro or pitbike.


AdmitJet Armor: The Ultimate Electric Dirt Bike for Off-Road Thrills

Why not just buy a traditional dirt bike?

Electric dirt bikes offer a quieter, eco-friendly alternative to traditional ones. And they will not sacrifice the thrill and excitement of off-road riding.

They can add excitement to your routine and cater to speed and adventure enthusiasts.

The AMA has even recognized electric bikes’ growth and started organizing electric enduro races. However, battery life remains a concern, particularly for those pursuing motorcycle travel.

For example, the Electric Motion Escape provides only about 70 kilometers of battery life, which drops significantly under extreme use.

Features of Electric Dirt Bike:

Electric vehicles’ strong torque is ideal for off-road conditions, leading many brands to target the off-road motorcycle market.

In 2022, Secutronic introduced various electric motocross bikes and mountain bikes with improved lithium batteries and power curves, simulating 125cc-450cc engines.

As the electric motorbike category grows, Secutronic aims to offer more high-quality products for a better electric riding experience.

Electric Dirt Bikes vs. Gas Dirt Bikes for Adults: 8 Advantages

  1. Instant torque and power: E dirt bikes deliver peak power and torque from 0 RPM.
  2. Low maintenance: Electric bikes require less tinkering and upkeep.
  3. Cost savings: Electric bikes are more affordable, with lower maintenance costs.
  4. Comfort: Electric bikes have less vibration and a smoother ride.
  5. Noise reduction: Electric enduro motorcycles are much quieter than gas-powered ones.
  6. Convenience: Improved range and charging infrastructure make electric bikes more practical.
  7. Eco-friendly: E-bikes benefit the environment.
  8. Safety: Electric dirt bikes offer advanced safety features with AI and big data integration.

Difference Between Electric Bikes and Electric Dirt Bikes:

E-bikes resemble regular bikes with electric motor assistance for longer distances but struggle on irregular terrains. Electric Dirt Bikes are excellent for rugged terrains and loose dirt, mud, or gravel, perfect for trail and off-road riding.

Electric Pit Bike vs. Electric Dirt Bike – Differences and Similarities:


  1. Electric pit bikes are smaller and lighter than electric dirt bikes, designed for closed-circuit riding and jumps.
  2. Electric dirt bikes are built for off-road riding, tackling rough terrains and various obstacles.


  1. Both use electric motors, offering torque and eco-friendly performance.
  2. Both cater to off-road enthusiasts, providing thrilling experiences in non-paved environments.

Adult Dirt Ebikes from Secutronic: A Powerful Choice for Adult Riders


Electric dirt bikes are transforming the world of off-road motorcycling. They get riders an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas-powered bikes.

I. Powerful electric dirt bike for adults:

  1. Secutronic provides adult electric dirt bike 8000W, 12000W, and 20000W. The 8000w electric dirtbike has a top speed of 60 mph. While the 20KW AdmitJet Armor reaches top speeds of 85 mph, making it a competitive electric dirt bike for adults. Its advanced 72V battery pack ensures it can tackle challenging off-road terrains.
  2. Ride Modes: The AdmitJet features multiple ride modes, allowing riders to customize their experience and optimize performance for various conditions.

II. Electric Enduro and Electric Motocross Capabilities

  1. The AdmitJet, a versatile electric enduro bike, excels in challenging off-road courses and long-distance rides.
  2. Electric Motocross: Its powerful motor and robust design make it a high-performance, eco-friendly alternative for motocross enthusiasts.

III. Competitors and Comparisons

  1. Sur-Ron: AdmitJet outperforms Sur-Ron electric dirt ebike with its greater power and top speed.
  2. Cake Kalk: AdmitJet’s stronger motor and battery pack give it a performance edge over Cake Kalk electric motorcycle.

IV. Street Legal and Off-Road Flexibility

  1. Street Legal: The AdmitJet electric dirt bike includes features for street legality. Riders can switch between off-road and on-road use.
  2. Off-Road Performance: Crafted for off-road enthusiasts, the AdmitJet outperforms many traditional adult dirt bikes in challenging conditions.

V. The Future of Electric Dirt Bikes

1. Electric Vehicles:

Electric vehicles like AdmitJet are the future of eco-friendly dirt biking, offering a high-performance alternative to gas bikes.

2 Electric Dirt Bikes Offer:

The AdmitJet electric dirt bike adds a new dimension to off-road motorcycling without environmental impact.

Meanwhile, the 2023 AdmitJet Armor features a remarkable 85 mph top speed, 1000 N.m rear wheel torque. It’s a state of the art dirt ebike. A awesome option for adult riders, and a leading choice in the electric motocross bikes market.

What is the max speed of an electric dirt bike ?

The average speed of electric dirt bikes ranges from 20-40 mph, but this may vary for some models.

For instance, an ebike with a 1000 watt motor can go up to 32 miles per hour. picking the type of bike depends upon you, whether you want a fast e dirt bike or not.

The fastest electric dirt bike in the world is the Zero FX, manufactured by Zero Motorcycles. It can reach speeds of up to 85mph. The Redshift MX by Alta Motors can reach speeds of nearly 70mph.

Stark Future claims their Stark Varg is the world’s fastest e dirt bike. It has an electric carbon fiber sleeve motor. Unfortunately, the top speed is not listed yet.

The KTM Freeride E-XC is another speed demon that runs at up to 60mph.

Secutronic offers high end e dirt bikes with top speeds reaching 80 – 85mph (130KM/H).

AdmitJet Powerful 72V Electric Dirt Bikes:

Long Range Fast AdmitJet Armor Electric Dirt Bike For Adults For Sale

As electric motorcycles gain popularity, Secutronic, a leading off-road dirt bike and mountain enduro bike manufacturer, keeps pace.

They’ve launched a range of electric dirt bikes to grow the emoto market. And get ready for future progress in electric vehicles.

Power and Battery of Admitjet dirt ebike:

Electric dirt bikes offer increased power output and battery life, making them as enjoyable as traditional off-road vehicles. Therefore, clients can get more eco friendly and trendy electric vehicles.

The 2022 AdmitJet e dirt bike with air cooled 12KW electric motor has a maximum horsepower of 17hp.

And for battery improvements, the 2022 AdmitJet has max 4.32 KWH battery capacity (72V 60Ah).

The battery offers a 50% increase in recharge capacity. It provides around 1.5 hours of riding per charge, similar to a full tank on a 250cc dirt bike.

The 2022 AdmitJet dirt bike both have an IMU which gives cornering-sensitive traction control and cornering-aware ABS.

And the new model inverted front fork and rear shock makes the ride more stable and more adjustable.

Secutronic Time E Dirtbike has 4 Gears and 3 Riding modes: Economy, Enduro and Sport. Our electric bikes’ excellent off-road capabilities cater to both beginners and professional riders.

The bike features a new steel frame, fresh colors, and redesigned details like the instrument panel and keyhole.

Secutronic Electric Dirt Bikes For Sale:

Business Type: Manufactuer, Wholesale, Export, OEM

Main Market: Europe: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain; America: USA, Canada; Other Countries: Australia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa

Certificates: EEC COC Certificated, CE Approval

Products Size:26″ 27.5″ 29″ (26 inch 27.5 inch 29 inch )

Sales Volume: 2019 $9,325,000; 2020 $11,893,000; 2021 $13,659,000

Agent Sales: Sur-ron / Surron Super Moto Cross

Main Products: High Speed 12KW 79V Full Size Big Wheel Timemoto Time ET Sports and Pit Electric Dirt Bike

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