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List By Model Electric Pitbike Cheap Pit Enduro Ebike Dirt E Bike For Adults
Electric Pitbike Cheap Pit Enduro Ebike Dirt E Bike For Adults
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  • Electric Pitbike Cheap Pit Enduro Ebike Dirt E Bike For Adults

    Type: Electric Pitbike
    Brand Name:Secutronic/OEM / Dirt Bike Moto
    Brake(F/R):hydralic brake
    Item:Electric Motorcycle
    Product:Moto Electrica
    Battery:79V 40AH
    Motor Power:12KW
    Max Speed:100km/h
    Max Load:120KG
    • Description

    Electric Pitbike Cheap Pit Enduro Ebike Dirt E Bike For Adults

    Adult Cheap 12000 W Sport Eletric Moto Ebyke Electric Pitbike E Dirt Bike Frame VTT Pit Eletrick Dirtbike Enduro Ebike For Adults

    Secutronic – China Manufacturer – Electric Pit Bike

    China Adult 72 V 8000 W 12000 W Sports Style Dirtbike Kxd Electric Dirt Bike Cross

    Electric Pitbike Description

    What is a Pit Bike?

    Do you know motorcycles, do you know motocross? The Pit bike is a small motocross! Although initially it was used to qualify small motorcycles, the genre has evolved to focus on off-road.

    Funny anecdote, these motorcycles were used in the 60s and 70s by mechanics to move between the pits. It was then Honda that made it popular with a flagship and mass-produced model, the Honda XR 50.

    For a weight of 60 kilos, a saddle of minimoto and displacements between 50 and 250 CC, these small motocross are powerful and agile. They are very successful with male and young audiences, between 18 and 35 years old. France is known for its competitions in the discipline and has even hosted the world championships where French pilots have distinguished themselves.

    Dirt biking is an excellent sport that requires skill, concentration and good physical condition. The advantage is that it is undoubtedly one of the least expensive mechanical sports and the models remain relatively affordable compared to other sports such as karting for example.

    Electric Pit Bike

    Even within the motorcycle class, electricity has found a niche. Electric pit bikes are generally ridden short distances, are lightweight, and rely more on bursts of power than long-term cruising speeds.

    Plus, the use of electric motors instead of gasoline ones eliminates all exhaust emissions and most of the noise that has rattled outdoor enthusiasts who see dirt bikes as brazen intruders on their peace of mind.

    As with many innovations, the electric pit bike (also known as electric dirt bike ) is more expensive at this stage of its development. Part of this is because some of the parts need to be specially made; at this point it is expensive and difficult to simply convert a standard bike to electric. Also, most of the companies producing the electric pit bike have been start-ups like Secutronic.

    A cool feature on some models of electric dirt bikes is a “half power switch” that cuts the power in half simply with the use of a switch. This is ideal for beginner cyclists or for trips around town. At full power, according to company literature, Secutronic’s Time model can go from 0 to 30 mph in less than two seconds and has a top speed comparable to gas bikes.

    Aimed at thrill-seeking teenagers and adults , electric dirt bikes offer the power and speed of a dirt bike, without the emissions.

    It’s living proof that the future can be filled with everything we love about the present and the past, but with an eco-friendly twist.

    How fast are electric pit bikes?

    The electric bike has now become a reality, although it is still difficult to count sales in France. After mopeds, road cars and even Harley-Davidson, manufacturers are developing a whole range of electric off road bikes.

    Electric dirt bikes are all the rage and surprisingly popular. We can compare the following 3 famous models on dirt bike market that offer impressive speed on battery power before moving on to the dirt bike models.

    KTM Freeride E-XC

    KTM’s first electric motorcycle is a formidable dirt bike model. In terms of road legality, that’s up to local laws, but for those looking to tackle the trails a little greener can enjoy this little deal. It’s not the fastest dirt bike on the market, but it has a powerful electric motor that produces a modest 21.5 hp and 31 lb-ft of torque, and can hit 100 km/h, though it prefers to cruise around 80km/h.

    To charge to 100%, the KTM only requires a ridiculous 80 minutes! That is very fast when compared to other electric bikes. The downside is that each charge only translates to an hour of serious driving. It’s a big drawback, but the fast charging time more than makes up for it.

    Pricing isn’t terrible either, with an attractive MSRP of $8,299. Still, it’s not the fastest dirt bike out there, nor is it close to being the fastest electric bike.

    Alta Motors Redshift MX

    This electric motorcycle company is a 100% American startup, with its factory and headquarters located in California. The most interesting thing about Alta is their different approach to the electric market: they favor supermoto and dirt bike style motorcycles over conventional street bikes, which gives them a nice niche in the industry.

    The MX dirt bike model is built to have the same kind of performance and feel as a conventional 250cc dirt bike, complete with excellent WP and Brembo suspension equipment.

    In terms of performance, the Alta Motors Redshift produces a total of 42 horsepower and a whopping 120 lb-ft of torque through its high-speed lithium-ion-powered PMAC motor, and offers three different riding modes.

    Well, what is said is that it can reach 80 MPH, with a comfortable cruising speed of 40 MPH. Not bad for an electric motorcycle with a charging speed of 4 hours (or 2 with the fast charging package ). The drawback is the autonomy, which is about 80 kilometers per charge. Pricing is $10,495 for the base model.

    Zero FX

    When it comes to electric motorcycles, Zero knows his stuff. The Zero FX is an off-road variant of their lineup of impressive battery-powered machines. The FX uses the latest electric technology to pack a mighty punch into the heart of the dirt bike market.

    With the styling and shape of a modern supermoto motorcycle, beneath the dirt bike silhouette is a powerful powertrain that uses cutting-edge EV technology to produce a dirt bike that can easily rival and outperform some of its competitors with internal combustion engine.

    Zero’s secret weapon is his Z-force powertrain, which can boost the engine for some impressive stats. How does 78 pound-feet of torque and 46 horsepower sound? And as for the most important number, the top speed of the Zero FX is a heady 52 MPH. Not bad at all for an electric bike. Zero FX prices start at $8,495 for the base model and packages.

    How much does an Electric Pitbike cost?

    For a beginner who wants to invest in an electric enduro mountain bike , it is necessary to plan a minimum budget of $1,800 to have a good bike with an interesting quality/price ratio. But for a more advanced mountain bike, it is necessary to plan a budget of at least $2,200 and go up to $6,500.

    Let’s compare the price for the best enduro e bikes on the market:

    1. KTM FREERIDE E-XC Enduro Ebike

    Top Speed 50 MPH (80km/h)

    20 Miles of range (32km only)

    Horsepower: 21 bhp

    Price: US $10,499


    Top Speed 46.6 MPH

    74.6 Miles of range

    Full charge time: 4 hours

    Price: US $4,999

    3. CAKE KALK OR Electric Dirt Bike

    Top Speed 56 MPH

    53 Miles of range

    Horsepower: 13 bhp

    Price: US $13,000


    Top Speed 46.6 MPH

    38 Miles of range

    Weight: 183 pounds

    Price: from US $10,500

    5. ZERO E Dirt Bike Zero FX Bike

    Top Speed 85 MPH

    46 Miles of range

    Weight: 247 pounds

    Horsepower: 46 bhp

    Price: from US $11,595


    Carbon fiber sleeve electric motor.

    Top Speed: The company claims that the Varg is the world’s fastest Dirt Bike. No list a top speed… yet.

    Range: Up to 6 hours

    Weight: 242.5 pounds / 110kg fully charged

    Horsepower: 80 hp

    Price: from US $11,900

    7. Alta Motors Redshift MX Enduro E Bike

    Range: Up to 96 kmTop Speed: 70.8 MPH / 114 km/h

    Weight: 258 pounds / 117kg

    Horsepower: 50 hp

    Price: from US $11,900

    Weight: 117 kg

    8. Sur Ron Light Bee X Pitbike Electric 

    Top Speed 47 MPH

    60 Miles of range

    3 hour charging time

    Dual suspension

    Price: from US $4,795

    High Quality Secutronic Electric Pit Bike

    Secutronic, one of the pioneers in making electric dirt bikes, came up with a vehicle that weighed just 200 pounds (95 kilograms) with an updated 92 V 40Ah battery power pack installed, about half the weight of a gas-powered dirt bike.

    His creation went on to capture a number of major races and garnered instant respect in the motorcycle community. Part of the appeal for passengers was the use of multiple power packs to avoid having to wait for them to recharge. However, an electric pitbike can  travel about 70 miles, or two hours of riding, before recharging is necessary.

    High Performance Electric Pit Bike For Adults For Sale

    The electric motor that mounts under the seat and works at 79 V. With its design, made internally by the company itself. Water cooling allows it to maintain consistent performance.

    In addition, it is integrated in such a way that it is part of the frame structure of the motorcycle. It is capable of generating 12 kW of power which translates into an output torque of 600 Nm, but which is transformed into 980 at the rear wheel.

    Power comes from a waterproof, air-cooled battery with a capacity of 6.8 kWh, enough to equal the range of “a full tank of gasoline on a 250cc motorcycle.” This claim translates to it being able to run for 3 hours battery life on easy trails.

    This is an experimental dirt bike and a full-size motocross / enduro. Besides, it’s a fast, ultra-quiet electric off-roader with state-of-the-art controls, WP suspension, a multi-function display, dual disc brakes, and an upgraded motor and power pack. You’re sure to get up to 2 hours of uninterrupted riding on a single charge.

    The e pitbike is perfect for beginner riders with its adjustable seat height range, lightweight frame and affordable price point. The quiet ride is a plus for low-noise pollution environments. The powerband can meet the desired for experienced riders.

    Where Can I Buy the Enduro E Bike 12000W?

    The best place you can get your hands on the Enduro Ebike 12000W electric dirt bike is of course from Secutronic is about $2,899.00 US at discounted price. Contact us now via below inquiry form.

    ST-EBSL12KW Electric Enduro Bicycle For Sale


    Electric Trials Motorcycle Parameters

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