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Elenco per modello " ST-G2S 26" Full Suspension E Mountain Bike E Mountain Bike Men Electric Mountainbike Bicycle Ebike
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  • E Mountain Bike Men Electric Mountainbike Bicycle Ebike

    Nome della marca:Setro/OEM/ Electric Mountain Bike
    Model Number:Enduro Electric Mountain Bike
    Ingranaggi:27 Speed
    Gamma per potenza:80 km (PAS mode)
    Materiale del telaio:Lega di alluminio
    Velocità massima:30km/h
    Alimentazione:Batteria al litio
    Sistema frenante:Freno a disco
    Posizione del motore:Motore del mozzo posteriore
    Battery Capacity:48V 8AH Lithium (10 Ah option)
    Tire Width: 26 / 27.5*1.95
    N.W./G.W.:22KG / 25KG
    Frenare:Front & Rear disc brake
    Potenza del motore:350W Brushless Motor (500W Option)
    Full charging time:4-6 (ore)
    Carico massimo:150KG
    • Descrizione

    E Mountain Bike Men Electric Mountainbike Bicycle Ebike

    26″ 27.5 Inch 48V 350W 500W Men VTT E-Bike Mountainbike Full Suspension E Bicycle Ebike MTB Electric Mountain Bike

    Secutronic – Electric Bike Manufacturer – E Mountain Bike


    E Mountain Bike Brief Introduction

    E Mountain Bike Men Electric Mountainbike Bicycle Ebike

    What does eMTB mean?

    An eMTB is just an electric mountain bike that combines mechanics, electronics, software and magnetism. The system adopts dual magnetic circuits (active magnetic circuit and passive magnetic circuit), the Hall elastic angle difference counts, detects the dynamic torque generated when a person steps on the pedals, converts the dynamic torque signal into a digital signal, and then converts it into an analog signal for output to the control.

    The system completes the set storage function through the storable single-chip microcomputer, and the zero processing of the system error to ensure the matching with the whole vehicle and the consistency of the product.

    What is difference between e-bike and mountain bike?

    An E Mountain Bike is an electric bicycle with large output torque, strong climbing ability, capable of driving on complex and steep mountain roads, and simple structure. It is formed by adding an electric drive system and modifying the frame structure by using the existing pedal powered mountain bike mechanical structure.

    The utility model has the advantages of reasonable design, convenient carrying and use, large carrying capacity, light weight and good stability, and is suitable for outdoor mountain riding. It can be used as an e-bike and used for structural improvement of similar products.

    An Electric Mountain Bike has variable speed, thick tires with good grip, suitable for off-road, and a shock absorption system to reduce bumps. Moreover, the strength is large and the impact resistance is strong. Compared with ordinary e bike, it is less likely to be damaged when riding strongly.

    Which e mountain bike is best?


    How much is an electric mountain bike?

    Let’s take reference of these best electric mountain bikes of 2022 with price selected by some website:

    1. Best Overall Electric Mountain Bike Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp Carbon


    The Turbo Levo SL Comp Carbon features a full carbon frame, full FOX suspension and a SRAM Eagle NX drivetrain. Weighing less than 42 pounds and offering 40 miles of range, the Levo SL is a true unicorn. It looks and feels like a pedal bike, almost creating a new category, becoming the first eMTB with a custom-designed motor and battery. Specialized realizes that many riders don’t need a high-capacity battery and would rather save weight. If there was a bike that could convert die-hard enduro riders into e-bike fans, the Levo SL would be it.

    2. Best Upgrade Mountain E-Bike Pivot Shuttle


    The updated Shuttle’s stats are eye-popping: 726-watt-hour battery, 160mm fork, 29-inch wheels, and the latest Shimano motor, all in a 45-pound package. Designed for the aggressive all-day cyclist, the new Shuttle is a sight to behold. Best for steep and technical terrain, the shuttle survives uphill and thrives on downhill. It’s been a really fun ride wherever you take it.

    3. Best Value Electric MountainBike Canyon Spectral:ON CF 7


    Great at just about everything—climbing, descending, cornering, and strong all day—the new Spectral: ON CF 7 is for those who can ride just about anything. At 49 pounds, it’s designed with a more interesting geometry and is flexible enough to tackle all but the most technical terrain. A 630-watt-hour battery, Shimano motor, and premium components round out this dirt bike.

    4. Best Advanced E Mountain Bike Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay Carbon 90 Rally Edition


    If you are an experienced rider looking for more power, the Powerplay is for you. Thanks to a 672-watt-hour battery and a compact, low-mount motor, it zips around on its own on uphills with ease. This bike has aggressive geometry best suited to more advanced riders and remains nimble despite its 51-pound weight. The only major downside is a very loud motor, reminiscent of a coffee grinder.

    5. Most Versatile Mountain eBike Cannondale Moterra Neo Carbon 2



    While it’s 52 pounds heavier than some others, the Moterra Neo Carbon 2 is more than capable of tackling a variety of terrain. With a sturdy carbon fiber frame, 625wh battery and over 6 inches of fork travel, this bike climbs and descends in the best possible way. The beefy 63-mile range, Sram GX Eagle 1×12 gearing and DownLow Dropper telescopic seatpost only add to its appeal.

    6.Best Mullet Electric Mountain Bike Marin Alpine Trail E2



    With a mullet design—29 inch in the front and 27.5 inch in the rear—Marin’s first foray into eMTB was a lovely ride. While a little sluggish on the flats, it was quite noisy on the descents. Great shocks and high-performance components make it a fully functional whip that works on a variety of trails. Just knock on the door? The handlebars are a little cluttered, especially for smaller riders.

    7. Best Downhill E Mountain Bike Santa Cruz Bullit


    Imagine the kind of ingrained, rock, horror festival reserved for the bravest or the craziest, and that’s where you might find Bullit. It’s perfect for ultra-aggressive riders who want to ride the toughest trails without a chairlift or truck shuttle. With 170mm of travel, 630 wh of power and Shimano’s top-of-the-line EP8 motor, you can make a splash down the mountain and still park on a mossy dime.

    8. Focus Aventura² 6.6 electric bike


    If you’re looking for a bike that can do it all, the Focus Aventura is perfect. Aventura² is based on a 29-inch wheeled mountain bike, but comes with lights, racks and fenders. The Aventura 6.6 uses the latest Bosch Performance CX motor that produce up to 85Nm of torque. There is also a fully integrated removable 500wh Bosch Powertube battery with the option to add a second battery to bring the bike to a massive 1000wh capacity. Aventura offers a comfortable riding position and an ergonomic cockpit.

    Compare with above electric mountain bikes, Secutronic ST-G2S has similar performance but only cost under $1000.

    The main functions and advantages of Secutronic electric mountain bikes:

    1. Save power and prolong battery life: while leisure and fitness, the cruising range of the whole vehicle is nearly doubled. Since the current used is about half of that of pure electric vehicles, damage to the battery caused by high current discharge is avoided.

    2. Powerful lithium-ion battery: A+ ternary lithium electric vehicle for automobiles, with high storage density and high power bearing capacity, equipped with the sixth-generation BMS protection system, which has a longer life and longer battery life.

    3. 27-speed shifting kit: The 27-speed shifting kit imported from Taiwan is adopted, the shifting is sensitive and the chain is not lost, the pedal assistance makes you less tired than the 21-speed, and the speed is strong to climb mountains.

    4. Z-Drives control system: The new Z-Drives control system is adopted to reduce losses from batteries, motors, sensors, etc., improve energy efficiency, and last longer.

    5. High-speed brushless motor: It adopts a threaded crimping structure, and the 400W permanent magnet high-speed brushless motor is in contact with the internal equipment. The operation reaches the smoothness of zero resistance in the industry, and the speed is faster and the power output is stronger.

    6. Three riding modes: It integrates the three modes of pure electric and electric assistance, and can ride like a mountain bike without electricity.

    Overall, the bike frame is using aluminium alloy as the material, design it by invisible battery bike frame design with double suspensions. The bike have 3 different riding modes you can switch freely. The brake will have power off system while you holding the brake. This is a rear motor bike, we are using the brushless motor, so it will still very powerful.

    Secutronic has various kinds of options regarding the wheels size, battery packs, brake levers, tires, controllers, etc.

    I motori potrebbero essere 250w/350w/500w/750w/1000w/1500w/2000w/3000w

    Can customize all major brands LOGO

    Any comments and requirements are welcome!

    Secutronic ST-G2S E Mountain Bike


    E Mountain Bike Specifications


    1. Produttore professionale di bicicletta elettrica / bicicletta / scooter con 5 anni di ricerca, sviluppo e produzione di esperienza.


    2. La nostra tecnologia avanzata e la gestione della qualità garantiscono una qualità superiore con un prezzo ragionevole.


    3. Consegna veloce: di solito spedire in 2-3 giorni per gli articoli in magazzino, e generalmente prende 1 - 2 settimane per ordine di massa.


    4. Comunicazione facile e responsabilità veloce, servizio post-vendita caloroso.


    The electric bike / bicycle (artificial damage and failure) is providedafter-sales service in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

    1.La garanzia dello scooter è di 1 anno, tranne i dispositivi di consumo.

    2.Tireis il dispositivo consumabile, quindi la sua garanzia è di 1 mese.

    I seguenti casi non sono in garanzia:

    1. The accidents caused for the user did not use, maintain and adjust scooter in accordance with the manual.

    2. L'utente apporta modifiche. Danni causati dalla revisione e dall'uso non conforme alle norme, con conseguente incidente.

    3. Stoccaggio improprio da parte dell'utente o guasto causato da incidenti.

    4.No carta di garanzia o la carta non può corrispondere alla ricevuta di acquisto.

    5. The appearance damage after use is not covered within the warranty.

    6. Autodemolizione delle parti danneggiate in contraddizione con il manuale.

    7. Una lunga corsa sotto la pioggia o danni causati dall'immersione in acqua.


    Modello Setro 26 inch Electric Bike Mountain STG2S Ruota 26 inches (27.5 inches wheel Optional)
    Colore Black + Red, White + Blue, Black + Green, Black + Yellow Pneumatico 26”*1.95″
    Motore Setro 48v 350W brushless motor (500w option) Ingranaggio 21/27 Velocità Shimano
    Initiating mode PAS and throttle PAS 1:1 pedal assistant
    Batteria 48V 8AH Lithium battery Catena Rust resistant chain
    Gamma 1:1 PAS mode, 80KM Handle bar Aluminum alloy
    Garanzia motor & battery 1 year guarnitura Aluminum alloy
    Caricatore AC100V-240V,48V 9A Sella mountain bike saddle
    Tempo di ricarica 4-6 ore Visualizza LCD Display
    Max speed 30km/h faro 3W LED headlight
    Caricamento 150kg sticker & color Setro (can OEM)
    Telaio Aluminum alloy frame Pedale alluminio
    Wheel rim Aluminum alloy Certificazione CE EN15194 TUV
    Forcella anteriore suspension aluminum fork Peso N.W:22kgs,G.W:26kgs
    Freno anteriore 160 disc brake Carton size 134*33*75CM
    Rear brake 160 disc brake 20’GP container 100 PCS(5.69*2.13*2.18)
    • Realizzato in lega di alluminio
    • Possibilità di uso continuo a lungo termine
    • Potenza
    • Controllo intelligente

    * All data is provided on the basis of laboratory measurement results, in real life these data may be slightly different.


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    26″ 27.5 Inch 48V 350W 500W Men VTT E-Bike Mountainbike Full Suspension E Bicycle Ebike MTB Electric Mountain Bike
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