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Electric Surf Board

Electric Surf Board

Electric Surf Board | E Jet Surf Board | Electro Jetsurf

Electric Surf Board | E Jet Surf Board | Electro Jetsurf

What is an electric surf board? 

An electric surf board is a surfboard powered by rechargeable batteries, electric motors, etc. A built-in lithium battery provides the motor with kinetic energy for approximately 1 hour.

Electric surfboards were originally designed for fun use. As a low-cost, lightweight water entertainment equipment, electric jet surfboard is more convenient and effective in rescue than boats or jetboards, so it is quickly favored by rescue teams and lifeguards.

The electric surfboard breaks the technical barriers between “great gods” and “rookies”. Its superior torque and high jet propulsion let players pay more attention on surfing only, without worrying about wave height, wind speed and physical ability. Just enjoy surfing without catching waves.

What is an electric surfboard called? What types does a motorized surfboard includ?

Firstly, Electric surf board:

Similar to the standard surfboards we often see. Compared to the other two, it has the most power and the fastest speed.

Secondly, Electric Stand Up Paddle Board:

Also known as a SUP board, similar to a traditional paddle board. The difference is that it is equipped with an electric thruster in the tail.

Finally, Electric hydrofoil surfboard:

The surfboard consists of batteries, drives, motors, propellers and hydrofoils. Using the “Bernoulli principle” (similar to how an airplane takes off), a battery operated engine generates thrust, which lifts the player out of the water and move forward at a high speed, giving the player the feeling of “surfing” on the water.

Representative product: Liftfoils eFoil

Visit here electric hydrofoil surfboard Lift Foils: Lift Foils | eFoil Electric Surfboard

AdmitJet Electric Surf Board

Globally, the yachting, jet skis, surfing and extreme sports related industries have a huge market size of hundreds of billions of dollars.

The fast growing demand from many water sports enthusiasts is also driving the development of the entire industry. Profound changes are taking place in a range of processes, from industrial design and technological innovation to integrated manufacturing and testing.

With advanced technology, AdmitJet brings a new water surfing experience to extreme sports and water sports enthusiasts around the world, allowing more people to participate in the traditional extreme sport of surfing, getting rid of the limitations of natural factors such as water, seasons and waves condition.

Integrated manufacturing capability

AdmitJet’s core competence is integrated manufacturing capabilities. We make the key processes including original design to production and testing by ourseves, so that we can guarante the quality and reliability of the jet boards. For water power products, their water resistance, anti-corrosion and stability are critical to the user’s use and experience.

AdmitJet takes electric surfing as an entry point and breakthrough. Focusing on this new category, AdmitJet makes market segmentation and expansion in the traditional surfing industry, through difference positioning. And considers the free and unfettered product characteristics of electric surfboards, it quickly formed a brand imprint with a certain degree of spread and memory.

AdmitJet focuses on bringing extreme speed and precise control to the driver.

Product Performance:

The AdmitJet Electric Surf Board is equipped with a 12kW high performance pump jet propulsion. With the powerful battery operated engine, the surfboard can reach the top speed of 55 km/h (35 MPH) in 5 seconds, so that people can fully experience the thrill and excitement of speeding on the water.

The electronic governor controls the output power levels of the motor, and adjust the running speed of the jet board and make it running more smoothly.

The large capacity 72V 58Ah battery enables AdmitJet surfboard long ride times with high speeds. And the longest battery life is 60 minutes, allowing users to fully enjoy the fun of flying on the water.

Board models:

AdmitJet has launched two electric surf board models.

The shell of the first model is made of lightweight carbon fiber, ensuring sufficient strength and wear resistance. And it also greatly reduces the weight, easy to transport and carry.

The other board is made of EPP (Expanded polypropylene). It has greater buoyancy, more max loading weight, and lighter net weight, It’s 5KG lighter than the carbon fiber board. In addition, the waterproof sealing is better. The most important, its soft material ensures the safety of users, and it is suitable for beginners and women.

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