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List By Model Electric Off Road Motorcycle E Dirt Bike Motorbike For Adults
Electric Off Road Motorcycle E Dirt Bike Motorbike For Adults
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  • Electric Off Road Motorcycle E Dirt Bike Motorbike For Adults

    Type: Electric OffRoad Bike
    Brand Name:Secutronic/OEM / Off Road Motorcycle
    Brake(F/R):hydralic brake
    Item:Electric Motorcycle
    Battery:79V 40AH
    Motor Power:12KW
    Max Speed:120km/h
    Max Load:120KG
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    Electric Off Road Motorcycle E Dirt Bike Motorbike For Adults

    2021 Best Mid Central Motor Fast Adult Mountain MTB Motorbike Full Suspension E Dirt Bike Bicycle Electric Off Road Motorcycle For Sale

    Secutronic – China Professional Manufacturer – Electric Off Road Motorcycle

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    Electric Offroad Motorcycle Description

    Electric Off Road Motorcycle Description

    Off road electric motorcycles provide a comfortable and smooth ride. They come with sturdy tires that are capable of handling any kind of terrain. And if what you want is a versatile means of transport, a mountain bike fulfills its mission.

    Electric offroad bikes (also known as electric dirt bikes ) are ideal for long, leisurely rides. They come with shocks for a smooth ride over rough terrain, and they have chubby, knobby tires to handle dirt roads and bumpy roads.

    They are generally equiped with central motor and without pedal assist, From sleek racing bikes to upright cruisers, hopping on a bike is an amazing way to get around the city.

    Electric Dirt Bikes are eco friendly and usually feature a central motor and no pedal assist, for stylish biking as cruisers, cycling on path, pavement, or dirt with fat tires.


    Among electric motorcycles we find many differences in terms of the announced autonomy figures, KW, speed, battery recharge time, quality of finishes, guarantees, price, after-sales service, etc.

    Regardless, reviews say its mechanics are generally pretty basic, comparing to motorcycles with internal combustion engines. The battery and electric powertrain are the most complicated.

    Among the models that we can find on the current market, most of them show a scooter or moped-type design, others are closer to an electric bicycle than really a motorcycle, others show naked, scrambler or sports lines, and we also find off-road style designs, type Trail, Enduro, MX and Trial, in addition to children’s.


    Enjoying nature in an ecological way is possible. Electric motorcycles in their off-road use are still a minority, but what real options do we have? TRAIL, ENDURO AND MX. If we review the main brands in the market, we will find Trail-type models, such as Cake Kalk and Sur Ron light bee X, which are the majority of them.

    Motorcycles allow us to leave the asphalt and travel on forest trails simply, although there is limit on the endurance, usually between 70 or 90 kilometers.

    If we are looking for more professional motorcycles like Motocross and Enduro light, we are very limited at the moment, both of which have the same basics.

    It is true that in some cases we can carry out a preparation, especially of the suspension, or increase in battery, which will allow us greater adventures, but the amount of it will increase considerably.


    Alta Motors

    In high-performance Motocross and Enduro versions, those who went further were the Americans from Alta Motors with their RedShift MXR/EXR, a motorcycle developed for competition. It had a brushless permanent magnet motor that rotates up to 14,000 rpm, cooled by water, with 51 hp and 42 lb ft (57 NM) of torque with 113 kg of weight.

    In the cycle part, we found an aluminum double beam chassis with a double lower cradle and WP suspension, with Brembo brakes. The battery lasted between two and three hours depending on the type of piloting. It perfectly faced in MX2 competition, against traditional gasoline bikes with outstanding results.

    Although it really promised, unfortunately the high cost of its development, lack of investors and low sales ended with the closure of the company.

    Equipped with 12kw (16hp) and Marzocchi/Sachs suspension, Swiss manufacturer Quantya’s EVO1 weighs 91kg. It is very interesting that a few years later it was merged into VR and although the Cross model remained, the road model stopped.


    On the part of the KTM from Austrians, if they market a real model, the KTM Freeride E-XC, with a perimeter frame in steel and aluminum, and subframe in polyamide plastic.

    A very compact and ergonomic model, equipped with WP suspensions, with a 250mm front and 260mm rear, Formula brakes.

    The motor is synchronous with permanent magnets and an 18KW, 24.48hp disc armature, water-cooled, with a range of more than 80 kilometers depending on the route and temperature, or 1h and 30 minutes, depending on driving, with a battery of 2600Wh lithium ion with 360 cells nominal voltage of 240 volts.

    Its ECU is very powerful. It also has three piloting modes that can be regulated with a button depending on our needs. In its Economy mode, it recovers energy during deceleration and braking. The weight of the whole set is 111kg, battery weight 28kg. The total charging time is about 110 minutes in a conventional plug. The battery can be removed for recharging.

    The Freeride has been a few years on the market and has already got some interesting experiences, offering a range of virtues and possibilities.

    Meanwhile it is It is fully approved to go out on public roads. You can drive with the A1 license.

    The price of the KTM Freeride E-XC is around $8,099, we must add the battery and charger, increasing the bill to around $12,648.


    Another of the most technically developed and marketed electrics is the Zero FX, a dual sport ebike closer to a Trail Enduro light than an Enduro, despite this, we can go out on dirt tracks and trails, with a Z-motor. Force air-cooled, brushless, with 78 LB FT (106NM) of torque 33KW/h and 44 CV at 4500rpm.

    Transmission by carbon fiber toothed belt. Thanks to its state-of-the-art 7.2 Kw/h lithium-ion battery, ZF7.2 gives it a combined range between city and highway of 87km, with a top speed of 137km/h. To recharge 100% we need 9.7 hours in a domestic plug, it includes an integrated charger.

    In the cycle part, we find an aluminum chassis together with a Showa suspension, 41mm adjustable inverted fork, with a front travel of 218mm and a 40mm rear shock absorber with 227mm of travel. 21” and 18” wheels. There are three driving modes.  

    The approximate price is around $13,910. The same American firm has the DS /DSR model, with the same base, but more equipped, in the Trail style; the main difference is that it has a 14.4 kw/h battery that delivers a power of 52kw with brutal torque (69cv at 3,850rpm-146Nm), leaving a range of 328km in the city, combined with a highway of approximately 212km.


    The Trial expertise seems to be more in line with the idea of an electric mountain bike, moving silently through nature, where it doesn’t require much speed, nor much autonomy, just strong acceleration at certain moments so we can take advantage of it.

    And in fact, in this segment where it seems that the brands are working hard, providing innovative technology, some of them already have really competitive models that work really well. They can perfectly stand up to their gasoline sisters.

    The Electric Emotion from France focuses on off-road electric motorcycles, although their specialization is Trial, they have a range with five models, three purely for Trial, a Trail Excursion and a Trail Light. They have sold about 1,500 throughout Europe.

    The EM Escape model is a Trial Excursion with the same base as the Trial Epure, very ergonomic, with a torque of 450Nm, it is smoother and enjoys a higher speed of 70km/h, the 2.6kw/h battery offers greater autonomy 61km, or up to 4h 50 minutes in operation practicing Trial, with a weight of 80kg.

    The E Trek is a Trail Light model, with a torque of 250Nm, which allows a speed of 95km/h and a range of 73Km, with an overall weight of 108kg. The battery is Lithium ion 51.8V and 2,620Wh. The suspension is Ollé brand with inverted fork and rear monoshock. The approximate prices depending on the version range from $6,400 to $8,268.

    How much is an electric offroad motorcycle?

    As we list above, the price for an offroad electric motorcycle from famous brand is between $5,000 and $30,000.  An ordinary low end e motorcycle usually costs $2,000 and $10,000.

    The ET Time with many high-tech achievements is only US $2899 on price, and it is indeed worth your experience.

    Secutronic ST-EBSL12KW Electric Motorcycle Bike For Adults

    Thanks to its designs, this Electric Off Road Motorcycle presents a Trail BCN Forest, based on its Naked, framing itself as a Trail Light, available with a 3.6 Kwh Lithium ion battery, battery life 2,000 charges approx.

    Power Pack: With a direct central electric motor of 12KW, torque of 442 lb ft (600Nm), and a speed up to 74.5 MPH (120km/h) and a range of 70 miles with single charge.

    Recharging time 2 to 3 hours, all with a weight of 95Kg.

    It is equipped with an inverted fork, and 21″ front wheel and 18″ rear wheel and mixed fat tires.

    The chassis is made of steel and the suspension system is with a 41 mm inverted fork and an adjustable twin-tube shock absorber. 21” and 18” wheels, with a set of 260mm and 220mm Brembo brakes respectively. Other projects that are underway, some more advanced and competitive than others, even in the Scrambler category, which is increasingly fashionable, such as Pursang, Fantic, BGR Motors, etc.

    Electric Off Road Bike For Sale


    Electric Trials Motorcycle Parameters

    Customer Review 2020 12KW Enduro Ebike Frame Motorbike Electric Moto Cross 12000W Offroad MTB Motocross Electric Motorcycle for AdultCustomer Review 2020 12KW Enduro Ebike Frame Motorbike Electric Moto Cross 12000W Offroad MTB Motocross Electric Motorcycle for Adult


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