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Liste par modèle " ST-AEK2 2000W Dirt Bike électrique 2000W Vélo électrique E Mountain Dirt Fat Ebike Pour Adultes
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  • 2000W Electric Dirt Bike E Mountain Fat Ebike For Adults
  • 2000W Electric Dirt Bike E Mountain Fat Ebike For Adults
  • 2000W Electric Dirt Bike E Mountain Fat Ebike For Adults
  • 2000W Electric Dirt Bike E Mountain Fat Ebike For Adults
  • 2000W Electric Dirt Bike E Mountain Fat Ebike For Adults
  • 2000W Electric Dirt Bike E Mountain Fat Ebike For Adults
  • 2000W Electric Dirt Bike E Mountain Fat Ebike For Adults
  • 2000W Vélo électrique E Mountain Dirt Fat Ebike Pour Adultes

    Lieu d'origine :Jiangsu, Chine
    Nom de marque : Secutronic / OEM/ 2000W Electric Bike
    Numéro de modèle : ST-AEK3 72V Ebike
    Portée par puissance : 50 km
    Matériau du cadre : Alliage d'aluminium
    Taille de la roue : 70/90-17
    Système de freinage : Frein à disque
    Position du moteur : Moteur du moyeu arrière
    Battery Capacity: Lithium battery 72V 20AH
    N.W./G.W. : 65KG / 100KG
    Freinage : Freins à disque avant et arrière
    Dimension: LxWxH (mm): 1800x800x1100MM
    Full charging time: 5~6 Hours
    Cadre : Aluminum alloy T4, T6 heat treatment
    • Description

    2000W Electric Dirt Bike E Mountain Fat Ebike For Adults

    2000 Watt Cheap Ebike Full Suspension Hub Motor E Powered Mountain Fat Bikes 2000W Electric Dirt Bike For Adults For Sale UK NZ

    Secutronic – Electric Bike Manufacturer – 2000W Electric Bike

    2000W Electric Dirt Bike E Mountain Fat Ebike For Adults

    Brief Introduction – Electric Dirt Bike 2000W

    How fast does a 2000w electric bike go?

    If it is a 72V 35AH battery, using a 2000W motor and a 2000W controller, it can generally reach an actual speed of about 65 KM/H.

    The most common lead-acid battery, if it is 20Ah, can get 60KM/H at a top speed with 2000w (transit balance motor with constant speed). Start slowly, and electric vehicles consume the most electricity when starting. If there is a LCD meter, you can clearly see that the voltage drops very low at the start, and the voltage rises again when the speed is stable.

    The power of the motor has little to do with the speed, it can only show how much load it can carry. In the electric vehicle motor, the speed of the 2000W motor is generally 4000 rpm. How fast it runs depends on the reduction ratio after the output of the motor and the size of the tire.

    There are many factors that affect the battery life of the motor, mainly the following points:

    1. Weather, silicone batteries are greatly affected by temperature, the temperature decreases, the activity of the electrodes inside the battery decreases, the storage capacity and discharge capacity are reduced, and the battery life in winter is only in summer. A little over half. If you run far, you must bring a charger in winter.

    2. Road conditions, such as the number of slopes, will definitely consume a lot of electricity when going uphill. Whether the road is flat or not, the bumpy road will affect the power output.

    For hardcore E Dirt Bike enthusiasts and DIYers, you have plenty of options for future upgrades. There are many Dirt Ebike upgrades or replacements that can be done, from motor type, size, power to controllers, shock absorbers, battery packs. Also, it retains its value when you want to sell it. If you need any parts in the future, we can provide them.

    What is difference between e-bike and mountain bike?

    An E Mountain Bike is an electric bicycle with large output torque, strong climbing ability, capable of driving on complex and steep mountain roads, and simple structure. It is formed by adding an electric hub drive or mid drive system and modifying the frame structure by using the existing pedal powered mountain bike mechanical structure.

    The utility model has the advantages of reasonable design, convenient carrying and use, large carrying capacity, light weight and good stability, and is suitable for outdoor mountain riding. It can be used as an e-bike and used for structural improvement of similar products.

    An Electric Mountain Bike has variable speed, thick tires with good grip, suitable for off-road, and a shock absorption system to reduce bumps. Moreover, the strength is large and the impact resistance is strong. Compared with ordinary e bike, it is less likely to be damaged when riding strongly.

    The main functions and advantages of Secutronic 2000W E Bikes:

    The specific parameters are as follows:

    Front rear hydraulic disc brakes, aluminum front shocks, hydraulic rear shocks.

    Brushless 72V 2000w high performance in-wheel motor with super neodymium magnets. 3000W 5000W optional.

    High performance pure sine wave inverter controller

    72v 20Ah Li-ion battery (3000W with 72V 30Ah battery; 5000W with 72V 40Ah battery)

    Lightweight High Performance Air Shock Absorber

    off-road tires

    Lightweight aluminum alloy frame

    5Ah charger

    LED headlights

    Digital LCD

    PU Leather Hand Sewn Biker Style Seat

    3″ wide off-road fat tires for extra grip and cool style.

    Packing weight: 123.21LBS

    Net weight: 99LBS

    2000w 72V sine wave brushless hub motor and controller

    72v 20Ah lithium battery pack, charging time is about 5.5 hours.

    Top speed is locked at 28 mph (45KM/H) to make it road legal. Approximately 37.5 mph (60KM/H) when unlocked. Once unlocked it is for off-road use only.

    The 3000W and 5000W ebike can reach high speed of 47 MPH (75KM/H). Maximum speed depends on rider weight and terrain.

    The 72V 20Ah battery pack will provide approx. 30 miles of comfortable ride, depending on rider weight, terrain and riding style with full throttle. The 30Ah battery can get 37.5 miles range. And 40Ah can get 50 miles range.

    Note: All the parts on this e dirt bike can be upgraded or modified in future, you can feel free to contact us any time.

    Secutronic has various kinds of Electric Bikes options regarding the drive motor power, wheels size, battery packs, brake levers, tires, controllers, etc.

    Electric Motors could be 250w/350w/500w/750w/1000w/2000w/3000w

    Tous les commentaires et exigences sont les bienvenus !

    Secutronic AEK2 2000 Watt Electric Bike

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    2000W Electric Mountain Bike Specifications


    Puissance du moteur 2000W 72V 3000W 72V 5000W 72V
    Dimension: L×W×H (mm) 1800x800x1100MM
    Poids total 70KG
    Ground Clearance 290mm
    Height of Seat 830mm
    Vitesse maximale 60KM/H 75KM/H 75KM/H
    Capacité de la batterie

    (Lithium battery)

     20AH 30AH 40AH
    Gamme 50km 60km 80km
    Accelerate the way Electrocar handle
    Drive form Hub motor spokes
    Frein Shimano
    Pneu 70/90-17
    Cadre Aluminum alloy T4, T6 heat treatment
    Battery compartment Sheet metal iron box
    Front Suspension Luxury inversion
    Rear Suspension Gasbag(Hole distance 325mm)
    Roue Aluminium alloy
    Shell Material PP plastic
    Seat Material Thickened foam film soft pack
    LED Light
    Other Horn, electric meter, steering
    Package Dimension 1580X400X820MM
    Poids brut 100KG
    Nom du produit 2022 Super Ebike Bicicleta Eletrica 2000W Hub Motor MTB 72V Ebike Fast Electric Bike Frame E Bicycle For Sale
    Délai de livraison 2-3 jours
    Fabricant Secutronic Technology - Un fabricant professionnel de véhicules personnels avancés et de solutions qui augmentent votre productivité et réduisent vos coûts. Secutronic s'engage à améliorer la satisfaction de ses clients grâce à une technologie avancée et un engagement envers l'innovation, la qualité, la valeur et le design. Grâce à sa technologie numérique de pointe, un solide département de R&D et une équipe de production bien formée aident à produire les produits les plus avancés.
    Avantage Certification du système de gestion de la qualité ISO9001 et certification du système de gestion de l'environnement ISO14001. Qualité supérieure et prix compétitif ; livraison dans les délais.


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