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Mini Electric Bike Cheap Adult Small Folding Ebike
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  • Mini Electric Bike Cheap Adult Small Folding Ebike

    Brand Name:Secutronic/Setro/OEM Electric Folding Bike
    Model Number:Mini Electric Bike
    Frame Material:Aluminum Alloy
    Wheel Size:14"
    Power Supply:Lithium Battery
    Braking System:Disc Brake
    Battery Capacity:7.6 Ah, 18650 7.6ah 36V (3P10S)
    Tire Width:14*2.0"
    N.W./G.W.:17kg/18.5kg, Waterproof
    Max climb degree:15 degree
    Motor Power:350W Brushless Motor
    Max Load:90-150kg
    Folding Size:560*590*235mm
    • Description

    Mini Electric Bike Cheap Adult Small Folding Ebike

    Made In China Cheap 14Inch 36 Volt 350W Adult Foldable Ebike Cheap Mini Bikes Aluminium Small Folding Electric Bike or Scooter For Adults

    Secutronic – China Manufacturer – Mini Electric Bike


    Mini Folding Electric Bike Brief Introduction

    Introducing the 14 inch Mini Electric Bike: Your Ultimate Urban Commuting Partner!

    Do you want a bike that is both convenient and environmentally friendly? Look no further than the 14 inch Mini Electric Bike! This bike is not only waterproof but also lightweight, with a net weight of 17kg and a gross weight of 18.5kg. The product is also easy to store, with an open size of 1100*940*750mm and a compact folding size of 560*590*235mm. The package size is even more compact, measuring 800*600*250mm.

    The deck of this mini electric bike is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is both durable and lightweight. The battery is a rechargeable 18650/7.6ah 36V (3P10S) capacity type, which can be charged in just 3 to 4 hours. The battery is also rechargeable for more than 800 times, making this bike a cost-effective choice for long-term use.

    Experience the power and convenience of our 14 inch Mini EBike

    The brushless hub motor provides a rated power of 350W, which is capable of reaching speeds of 25-30km/h. The 14-inch pneumatic tires make for a smooth ride, even on rough terrain. The bike also has a max load capacity of 90-150kg, so you can easily carry your belongings on your commute. With a maximum range of 30-35km, you won’t have to worry about running out of juice during your ride.

    Ride with ease on our waterproof and durable Mini Electric Bike

    The 14 inch Mini E Bike comes with a full set of accessories, including an electric bike kit, charger, tools, and instructions. The bike also features a smart control system, allowing you to easily switch between high, mid, and low speeds. The bike also comes with a lcd display, a pedal assist system, and rear lights, making it a safe choice for night riding.

    Enjoy a smooth ride on our pneumatic tire equipped mini electric bicycle

    If you’re looking for a bike that combines the convenience of an electric bike with the portability of a folding bike, the 14 inch mini electric bicycle is the perfect choice. With its powerful motor and shock-absorbing capabilities, you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride, no matter where you’re going. Whether you’re commuting to work or exploring the city, this mini electric bike is sure to be your new favorite companion.

    Details – Secutronic Mini Electric Bike

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    Specifications – Mini Bike Electric


    1. Professional manufacturer of electric bike / bicycle / scooter with 5 years research, development and producing experience.


    2. Our advanced technology and quality management ensure the superior quality with reasonable price.


    3. Fast delivery: usually ship out in 2-3 days for items in stock, and generally takes 1 – 2 weeks for bulk order.


    4. Easy communication and fast responsibility, warm-hearted after-sale service.


    The electric bike / bicycle (artificial damage and failure) is providedafter-sales service in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

    1.The scooter’s warranty is 1 year except the consumable devices.

    2.Tireis the consumable device, so its warranty is 1 month.

    The following cases are not in the warranty:

    1. The accidents caused for the user did not use, maintain and adjust scooter in accordance with the manual.

    2. The user makes alteration. Damage caused by overhaul, and non-compliance use with regulations, resulting in an accident.

    3. User’s improper storage or failure caused by accidents.

    4.No warranty card or the card can not match the purchase receipt.

    5. The appearance damage after use is not covered within the warranty.

    6. Self demolition of damaged parts inaddition to the manual.

    7. A long time ride in the rain ordamage caused by immersion in water.

    Ebike Mini Bike Parameters

    Mini electric bike Net/Gross weight 17kg/18.5kg, Waterproof
    Product Open size 1100*940*750mm, Folding Size:560*590*235mm
    Package size 800*600*250mm
    Deck Material Alium alloy
    Battery Capacity Type 18650 /7.6ah 36V (3P10S)
    Charge Time 3~4 hours
    Rechargeable Above 800 times





    Rated power Brushless hub motor
    Rated power 350W X1(Single motor 14 inch)
    Wheel Material Pneumatic tires
    Dimensions 14inch




    High speed 25-30km/h
    Mid Speed 15-25 km/h
    Low Speed 15 km/h
    Max climb degree 15 degree
    Max load 90-150kg
    Max Range 30-35km
    Accessories Electric bike kit, charger, Tools, Instructions etc
    • Made of aluminum alloy
    • Possibility of long-term continuous use
    • Power
    • Smart control

    * All data is provided on the basis of laboratory measurement results, in real life these data may be slightly different.

    Mini Electric Bike Applications

    Product Name New Products 2022 China Cheap Lightweight 36V Urban Small E Bike Folding Electric Bike Mini Bicycle Foldable Ebike 250W For Adults
    Item Small E Bike
    Product E Bike Electric Bicycle
    Battery 36V 7.6AH Lithium
    N.W./G.W. 17KG / 18.5KG
    Braking Front & Rear 160 disc brake
    Motor Power 350W Brushless Motor
    Full charging time 3-5 (Hours)
    Max Load 90-150KG
    Delivery time 2-3 days
    Charger AC 100V-240V
    Manufacturer Secutronic Technology – A professional manufacturer of advanced personal vehicles and solutions that increase your productivity and reduce costs. Secutronic is committed to improving customer satisfaction through advanced technology and a commitment to innovation, quality, value and design. With its state-of-the-art digital technology, a strong R&D department and a well-trained production team help produce the most advanced products.
    Advantage ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, Superior Quality with Competitive price; In time delivery


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