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  • Best Price Buy Online Fastest Lake Ocean E Battery Powered Propulsion Water Jet Board Electric Surfboard For Sale UK Canada Sweden Australia
  • Best Price Buy Online Fastest Lake Ocean E Battery Powered Propulsion Water Jet Board Electric Surfboard For Sale UK Canada Sweden Australia
  • Best Price Buy Online Fastest Lake Ocean E Battery Powered Propulsion Water Jet Board Electric Surfboard For Sale UK Canada Sweden Australia
  • Electric Surfboards
  • Best Price Buy Online Fastest Lake Ocean E Battery Powered Propulsion Water Jet Board Electric Surfboard For Sale UK Canada Sweden Australia
  • Best Price Buy Online Fastest Lake Ocean E Battery Powered Propulsion Water Jet Board Electric Surfboard For Sale UK Canada Sweden Australia
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  • Best Price Buy Online Fastest Lake Ocean E Battery Powered Propulsion Water Jet Board Electric Surfboard For Sale UK Canada Sweden Australia
  • Best Price Buy Online Fastest Lake Ocean E Battery Powered Propulsion Water Jet Board Electric Surfboard For Sale UK Canada Sweden Australia
  • Surfboard Electric Jetsurf Motorised Surf Jet For Sale

    Lugar de origen: Jiangsu, China (continental)
    Nombre de la marca: AdmitJet/OEM
    Model Number: Jet Surf
    Type:  Surfboard Electric
    Velocidad máxima:55 KM/H
    Peso máximo de la carga:140 KG
    Batería:72V 58Ah Litio Ternario
    Potencia del motor:Máximo 12000W
    Recarga de kilometraje:45KM - 50KM (una batería)
    Peso total:35 KG
    Duración media (jinete de 80 kg):45 - 60 minutos
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    Surfboard Electric Jetsurf Motorised Surf Jet For Sale

    Online Best Price To Buy The Summer Motorised Surfboard Jetsurf Electric Surf Jet For Sale Europe UK Spain Canada Australia South Africa Mexico Singapore

    Best Price Buy Online Fastest Lake Ocean E Battery Powered Propulsion Water Jet Board Electric Surfboard For Sale UK Canada Sweden Australia

    Brief Introduction – Surfboard Electric

    What is an electric surfboard? 

    Electric surfboards are powered by an electric motor and a rechargeable battery to propel the rider through the water. The unit is a smaller version of an impeller setup on a personal watercraft. Even if there are no waves, a person can still ride an electric surfboard on calm waves, lakes, and rivers.

    Like most modern inventions we see today, the electric jetboards had evolved and functioned in many different ways before becoming the product used in today’s society (source). The world’s first motorized surfboard surprisingly appeared in early 1935. That first electric surfboard was titled “the surf scooter.” It was developed to help lifeguards get through the waves when they needed to save or assist people in the water.

    Progress and time affected the evolution of the electric surfboard for decades to come. Various innovative designs appeared on the market as the years passed, and electric surfboards became more aerodynamic, practical and functional.

    Throughout the 1960s, as surfing became increasingly popular as a sport, the popularity of electric surfboards grew. More forms of motorized surfboards appeared on the market. One of these electric surfboards featured the first board to feature an outboard motor, which was called a surf jet.

    As the decades passed, electric surfboard designs continued to evolve with the introduction of new and improved technology.

    Ultimately, the designs of these electric surfboards evolved to introduce the types of electric surfboards we see on the market today. Today, electric surfboards are a powerful form of craft that have decades of the following under their belts:

    You can buy an electric surfboard in many different shapes and sizes.

    How Does an Electric Surfboard Work? 

    Electric surfboards resemble traditional surfboards in structure and design. However, unlike traditional surfboards, electric surfboards feature a separate power supply.

    These independent power sources generally come in one of two forms, either through the use of a Jet engine or a Propeller.

    These independent power sources are usually powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

    The way a specific electric jetboard works can very much depend on the manufacturer of the jetboards. There are several different jetboard manufacturers, using their innovative type of technology (source) to power the board. However, in these different types of boards, the basic principle of operation of electric surfboards remains the same.

    All electric surfboards are designed to be extremely buoyant and all require some type of battery-powered motor to run.

    Some electric surfboard manufacturers allow the use of multiple types of batteries with their products.

    These types of electric surfboards allow you to swap out different types of batteries when power is running low.

    At the rear of the electric surfboard where you will normally find the electric surfboard motor. The motor is usually placed at the end of the jet board, because that location allows it to move gracefully over the water as the jet propulsion pushes the board forward.

    You can usually speed up your electric surfboard using a wireless remote control, which you always have in your hand. And steering was accomplished by moving your weight around on the board and leaning similar to any standard surfboard.

    How fast do electric surfboards go?

    Many of the surfboards from the well known brands are fast! When it comes to electric boards, speeds can go from anywhere from 30 km per hour to more than 50 km per hour.

    This is a big difference, so you will have to make a decision. A remote control device helps you control the speed, but in case you are just starting out with the sport, make sure you don’t rush and start with a low setting to practice.

    Basically, for battery powered water jet boards, the heavier surfer need more motor power, and the speed is correspondingly lower.

    AdmitJet Surfboard designed for speed and passion, can access to this new sport for heavier runners. This jetboard surfboard reaches speed of 55 kilometers per hour (35 mph) , something that may turn out to be excessive when we talk about speeds on water. Its acceleration is equally brutal, as it is capable of doing  0 to 50 km/h in just 4 seconds .

    The balance capacity of its occupant must be capitalized to be able to withstand these benefits without taking a small dip. It is capable of supporting a total weight of 140 kilos.

    How long does an electric surfboard last?

    The speed at which you want to go on your electric surfboard will determine the quality of the battery life of the electric surfboard. Most high-end electric surfboards can last up to forty five minutes and sometimes over an hour. Lower end electric surfboards usually come with weaker batteries and only last about twenty minutes.

    The longer you want your electric surfboard battery to last, the more expensive your electric surfboard will be. Therefore, you will need to consider your budget when analyzing this factor.

    AdmitJet Electric surfboard powered by 12KW motor can reach high speeds up to 35 mph (55 km/h) for a 80KG rider, and has a range of 28 miles, approximately 45 minutes ride time with top speed.

    How much does a electric surfboard cost?

    A battery-powered water board can be an expensive toy. But how much does an electric surfboard actually cost? Prices for the most reliable jet-propelled surfboards range from around $5,000 to as high as $10,000. It’s similar price with small jet skis.

    For example, the Lampuga Air Inflatable Electric Surfboard retails for €9,900 (approx. US$10,900).

    And Onean Carver Twin Electric Jetboard price is 7.290,00€ (approx. US$7,930).

    El Awake RAVIK S 22 price is €12,900 (approx. US$14,000).

    Lift Foils Electric hydrofoil price is from US $10,900 to $14,000.

    Why are electric surf boards so expensive?

    The features that will make the difference and increase the value added cost of an electric surfboard are design and hydrodynamics, battery life, motor power and speed.

    Premium electronic boards feature multiple long-range swappable battery options, power levels, advanced modular buoyancy design, Bluetooth remote control, quiet motor engines, and excellent glide.

    Is there any cheap Electric Surfboard?

    AdmitJet Electric Surfboard For Sale:

    The AdmitJet has a strong jet propulsion system allowing riders up to 140 kg to reach full planing under pretty much any conditions.

    This is the ideal go-to option for users over 100 kg wanting to experience the feeling of gliding over the water surface.

    This motorized surfboard has 12 kW of power, meaning double the power of some other jet board models on the market.

    Powered by 72V 58Ah lithium battery, its battery life is 45 minutes at top speed 35 mph (55KM/H) and 60 minutes when riding at mixed speeds.

    The AdmitJet is born for fun of water sports. The user friendly water jet board allow surfing almost any body of water.

    The jet board is very lightweight and allows you to take it anywhere. Weighing only 40 lbs without batteries, this luxury water toy is the lightest powered jetboard in the industry, thanks to its carbon fiber shell.

    Among the main aspects worth commenting on the AdmitJet boards is that they are not only for professionals capable of surfing. These Jet Surf board models can be used by both experts and beginners without any problems.

    This further makes the jetboard suitable for a large audience of different physics, ages, experience levels and riding styles.

    How much is an AdmitJet Electric surfboard?

    Electric Surf Board | E Jet Surf Board | Electro Jetsurf

    The AdmitJet electric jetboard with 35 mph top speed and 60 minutes ride time has just gone on sale at a price of $4,499.

    Otro modelo tiene las mismas especificaciones pero con material blando EPP (polipropileno expandido). Es más ligero y cuesta sólo $3,999, mucho más barato que otras tablas de jet en el mercado. Compruébelo aquí: Surfjet 2022 Tabla de surf eléctrica de alta velocidad

    Where To Buy A Jetboard?

    You can buy any motorized board at Secutronic.We sell electric boards with shipments to worldwide. We offer favorable and comfortable conditions for your purchase, with free technical support for your order; our representative will show you how to use the board, how to perform simple tricks, how to change the battery and control the jet surf board. If you have any questions about this, call us or email us, and we will send you a specialist.

    At Secutronic we offer almost immediate delivery. We send all types of boards through our specialized delivery company, directly to your home. The average delivery time is 2-3 days. Electric jet boards can only be transported by sea or railway transportation, so the delivery time is 4 weeks or more to Europe or America, we can ship on DDP, door to door.

    Ofrecemos un seguro de calidad, proporcionando la garantía de calidad del fabricante, en promedio, el período de garantía es de 1 año a partir de la fecha de compra.

    Details — AdmitJet Electric Surfboard For Sale

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