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Electric Surf Board Electric Jet Surfboard Jet Motorized Propelled Racing Board
Electric Jet Surfboard Jet Motorized Propelled Racing Board
  • Jet Powered Surfing Ski Board Popular Water Sports High Speed Motor Power Jet Electric Surfboard
  • 12000 Watt Best Precio Jetsurf E Motorised Engine Powered Motorized Electric Surfboard for River Sea Surfing for Sale
  • 12000 Watt Best Precio Jetsurf E Motorised Engine Powered Motorized Electric Surfboard for River Sea Surfing for Sale
  • 12000 Watt Best Precio Jetsurf E Motorised Engine Powered Motorized Electric Surfboard for River Sea Surfing for Sale
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  • Electric Jet Surfboard Jet Motorized Propelled Racing Board

    Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: Secutronic/AdmitJet/OEM
    Item: Water Jet Power Surfboard
    Max Speed:55 KM/H
    Max Load Weight:140 KG
    Battery:72V 58Ah Ternary Lithium
    Motor Power:Max 12000W
    Recharge Mileage:45KM - 50KM (one battery)
    Total Weight:35 KG
    Average Duration (60kg rider):45 - 60 minutes
    Delivery time:2-3 days
    Payment:Paypal, LC, WU, T/T, Trade Assurance
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    Electric Jet Surfboard Jet Motorized Propelled Racing Board

    Best Water Sports Racing Jet Motorized Propelled Surfing Ski Board Stand Up Motor Power Electric Jet Surfboard For Sale USA NZ

    Secutronic – Professional Manufacturer – Electric Jet Surfboard

    Electric Surfboard For Sale

    Brief Introduction — Electric Jet Surfboard

    Electric Jet Surfboard Jet Motorized Propelled Racing Board

    The advent of electric jet surfboards:

    The earliest form of electric jet surfboards appeared in 1935 – the “surf scooter” was invented in Australia. The original intention of the design is mainly for entertainment.

    This lightweight water sport equipment was inexpensive and more convenient than boats or jetboards, and quickly gained the favor of rescue teams and lifeguards, and began to be used for rescue purposes.

    Like any modern invention, electric surfboards have gone through many different forms before becoming present products.

    Over the years, new designs have continued to emerge, offering a more functional and streamlined approach to functionality.

    Some of these products include the Skimboat, and an early electric surfboard invented by Joe Gilpin.

    Various forms of motorized surfboards appeared in the 1960s.

    The electric jet board including outboard motors is a product called a “surf jet.”

    In early 2016, Fliteboard founder David Trewern invented the Electric hydrofoil surfboard, by adding an electric motor to his skateboard.

    The composition of an electric jet surfboard


    The electric surfboard belongs to the new field involving sports equipment. It is a lithium ion battery powered surfboard.

    A built-in lithium battery provides about 1 hour of ride time for the electric jet board.

    The whole motorized board includes shell, power system, battery system, joystick, main tail, etc.

    Most of them use an engine or a electric motor as power, called Gas Motorized or Electric Motorized surf boards.

    Application of Surf Jet Motorized Surfboards

    Water Rescue

    Today, electric surfboards come in all shapes and sizes for every situation and are getting faster and faster.

    The use of electric surfboards for water rescue is attributed to its extensibility. Among water sports products, electric jet boards have very high plasticity and have a very large space for improve. The rescue and ambulance work system is of extraordinary significance.

    The entertainment of electric surfboards:

    Firstly, electric jetboards reach high speeds, can make the surfer enjoy the excitement and passion of water sports.

    Secondly, electric powered surfboards have their owner power, they break the traditional surfing restrictions on geographical, weather and other conditions.

    Finally, you can make any water area an ideal surfing spot, surf on the sea or on calm water, even a pool or a river, no need any waves.

    Overall, electric jet board reduces surfing restrictions on age, physical conditions, weather conditions etc. People can fully enjoy its fun, excitement, playability, portability and other advantages.

    AdmitJet Electric Jet Surfboard

    Through 4 years’ constant innovation, AdmitJet just lanuched this latest surf board model.

    It is a pure electric motorized surfboard, with beautiful appearance and excellent performance.

    Equiped with a 12000W powerful motor and a 72V 58Ah (4176Wh) lithium battery, the jetsurf can reach speeds up to 55 KM/H (35 MPH).

    The independent battery design makes it easy to replace, and you can replac it in 10 seconds without tools.

    The jet board designed with high quality carbon fibre looks beautiful and luxurious. The whole jet board body is seamless, and stronger.

    The patented design of powerful jet power system enables its 60 minutes of riding time at average speed about 20 MPH. However, it has about 40 minutes ride time if you keep riding at top speed of 35MPH.

    There is a wireless handle equiped with this surfboard, with three-speed adjustable design.

    Most important, you can drive it in any waters without wind, the vast sea, small lakes, swimming pools, etc. Just paly it at any place with water.

    And there is another model with EPP material surfboard shell, with the same performance, please check here:

    Surfjet 2022 Fast Speed Surfing Jet Power Electric Surfboard

    Details — AdmitJet Electric Jet Surfboard

    Comparison With Other Related Surfboards
    FAQ on AdmitJet Electric Jet Surfboard

    FAQ for Motorized Electric Surfboard


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