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Electric Scooter One Wheel Unicycle Self-Balancing El Mono Bike
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  • Electric Scooter One Wheel Unicycle Self-Balancing El Mono Bike

    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: Setro / OEM
    Model Number: Single Wheel Electric Scooter
    Power: 500 Watt
    Voltage: 60 Volt
    Certification: CE FCC RoHS
    Charging Time: 6-8 Hours
    Foldable: No
    Range Per Charge: 40-60km
    Tire Size: 17"
    Item: Single Wheel Electric Scooter
    Product Model: ST6579
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    Electric Scooter One Wheel Unicycle Self-Balancing El Mono Bike

    Super Monocycle electric Scooter One Wheel Unicycle Self-Balancing scooter Ebike El Electric Mono Bike

    Secutronic – Professional Manufacturer – Single Wheel Electric Scooter

    One Wheel Electric Scooter Brief Introduction

    Electric self balance scooter is now more common in the city. Is it really as good as the legend says? Is it worth buying? How to buy and sell? Here I take you to analyze in detail!
    First of all, you have to understand what is an electric balance scooter? Electric balance scooter classification?

    What is a self-balancing electric scooter?

    Self balancing Electric scooter is a kind of mobility tool that relies on electric drive and self-balancing ability control.

    And its operation principle is mainly based on a basic principle called “dynamic stability”, using the gyroscope and acceleration sensor inside the scooter to detect the change of the scooter’s posture, and use the servo control system to precisely drive the motor to adjust accordingly to maintain the balance of the system. corresponding adjustments to maintain the balance of the system.

    The rider only needs to change the angle of his body to lean forward or backward, and the balance bike can move forward or backward according to the tilt direction.

    Electric Balance Scooter Classification

    The current electric balance bikes can be roughly divided into three types: one-wheeled, two-wheeled and four-wheeled, but the products designed by different manufacturers are various.

    There are surfboard type, skateboard type and pedal type. The skateboard type unicycle balance bike is generally more difficult than the pedal type.

    Two-wheeled balance bikes are with and without handle, with handle need to use the handle to adjust the direction, without the handle need to use the body to adjust the control.

    Four-wheeled balance bike is a common type of skateboard, which generally needs to be used with a remote control.

    How to buy an electric one wheel self balancing scooter?

    The road is very congested, a couple of stops in the subway and crowded and down the steps, so I want to buy an electric balance scooter. There are many brands on the internet, including i-robot, ISTAR, Segway, etc. I don’t know which one is better.

    The difference between the three types of electric balance bikes is not only the difference in appearance and design, but also the most obvious difference in battery capacity and endurance. As a consumable, most electric balance bikes can replace their own batteries or install a second battery, but the general battery price is relatively high.

    As for the kind of balance bikes with seat design, it is not recommended to buy them because there will be problems in force sensing and there is a great potential risk in riding safety.

    Riding a balance bike on the road is a highly focused state of attention and requires constant attention to the surrounding people and scooters, so you sit and ride just to relax? Moreover, the sensitivity of your reaction under sitting riding is much different from that of standing, and you can’t react to the surrounding situation in time.

    Why buy a self-balancing e scooter?

    Do you want to buy a balance scooter?
    Why do you want to buy one?
    Is it out of fun to experience or just want to use it for walking around?

    It is difficult to travel difficult to travel. A stylish, convenient electric unicycle, so you can enjoy a quick commute to work or even shuttle in the downtown streets and alleys of ease and happiness.

    As a new generation of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, portable mobility tools. High style, but also save money, is a trend in the development of fashion trends.
    Easy to carry: can be put directly into the trunk of the scooter or directly into the bus subway train and carry into the indoor (such as office or home).

    Fast charging, generally charging 1-2 hours, can travel 15-30 km.

    Scooter One Wheel Electric Parameters

    Product Name One Wheel / 1 Wheel Gyro Smart E Scooter Balance 60V Lithium Unicycle Adult Scooter Electrico 500W 1000W Mexico
    Brand Name SETRO
    Model Number D2
    Power 500w
    Motor Brushless
    Speed 18KM/H
    Range per charge 30 KM/60KM
    Loading capacity 120KG
    Battery 60V 7.8AH Lithium battery
    Charge Time 4-6hours
    Wheel Size 17 inch vacuum tyre
    Wheel Hub Alloy Hubs
    Dimensions 650mm*430mm*1050mm
    Net Weight 27KGS
    Gross Weight 30KGS
    Max climb capability <30°
    Certification CE
    Color Available

    Electric Unicycle Scooter Battery Customization:

    1 battery 60v 4.4Ah,range in 15-20km

    2 batteries 60v 7.8Ah, range in 25-30km

    3 batteries 60v 12Ah, range in 30-40km

    Motor Customization:

    Exiting scooter motor is 500w

    Customized 1000w, 2000w motor, if any needed, please contact with sellers in advance

    One Wheel Electric Scooter Pictures

    Model Electric Scooter One Wheel
    Item Single Wheel Scooter –Electric Self Balance Scooter
    Max Load Weight 200 KG
    Battery 60V 16-20Ah Li-battery
    Motor Power Max 2000W
    Recharger Included
    Recharge Mileage 40-160km
    Delivery time 2-3 days
    Payment Paypal,Trade Assurance,WU, T/T
    Manufacturer Nanjing Turing
    Quality Assurance ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, Superior Quality with Competitive price; in time delivery

    Electric One Wheel Scooter Applications


    All means of transport have the risk factors, which also include this Electric Bicycle. So you need to learn moreabout the attentions of the product, and be careful in driving process.

    The Most important

    1.Do not fast acceleration or fast deceleration.

    2.Do not turn off when driving.

    3.Please protect yourself primarily if there is the risk of falling, instead of caring about the scooter.


    1.Recommend towear the helmet, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads etc. protective yourself and equipment when riding.

    2.Do not use on the crowded places.

    3.Do not drive it on bumpy roads suchdirt road.

    4. Do not ride on the ramp more than 15°.

    5. It is not goodfor people under 15 years old to learn and ride.

    6. It is betterfor people with height more than 165mm to ride.

    In the processof riding, there might be sudden danger any time. So it need to be careful toride. Our company will do not undertake any responsibility if not handle inaccordance with the instructions.

    Secutronic Company Limited

    Basic Information: Gold supplier, professional manufacturer
    Main Products: Electric Scoocter, Electric Bicycle, One Wheeled Electric Scooter
    Annual Sales Volume: 12,000,000 – 13,000,000 Dollars
    Our Advantage: Professional manufacturer and exporter of Electric Bicycles, Motorcycle with own design, direct factory with competitive price, leading high-tech enterprise, first-class products and efficient after-sales services.
    Our Produdt Advantage: Latest technology, leading manufacture of Scooters in China, leader enterprise of introduction and development of diamond tools technology in China domestic market.
    Main Markets: Europe, North America, South Asia, South and Central America


    One Wheeled Electric Scooter Packaging

    Foam box,Carton,Carton size: 73.5×36.5x74cm
    20’GP: 132PCS
    40’GP: 275PCS
    40’HC: 320PCS

    Why Us?

    Secutronic Technology Co., Ltd

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