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  • Dirt Bike Eléctrica Tamaño Completo E Track Dirtbike Bicicletas

    Vatios: 12000W
    Tensión: 79V
    Fuente de alimentación: Batería de litio
    Tamaño de la rueda: 18", 21"
    Velocidad máxima:120KM/H
    Alcance por potencia:120 km
    Lugar de origen:Jiangsu, China
    Nombre de la marca:Setro / Electrical Dirt Bike
    Nombre del producto:Motorcycle Eletrica
    Batería:92V 40Ah
    Garantía:1 año
    Carga máxima:150kg
    • Descripción

    Dirt Bike Eléctrica Tamaño Completo E Track Dirtbike Bicicletas

    Cheap Price Full Size 12000W Powered E Track Bikes Motorcycle Dirtbike Electrical Dirt Bike That Go 50 – 75 Mph For Sale Canada Australia

    Secutronic – China Professional Manufacturer – Electrical Dirt Bike


    Electrical Dirt Bike Description

    Are electric dirt bikes faster than gas?

    With the development of the technology of the three major components of electric vehicles, electric vehicles can also achieve the “capability” of ultra-high endurance and ultra-high speed. Will such an electric dirt bikes be a competitor to gas powered motorcycles? This is a problem for both the electric vehicle and motorcycle industries.

    In the early days of development, the main purpose of electric dirt bikes was to replace traditional dirt bikes. However, as electric vehicle technology matures, expectations for electric vehicles are rising. Therefore, the development of electric vehicles is also diversified.

    In addition to electric bicycles, some ultra high speed, ultra endurance electric motorcycles have also appeared.

    Then we can see from the name that although it is not exactly the same as a motorcycle, it also belongs to the category of large motorcycles. It seems inevitable that electric dirtbikes and motorcycles will become competitors. Of course, in your opinion, the current mainstream electric vehicles are not at the same level as motorcycles in terms of speed and power, but in fact, Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers have the ability to produce “super electric motorcycles” equivalent to motorcycles, so do you Will you choose? Currently, the fastest e dirt bike in China is said to be the Maverick RQI-GT with a speed of 160 km/h.

    However, since the electrical dirt bike has not yet been listed, and in the Chinese market, there is already the fastest electric dirt bike on sale, and it is the Secutronic ET Time EDB12KW. Equipped with 92V 40Ah lithium battery, 12kw mid-mounted motor and water-cooled high-power vector controller, the speed can reach 120 km/h and the range can reach 200 km. It is also one of the few electric models that can reach a range of over 100 km/h.

    Of course, this is not the limit speed of an electric dirt bike. It is understood that, at present, there are two electric vehicles abroad, whose performance has surpassed that of most motorcycles. One is a racing “electric motocross” specially designed by the University of Nottingham, UK, which holds the speed record of the two-wheeled bicicletas eléctricas. Its best speed is 317 km/h.

    In addition to this special race ebike, Germany also has an electric motorcycle Rod1 that ordinary people can use. It also reaches a top speeds up to 250 kilometers per hour. It can be seen that the limit speed of electric vehicles is not worse than that of motorcycles.

    How much does an electrical dirt bike cost?

    See below for the best electric dirts on the market in 2020. all these dirt bikes are electric powered, and are selected according to range, power, and weight.


    Velocidad máxima 50 MPH (80km/h)

    20 millas de alcance (sólo 32 km)

    Potencia: 21 CV

    Precio: US $10,499


    Velocidad máxima 46,6 MPH

    74,6 millas de alcance

    Tiempo de carga completa: 4 horas

    Precio: US $4,999

    3. CAKE KALK OR Electrical Dirt Bike

    Velocidad máxima 56 MPH

    53 millas de alcance

    Potencia: 13 CV

    Precio: US $13,000


    Velocidad máxima 46,6 MPH

    38 millas de alcance

    Peso: 183 libras

    Precio: a partir de $10.500 dólares

    5. ZERO Electrical Dirt Bike Zero FX Bike

    Velocidad máxima 85 MPH

    46 millas de alcance

    Peso: 247 libras

    Potencia: 46 CV

    Precio: a partir de $11.595 dólares

    6. STARK VARG STARK FUTURE Bicicleta eléctrica de cross

    Motor eléctrico con manguito de fibra de carbono.

    Velocidad máxima: La empresa afirma que la Varg es la Dirt Bike más rápida del mundo. No hay lista de velocidad máxima... todavía.

    Alcance: Hasta 6 horas

    Peso: 242,5 libras / 110kg con carga completa

    Horsepower: 80 hp

    Precio: a partir de $11.900 dólares

    7. Alta Motors Redshift MX Electric Motocross Bike

    Alcance: Hasta 96 kmVelocidad máxima: 70,8 MPH / 114 km/h

    Peso: 258 libras / 117kg

    Horsepower: 50 hp

    Precio: a partir de $11.900 dólares

    Peso: 117 kg

    8. Sur Ron Light Bee X

    Velocidad máxima 47 MPH

    60 millas de alcance

    3 horas de carga

    Doble suspensión

    Precio: a partir de $4.795 dólares

    Why are electric dirt bikes so expensive?

    Is there any cheap dirt ebike?

    Venta de bicicletas eléctricas Secutronic

    Secutronic is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of electric vehicles, invested by a well-known listed company of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Relying on a strong technical background, we have been focusing on R&D and innovation. It has been a technological leader in the field of electric vehicles for many years. The company is committed to the development and production of electric dirt bikes for kids and adults, electric surfboards, electric scooters and new energy products.

    This ET E dirt bike incorporates some features and functions from the entire product line. With 12KW strong power, it can rush up even the hills that cannot be climbed. The 74.5 mph (120km/h) top speed and 120km range make the whole bike extremely atractive.

    In 2019, we tested this electric moto with several other well-known brands of Dirt Bike électriques on the market. And finally the ET Time is slightly better in terms of acceleration, maximum speed and cruising range.

    Now, let’s take a look at following details.


    The ET Time is a cool motorcycle with its state of the art design. Everyone who saw it for the first time couldn’t help but ride it. The bodywork has top-notch workmanship, and its precision machined components are beautiful.

    Motor eléctrico

    Passive air cooled, high performance radial flux permanent magnet brushless engine. The motor has built-in high-grade permanent magnets, which can withstand a high temperature of 180 ° C.

    The maximum power speed reaches 5500rpm.

    Electric Motor’s power output is more direct and fast than gas powered Dirt Bike. In sport mode, the high power output of 12000W enables the instant torque to reach an astonishing 300N.M (221 lb-ft).

    The sports gear has a power recovery function. It can apply a certain drag resistance to the rear wheels when going downhill, reducing the braking load.

    In addition, this motor has higher efficiency and less heat.

    Top Speed

    The Electrical Dirt Bike has a powerful powertrain capable of soaring to high speeds in silence. There’s only the sound of wind, tire noise and exciting “whoosh” sounds during ride. The maximum speed is 120km/h (74.5 mph), and 0-50km/h acceleration only takes 3.05S.

    Obviously, the strong power makes its character more aggressive and irritable, and you need to be careful and slow down when trail riding.

    The ability to climb hills is amazing after the addition of a stronger “heart”. Not only can cross mountains, it feels like even cliffs, the E-Time can climb like spiders and lizards.

    If you love mountain biking, you’ll love the winding mountain trails. The wheelbase of this ETTime Electric Dirt Bike is similar to that of a mountain bike, and it has strong power pack.

    Battery and Range

    As an electric vehicle, the most important issue is battery life. The CATL high-power 92V 40Ah battery pack of is placed above the central motor and filled with high-rate 18650 cells. The average range is 71.5 miles (120km). This 3.68 KWH battery (92V40Ah) is claimed to provide the same endurance as a full tank of gas on a 250cc 4-stroke off road motorcycle.

    Ride Modes

    The ETime electric dirt bike has 4 gears, supports 3 riding modes including economy, dual sports, similar to the Surron Light Bee X.


    ETTime is equipped with FOC vector controller. It has a multi-curve compound algorithm, making the control more supple and agile.The battery can provide enough power, and the controller has enough power reserve to provide a large phase current. Coupled with the optimization of the motor coil windings and permanent magnet materials, the final result is an upgrade of torque.

    Full Suspension

    The ET Time moto électrique uses FASTace full suspension system. The rear suspension of 2022 version has an air bag shock absorber with 260mm of travel.

    The airbag shock absorber is equivalent to greatly increasing the air pressure of the hydraulic chamber by filling the high-pressure gas. Therefore, the “empty stroke” in which a vacuum is generated at the lower end of the piston during compression can be effectively avoided. It also improves the effect of shock absorption!

    The shock absorber compression curve is highly forgiving, making it easier to control over bumps and falls. Preload and damping can be adjusted fore and aft.

    Sistema de frenado

    The front and rear wheels use hydraulic disc brakes. The features of hydraulic disc brake are good heat dissipation, less thermal recession and easy control. These make braking more linear and more effortless, so as to get comfortable riding.


    TCS is traction control, similar to the ESP of a car, to help stabilize the body and prevent the vehicle from slipping.


    The tire is customized according to the power and load of an electric motocross bike, combined with the actual performance, and is very durable. The 70-width tire can give a good balance between performance and endurance.

    Chain Drive

    ET Time adopts chain transmission with high transmission efficiency. It can ensure the accurate transmission ratio, the transmission power is large, and the force acting on the shaft is small. It can work efficiently under low speed, heavy load and high temperature conditions and in the case of heavy dust.

    35° Climbing ability

    What ET Time does best is challenging steep ups and downs. This terrain is basically impossible for a mountain electric bike, but the Timemoto handles it with ease.


    With 200CM*80*97CM size and a seat height of 860mm, ET Time can be said that it is suitable for all ages.

    The charger also has a temperature sensor, which will automatically disconnect when abnormal current occurs.


    The ET Time with many high-tech achievements is only US $2899 on price, and it is indeed worth your experience.

    Details – Electric Dirt Bike For Adults

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