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List By Model Electric Motocross Bike 2022 Best E Motorcycle Dirt Bikes
Electric Motocross Bike 2022 Best E Motorcycle Dirt Bikes
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  • Electric Motocross Bike 2022 Best E Motorcycle Dirt Bikes

    Brand Name:Secutronic/Time/OEM
    Braking System:Disc Brake
    Torque:1100 Nm
    Charging Time:4-5 hours
    Motor position:Central Motor
    Tire Width:21 inch (front) 18 inch (rear)
    Motor Power:12000w
    Battery:79V 40Ah Lithium Battery
    Driving Form:chain drive
    Maximum load weight:150kg
    Gross Weight:105kg
    Shock Absorption:KKE
    Endurance:120km (50km / h speed)
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    Electric Motocross Bike 2022 Best E Motorcycle Dirt Bikes

    2022 Best Alta Style Cheap E Motorcycle Dirt Bikes Electric Motocross Bike for Adults For Sale In UK Australia Norfolk

    Secutronic – China Professional Manufacturer – Electric Motocross Bike


    Electric Motocross Bike Description

    Electric Motocross Bike 2022 Best E Motorcycle Dirt Bikes

    Secutronic, a new Chinese electric motorcycle company headquartered in Jiangsu, China, is the latest manufacturer aiming to launch internal combustion engine off-road motorcycles and off-road electric motor bikes with the new Time Electric Motocross Bike.

    Time Dirtbikes have been in development for 4 years and have a max of 16 horsepower from a 12000W motor. With 3.16 KWH battery, the ride time lasts for up to 40 minutes of intense motocross use or 6 hours of recreational riding. Charging time takes 3-4 hours.

    The entire bike and chassis are developed in-house and use the motor as the stressed member. The weight is 220 pounds.

    Secutronic was born to challenge and inspire the motorcycle industry to achieve sustainable development. This electric motocross bike—the Time Motocross—will prove that electric technology is superior to its gasoline equivalent in every way. Meanwhile, electric vehicles are all eco friendly.

    The Time is the first electric motocross motorcycle bike with class-leading performance.

    The new model will reposition the industry with its patent-pending technology and design features to inspire drivers and racers towards sustainability.

    To go beyond traditional technology, Secutronic developed from the ground up, building the drivetrain and chassis to work perfectly together, and optimizing each component for its purpose. Physically proven electric motocross bikes can outperform internal combustion engines in every way.


    Innovative motor, cooling system and battery architecture deliver unmatched performance.

    With a 12000W DC permanent magnet synchronous motor and 1100n.m of torque, it makes the Time one of the fastest motocross bikes on the market.

    The frame this time is currently made of steel, just to save costs, unlike Stark Varg Future, which uses carbon fiber to make the cost of the bike extremely high, in the future we will get a new generation of models that use high-quality materials such as carbon fiber, magnesium and aerospace grade aluminum, But will still keep the price at a reasonable level.

    Reinvigorated the body, prioritizing ergonomics, comfort and performance.

    Renowned suspension solutions from KAYABA experts

    Low maintenance, zero emissions and no noise for the “Ride Anywhere” concept

    Firstly, every detail has received thorough attention and examination. Secondly, with no compromises, Time has undergone over four years of development, ensuring each component delivers optimum performance.

    What electric motocross bike will you be riding today?

    High Performance of the Time electric motocross bike

    The powerplant is built using advanced technologies and concepts, such as a patent-pending magnesium honeycomb housing, a “slip-finger” battery holder, a pressure relief system and a single-sided power strip with batteries.

    Time’s “flying V” system connects each battery directly to a sturdy, waterproof case. This brings high electrical conductivity to the air-cooled structure. The result is a very uniform and regular cell temperature, eliminating unnecessary weight for water or steam cooling. The range on a full charge is similar to that of a 450 gas-powered motocross bike.

    Trail riding

    This Time E motocross bike has 4 gears, just like the Sur ron Light Bee X or KTM Freeride E-XC, with three riding modes: Economy, Enduro and Sport. The low seat design and super off-road capability make our electric off-road Motorcycle fit is not only for beginners, but also for professional riders.

    This is a true top of the line motocross bike. The chassis is balanced and nimble. With a net weight of just 100kg, this e-moto’s light weight means you can move around it and attack those jumps and sections with real ease.

    Quiet riding experience is truly astounding! You can hear the traction of a motocross bike, the pounding of stones and the sound of jumps.

    Top Speed

    Light, nimble, clean and quiet, this electric off-road vehicle can run for up to three hours on a single charge and has a top speed of over 120 km/h. If anything, it’s a minimalist masterpiece for light to moderate off-road cruising.

    Full Suspension

    Firstly, this bike features full moto parts, and its gear compares closely with the Electric Motion Escape.

    Secondly, it adopts a 38MM (diameter) inverted front fork, 300mm travel rear shock, adjustable preload, and adjustable rebound damping.

    Moreover, the Time Enduro off-road motorcycle comes equipped with an LCD instrument and a keyless start!

    Usually, the traction control system prevents the motorcycle from drifting. It does this by controlling the power sent to the rear wheels. So it simply controls the revs of the rear wheels. This greatly reduces the chance of drift.


    The chassis architecture uses the engine as a structural component, allowing Time to build the lightest motocross frame in the world. The frame combination brings the right mix of lateral, vertical and torsional flex along with a lower center of gravity position to optimize output on terrain.

    This bike sticks and turns like nothing else, and slim, sporty ergonomics (say goodbye to the airbox, radiator, and fuel tank) and redesigned plastics help keep rider weight down.

    Is this motocross electric bike road legal?

    It depends on the laws of your state.

    Firstly, in states where it’s permitted, you must certify the motocross bike using the VIN number for public road use, including major roads.

    Secondly, you also need to equip it with a street legal kit and get it licensed. The Street Legal kit includes a headlight, brake light, horn and mirror.

    An optional inclusion would be turn signals, if you don’t want to use hand signals. Also suggest to use street tires.

    How much is an Electric Motocross Bike?

    Brand new electric motocross bikes for adults such as Alta motors, Stark Future cost anywhere from $6,000 – $15,000. With few exceptions of course.

    The Time is very competitively priced at just $2899. it can be ordered through the Secutronic website or through select participating dealers.

    From a business standpoint, we also want to set a benchmark in the motocross segment, as this is the toughest challenge to material and technical ideas before we go on to produce a full line of road and electric dirt bikes.

    Riders will love the Time’s full potential and the “clean” and light-hearted fun it provides. Our goal is to make greener, better products, and we think anyone who has tried a bike will agree that we achieved our vision.

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    Details – Electric Motocross Bike For Adults


    Electric Motocross Motorcycle Parameters

    Customer Review 2020 12KW Enduro Ebike Frame Motorbike Electric Moto Cross 12000W Offroad MTB Motocross Electric Motorcycle for AdultCustomer Review 2020 12KW Enduro Ebike Frame Motorbike Electric Moto Cross 12000W Offroad MTB Motocross Electric Motorcycle for Adult


    Why Us?

    Secutronic Technology Co., Ltd

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