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List By Model Electric Pit Bike 2022 Best Mountain Enduro E Bikes
Electric Pit Bike 2022 Best Mountain Enduro E Bikes
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  • Electric Pit Bike 2022 Best Mountain Enduro E Bikes

    Brand Name:Setro/ OEM/ Moto Enduro
    Model Number: Electric Pit Bike
    Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China
    Battery:60V 23Ah Lithium battery
    Motor Power:60V 3000W
    Top speed:75 Km/h (46.6MPH)
    Size (Length*Width*Height): 1800*730*1130mm
    Max load:150kg
    Range:60 Km
    Transmission: Chain drive
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    Electric Pit Bike 2022 Best Mountain Enduro E Bikes


    2022 Best Electrica Mountain Enduro E Bikes Cheap Price XJ KTM Style Small Adults Fast Electric Pit Bike For Sale UK USA Australia

    Secutronic – Professional Manufacturer – Electric Pit Bike

    Brief Introduction

    Electric Pit Bike

    New energy two-wheeled electric bicycles and electric motorcycles have been very popular in the past two years. For two-wheeled electric motorcycles, it is a bit far-fetched to say that they are motorcycles. We still think they are electric powered bikes, we generally call them as electric dirt bikes or electric pit bikes.

    Today, several companies, including SEGWAY, Electric Motion, KTM, CAKE, Kuberg etc, have launched their electric pit bikes. Surely their electric motorcycles and dirt bikes are really good.

    Compared with gas powered vehicles, the unique strong torque of electric motorcycles is very suitable for off-road conditions. The handling experience is better. This is also an important reason why many well-known brands and start-up brands are targeting the pit bike market.

    AdmitJet ST-EDB3 Electric Pit Bike for Adults

    People who know something about downhill sports knows that many UCI riders are secretly good off-road motorcycle riders. They would ride motocross bikes for a workout in their spare time when they weren’t racing. The flexibility of this AdmitJet ST-EDB3 impresses many racers.

    Let us all experience this amazing and fun AdmitJet off-road electric vehicle.

    First of all, the biggest feature is the classic and streamlined design, and the body is narrower and lighter. The entire body shape looks very similar to the famous bike on the market, KTM Freeride E-XC model.

    The AdmitJet is equipped with a high speed DC brushless central electric motor. The drive wheels can provide a maximum torque of 132.6 lb-ft (190N.m). It can reach a top speed of 46.6 MPH (75 KM/H). And the electric pit bike uses a 60V 23AH high rate ternary Lithium ion battery.

    The strong power output ensures that the AdmitJet help you easily conquer the rugged slopes and enjoy the fun of climbing.

    The AdmitJet has two ride modes, “Sport” and “Economy”. The torque output in the “Sport” mode in the rear section is more ferocious than that of the “Economy”. The “Sport” mode is suitable for off-road riding.

    While, the “Economic” mode has a relatively “gentle” power output, and generally used on flat roads.

    In addition, the “Economy” mode is just an energy saving mode to save power and extend the range.

    In terms of power control, the AdmitJet has a throttle on the right side of the handlebar. This is similar with ordinary gas powered off-road motorcycle. On the left side, because of the electric power relationship, the traditional clutch position has been replaced by the brake.

    The ST-EDB3 electric pirt bike starts with the key, and there is a USB charging hole under the key compartment. Players can charge the mobile phone while driving. With this intimate function, the mobile phone is no longer afraid of running out of power outdoors.

    There is a power display on the top of the battery. The digital display and graphic display make the power clear at a glance. Users can monitor the power anytime and anywhere to know what they are in.

    The whole lithium battery pack is wrapped by a thick layer of engineering plastic, and the safety factor is reassuring. In order to better distribute the gravity of the vehicle, the battery is placed in the middle of the frame. So that the AdmitJet can achieve a 50/50 weight distribution.

    A 60V battery takes about 4 hours to fully charge. We’ve tested many time of this e pitbike, the riding can last about 50 or 60 KM with a single charge under the “sports” mode. And it is not a problem to run in the mountains for a day.

    AdmitJet electric dirt bike is equipped with a FAST reverse air front fork (optional RST oil spring front fork) and spring rear shock absorber.

    The overall of the original shock absorber system is slightly tough, in order to pursue a more delicate shock absorber. And the suspension system can be upgraded in future. At present, the FOX 40 fork is favored by many players.

    In order to ensure the maximum torque, the AdmitJet adopts the chain transmission mode. The speed has no sliding loss, and the transmission efficiency can reach 98% to 99%. And the power transmission is also more direct, which can transmit more power at low speed.

    During the acceleration process, you can feel a strong push from the rear wheel. This adult electric pit bike is just like a power monster.

    The outer width of the 49mm rim and Zhengxin 70/100-19 large grain off-road wide tires are enough to crush everything. The vehicle is as stable as a mountain when passing through tree roots and stones, and there are few disturbing jumps.

    Front and rear four-piston brakes plus 203mm disc brake performance is beyond doubt. The previous brake pads were prone to thermal fading during prolonged use, which weakened the braking force. We’ve fixed this little problem by upgrading the brake pads.

    Driving the AdmitJet electric pit bike is a brand new experience. The AdmitJet pit bike is slightly different from the general mountain bike in terms of power control and center of gravity distribution. You need some time to get used to it.

    Climbing is AdmitJet EDB3’s forte, and once you master the throttle and center of gravity distribution, you can try some steeper slopes.

    The AdmitJet can easily conquer the slopes that mountain bikes can’t climb in the past, which greatly increases confidence. It allows racers to enjoy the sense of accomplishment brought by climbing.

    When turning, driving the AdmitJet EDB3 just needs to step up throttle to get amazing acceleration. You can feel like you’re surrounded by gravity and get excited.

    Overall, the AdmitJet is an all-round pit bike with strong torque, excellent climbing ability and diverse gameplay. When you are familiar with driving the AdmitJet EDB3, it will feel like opening a new world.

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