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List By Model Electric Pit Bikes Fast 85 MPH E Pitbike For Adults
Electric Pit Bikes Fast 85 MPH E Pitbike For Adults
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  • 2023 Latest China 20KW Cheap Offroad Long Range Max Speed 130 KM/H EBike Electric Mountain Bike for Adult
  • 2023 Latest China 20KW Cheap Offroad Long Range Max Speed 130 KM/H EBike Electric Mountain Bike for Adult
  • Electric Pit Bikes Fast 85 MPH E Pitbike For Adults

    Brand Name: Secutronic/AdmitJet/OEM Electric pitbike
    Range per Power: 170 KM
    Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Wheel Size: 26"
    Max Speed: 130km/h 
    Power Supply: Lithium Battery
    Motor position:Central Motor
    Battery Position:Integrated Battery
    Product name: Electric Pit Bike For Adults
    Warranty: 1 Year
    F&R Disc Brake:Sinter
    Lithium battery:72V 70AH (60Ah option)
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    Electric Pit Bikes Adult Fast Pitbike E Pit Bike For Adult

    Import Chinese Cheap Adult Electric Pit Bikes Fast KTM Style Motos Electrica Pitbike CE EEC Supermoto E Pit Bike For Adults For Sale UK USA

    Secutronic – China Manufacturer – Electric Pit Bikes For Adults

    Description – Electric Pit Bike

    The end of the fuel motorcycle is definitely the battery powered motorcycle! In fact, many people have heard this saying, and this is also the current trend, major brands are developing their own electric motorcycle business, both explicitly and implicitly, regardless of the type of motorcycle market segment, electric motorcycles have an absolute advantage in terms of power!

    If you like to enjoy the high mobility and convenience brought by electric-assisted vehicles, but do not want to accept the traditional electric powered bikes on the market with mediocre shapes and full of grocery cart attributes, then perhaps this special “POINT BREAK” movie, with a strong wild color of personality off road electric bike AdmitJet Armor will suit your appetite.

    AdmitJet Armor Electric Dirt Bike For Adults

    This Chinese brand has launched an electric motocross bike with terrifying torque that puts the traditional motocross overlords to shame! The battery power electric bike is built by a not-so-large Chinese electric motocross bike manufacturer called Secutronic.

    The Armor is equipped with a 5kWh battery and a electric motor rated at 3KW permanent magnet DC brushless motor, with a maximum output of 25.2KW and a maximum torque of a terrifying 1000Nm (Sur Ron’s max torque 440N·m).

    The eco friendly electric dirt bike offers 10% more power than a 450cc four-stroke traditional dirt bike. And the motor weighs only 9kg, which is the most powerful power-to-weight ratio among motocross bikes. The battery also offers an IP68 waterproof rating.

    Originally this AdmitJet Armor electric off road motorcycle was designed and manufactured specifically for camping, outdoor enthusiasts and even hunters. But because of its lightness and performance, as well as its particularly eye-catching and stylish personality, it is also attracting more and more urban riders to buy it.

    Goodlooking AdmitJet Armor Adult Electric Pitbike

    Armor has really captured the essence of motocross, replicating the rugged style and tubular linkage structure to a tee. But since Armor is an electrically powered Pit Bike, the fuel tank under the saddle becomes a battery compartment to store the power battery.

    Meanwhile, the top-of-the-line styling of the Armor Electric Pit Bike has almost no decorative accessories, except for the saddle, the entire body and wheels are painted in black and light green, which is not only full of personality, but also gives a practicality of the electric dirt bikes style.

    And although the Armor is mass-produced, every detail of the e-bike, including the rivets, frame, and saddle, is treated with the utmost care.

    The Armor dirt bike for adults is highly customizable, with Secutronic offering up to 10 body color options, different battery capacities, seat stitching and more.

    High Performance AdmitJet Armor Electric Pit Bike

    In terms of body parts, the car also provides a wealth of original accessories such as front and rear frames, alarms and so on. You can even choose to install city tires, off-road tires or all-terrain tires according to your needs. In short, with a variety of highly flexible options, everyone can customize an Armor E Pit Bike with their own personal touch.

    Of course, you don’t have to worry about buying an off road e-bike like the Armor to get on the road. Just like other two-wheeled vehicle manufacturers, Secutronic ensures that every e-bike and motorcycle they produce is qualified and comes with a VIN and manufacturer’s certificate of origin.

    The Armor Electric Pit Bike has a wheelbase of 1424mm and a total weight of 112kg, with a maximum load capacity of approximately 150kg. The ebike is equipped with a KKE inverted fork for better handling, and a 370mm shock absorber at the rear to ensure riding comfort.

    In fact, in terms of size, the 112kg Armor meets the specifications of a heavyweight electric adventure bike, with uses that balance the comfort of on-road riding with off-road capability, “A Rearl Magic On Riding”.

    The e-bike is equipped with a Mid Drive motor with a peak power of 20kW and a stable power rating of 3kW. Backed by a 72V 70Ah swappable battery, it can run up to 170km of pure electric range. If you think this range is not high enough, you can also double the range with an optional second battery backup for the vehicle.

    Street Legality of the Electric Pit Bikes

    As for the Armor’s performance, to get the most out of the bike, and enjoy its top speed of over 85 MPH (Cake Kalk max speed 56 mph, KTM Freeride E-XC 50 mph), one of the fastest electric dirt bikes in the world, it requires the rider to have a motorcycle license and also register it with a proper motorcycle license to lift its top speed limit offroad or in private venues.

    If you don’t need such an exciting experience, Armor also offers the most conventional “booster mode”, which will only travel at the maximum legal speed of an electric booster – 45km/h – and does not require a rider to have any driver’s license. On the issue of vehicle registration, depending on the policies of different regions, some are required to register the e-bike for a license, while others are not.

    For those seeking a highly individual experience, the wildly stylish Armor should be a good choice.

    Parameter – Pit Bike Electric

    Model: AdmitJet Armor Electric pitbike
    Electric Motor Related Power 3000W DC E-Power,0-1-2-3-4 Forward Gear
    Max Power 72V 20000W
    Max Speed(km/h) 130 KM/H (85 MPH)
    L×W×H (mm) 2120×840×1225
    WheelBase (mm) 1424
    Seat Height (mm) 900
    Ground Clearance (mm) 318
    Net Weight (kg) 108(together battery weight)
    Brake (Front/Rear) Disk/Disk
    Tyre, Front & Rear 80/100-21; 110/90-18
    Lithium Battery CATL 72V 70Ah (60Ah Option)
    Peak output current of battery(Ah) 300Ah
    Continuous output current of Battery (Ah) 150
    Distance Per Charge(km) 170
    Charging Time(h) 1-6H (10Ah charger)
    F&R Absorber Single-chamber dual-adjustable
    F&R Tire Cordial
    All Set Of Light LED
    Display LCD Meter
    Rim&Hub Rim:7116 code alloy                 Hub:casting
    Fame Metal Q345b+6061 Forge Aluminium Alloy
    Rear Fork Aluminium Alloy
    Driven Chain 520
    Driven Sprocket Steel
    F&R Disc Brake Pad CD Copper base
    0Km/h-100Km 5s
    Hand Bar Aluminium Alloy
    Steering, Brake & Clutch Lever Aluminium Alloy 7075
    Max Loading Weight (KG):  150KG
    N.W./G.W.:  118KG/145KG
    Package Size:  182*47*112cm
    Remark:controller with bluetooth,battery BMS come with bluetooth too, both of them can adjuct data by app

    AdmitJet Armor Electric Pit Bike For Adults For Sale



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