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Discover the Different Types of Electric Bikes: A Comprehensive Guide by Secutronic

As the popularity of electric bikes continues to grow, so too does the variety of options available on the market. Learning about the different types of ebikes, including their motor types, designs, and features, can be a daunting task.

  1. Understanding Electric Bike Classes

Electric bikes can be categorized into three main groups based on their motor assistance and speed capabilities. These ebike classifications, also known as e-bike classes, provide a range of choices to suit individual rider preferences and needs.

a. Class 1 Electric Bike

Class 1 electric bikes are equipped with pedal-assist motors that provide assistance only when the rider is pedaling. These e-bikes are limited to a top assisted speed of 20 mph.

b. Class 2 Electric Bike

Class 2 electric bikes also feature a pedal-assist motor as well as a throttle. Riders can reach speeds of 20 mph without pedaling.

The Best Class 2 Electric Bikes 2021, with a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph, include:

  1. Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5 (Heavy and challenging to maneuver.)
  2. Aventon Level Commuter Ebike (Limited custom options.)
  3. Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S2 (Higher price point.)
  4. Gazelle Medeo T9 HMB (Lower range compared to competitors.)
  5. Riese & Müller Nevo3 GT (Premium price may be high for some.)

To select the ideal Class 2 electric bicycles, take into account elements such as personal requirements, financial constraints, and intended purpose. And make sure to research recent releases and evaluations.

c. Class 3 Electric Bike

Class 3 e-bikes, often referred to “speed pedelecs”. They are pedal-assisted e-bikes with a higher top assisted speed of 28 mph. These bikes typically require more advanced features such as a torque sensor and enhanced stopping power from hydraulic disc brakes.

1 Types of Electric Bike Motors

There are several types of electric bike motors available. Including: Mid-drive motors, rear-wheel hub motors, and front-wheel hub motors. Each motor type offers different advantages depending on the intended use of the e-bike:

a. Mid-Drive Motors

Mid-drive motors are centrally located on the bike frame and provide power directly to the bike’s chain. This type of motor offers balance improving, better handling, and increased torque. It makes ideal for electric mountain bikes and heavy cargo bikes.

b. Rear-Wheel Hub Motors

Rear-wheel hub motors are located in the rear wheel hub and provide direct power to the rear wheel. This motor type is ideal for commuting and urban riding, as it offers a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

c. Front-Wheel Hub Motors

Front-wheel hub motors are found in the front wheel hub and provide power directly to the front wheel. Front-wheel hub motors may not be as popular as mid-drive or rear-wheel hub motors. But they are a cost-effective choice for those seeking a conversion kit or for casual riders.

2 Exploring the Types of E Bikes

With a wide range of electric bike models available, Secutronic caters to various riding preferences and needs. Let’s explore some of the different types of electric bikes offered:

a. Electric Mountain Bikes

With strong mid-drive motors, durable frames, and advanced suspension systems, electric mountain bikes are purpose for off-road adventures. And they are able to handle even the most challenging terrain with ease.

b. Electric Road Bikes

Electric road bikes are deal for long-distance rides on paved surfaces. They offer a lightweight design, efficient motors, and narrow tires for increased speed and agileness.

c. Folding E-Bikes

Perfect for urban commuters and those with limited storage space, folding e-bikes feature compact frames. They can be easily folded and transported.

d. Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Fat tire electric bikes offer better stability and traction on various terrains thanks to their wide and knobby tires. They can challenge all terrain such as sand, snow, and mud, making them a popular choice for adventurous riders.

e. Cargo Electric Bikes

Designed to carry heavy loads, cargo electric bikes feature sturdy frames, powerful mid-drive motors. As well as they often include a rear rack or integrated cargo space.

3 Key Features to Consider

When choosing the electric bicycle types, consider the following features to find the perfect fit for your needs:

a. Bike Batteries

Longer battery life allows for extended rides without needing to recharge. Watt-hours (Wh) is the common measurement for battery capacity.

b. Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes provide superior stopping power, especially in wet or muddy conditions. These features making them a desirable feature for e-bikes with higher speeds or off-road capabilities.

c. Comfortable Riding

Comfortable riding experience is heavily influenced by ergonomics. Look for features such as adjustable handlebars, a well-cushioned saddle, and suspension systems to help absorb bumps and vibrations.

d. Torque Sensor

A torque sensor is a device that measures the force applied to the pedals. It also adjusts the level of motor assistance based on the force exerted on the pedals. This can ensure a smooth and efficient ride. This feature allows for a more natural, bike-like feel while pedaling and is particularly valuable in Class 3 electric bikes.

e. Rear Rack

A rear rack is a useful addition for carrying cargo, whether it’s groceries, work supplies, or even a child seat. Many electric bikes come with rear racks or are compatible with aftermarket racks.


With a wide variety of electric bike models and features available, Secutronic offers an e-bike for every type of rider.

You need understand the different classes of e bikes, motor types, and key features. Therefore you can find the perfect electric bike to suit your needs and riding preferences.

Secutronic has various type of E Bikes to meet you need. Whether you’re looking for a daily commuter, a rugged off-road companion, or a versatile cargo carrier, they’ve got you coved.

Exploring Various Ebike Styles: Find Your Perfect Ride with Secutronic

As the popularity of electric bikes continues to grow, so too does the variety of styles available on the market. From vintage-inspired designs to modern, high-performance models, there’s an ebike to suit every rider’s taste and needs.

We’ll explore some of the most popular ebike styles offered by Secutronic, a China electric bike manufacturer. They supply an extensive range of electric bike models.

1 Moped Style Electric Bike

The moped style electric bike is characterized by combination of bicycle and motorcycle feature. They offer a unique blend of style and function.

These bikes have a comfortable seat, upright riding position, and often equipped with a rear rack or storage compartment. They are perfect for urban commuters and leisure riders alike.

Among Secutronic’s moped style e-bikes, you’ll find models that offer the convenience of pedal-assist and throttle control. These ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride.

2 Chopper Style Electric Bike

Chopper style electric bikes draw inspiration from the classic chopper motorcycles, featuring elongated frames, raked-out forks, and wide handlebars. These bikes offer a bold, eye-catching appearance that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Secutronic’s chopper style ebikes are designed with comfort in mind. These types Of Electric Bicycles provide a relaxed riding position and a smooth, powerful motor to effortlessly glide down the road.

3 Motorcycle Style Electric Bike

Motorcycle style electric bikes are built to mimic the look and feel of traditional motorcycles. Whiletime, it offers the eco-friendly and efficient benefits of electric power.

This Motorcycle Style Ebike usually has powerful motors, impressive top speeds. As well as a range of features such as hydraulic disc brakes and LED lighting. This kind of Electric Bike Motorcycle Style provides a thrilling riding experience.

Secutronic’s motorcycle style ebikes are perfect for riders seeking high-performance capabilities and the distinctive appeal of a motorcycle.

4 Retro and Vintage Style Electric Bikes

Retro and vintage style electric bikes bring together the charm of classic bicycle designs with the modern convenience of electric power. These bikes often feature step-through frames, swept-back handlebars, and stylish accessories, such as leather saddles and matching grips.

Secutronic’s vintage style ebikes offer a comfortable and elegant ride for daily commuting or weekend leisure.

5 Scrambler Style Electric Bike

Scrambler style electric bikes are designed for riders who crave adventure and off-road exploration. With rugged frames, knobby tires, and powerful motors, these bikes are built to tackle a variety of terrains with ease.

Secutronic’s scrambler style ebikes are equipped with features like front and rear suspension and hydraulic disc brakes. They ensure a safe and thrilling ride on trails or rough urban streets.

6 Cruiser Style Electric Bike

Cruiser style electric bikes are all about relaxed, comfortable riding. With wide, cushioned seats, swept-back handlebars, and a low center of gravity, these bikes provide a laid-back ride. It’s perfect for leisurely trips around town or along scenic paths.

Secutronic offers a range of cruiser style ebikes that combine the classic Electric Bike cruiser design with efficient electric motors. These Ebikes Cruiser Style allow you to enjoy your ride without breaking a sweat.


With so many ebike styles to choose from, there’s truly something for everyone in Secutronic’s extensive lineup of electric bike models.

Are you looking for the classic appeal of a vintage-inspired design or the rugged versatility of a scrambler style bike? Even if just simply prefer the comfortable ride of an electric bicycle cruiser style. Secutronic has an ebike to suit your individual style and preferences.

Explore their range today and find the perfect electric bike to make your rides more enjoyable and efficient than ever before.

Discover a World of Electric Bike Models: Unleash the Power of Eco-Friendly Riding


Electric bike models have altered the cycling world, offering riders a diverse range of options for various terrains and lifestyles. As technology advances and people focus more on eco-friendly transportation, electric bikes are gaining popularity.

Let’s dive into Secutronic’s extensive lineup of electric bike models, as they are a top-tier manufacturer in the industry. We will highlight the distinctive features and advantages of each model.

Road Bikes for Daily Commuting

a. ST-EBXD26 3 Wheel Electric Bike

Designed for urban riders, this 3-wheel electric bike offers exceptional stability and flexibility, making it perfect for navigating busy city streets. The pedal-assisted system and 750W motor provide higher speeds, reaching up to 28 mph. Additionally, the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes ensure reliable stopping power.

b. ST-JST01 1000W Foldable Bike

Ideal for daily commuting, this folding electric bike offers a compact design for easy storage and transport. The 1000W motor delivers impressive power, while the pedal assist system helps riders maintain a comfortable riding pace. The battery life ensures a worry-free ride, allowing you to reach your destination with ease.

2 Mountain Bikes for Off-Road Adventures

a. ST-EMB300 Downhill E Mountain Bike

Built for off-road enthusiasts, this electric mountain bike features a full suspension system for a smooth ride on rough terrain. The mid-drive motor and torque sensor deliver great climbing power and quick handling. These features make this Mountain E Bike a top choice for off-road adventures.

b. ST-G2S 26″ Full Suspension E Mountain Bike

This mountain e-bike provides a comfortable and high-performance ride with its full suspension system and robust mid-drive motor. The bike’s pedal-assisted system helps riders tackle steep inclines and rugged trails with ease.

3 Fat Tire Electric Bikes for All-Terrain Riding

a. ST-EB26F 26″ Fat Electric Bike

This electric bike model is equipped with wide, fat tires. It is designed to handle various terrains, from sand and snow to rocky trails. The powerful motor and long-lasting battery life ensure a fun and reliable ride. And the hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent stopping power in all conditions.

b. ST-EBSYA720 20″ Fat Tire E Bike

This fat tire model is perfect for riders looking for a comfortable and versatile electric bike. It offers a smooth ride on various terrains. The pedal-assisted system and powerful motor make for easy and enjoyable riding. Also, the rear rack adds extra convenience for carrying cargo.

4 High-Performance Electric Bikes for Speed Enthusiasts

a. ST-EM-DM8KW 8000W Motorcycle

This electric motorcycle model boasts an impressive 8000W motor, capable of reaching speeds up to 28 mph. The bike’s sleek design and advanced features make it an excellent choice. For riders seeking a thrilling and eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas-powered motorcycles.

b. ST-EBSB8KW Stealth Bomber Ebike

Inspired by the stealth bomber, this high-performance electric bike combines speed and style. The powerful 8KW motor delivers exciting acceleration and top speeds, making it an ideal choice for adrenaline enthusiasts.

5 Unique and Innovative Electric Bike Models

a. ST-EBSM2WH Chopper Electric Bike

This chopper style electric bike blends classic aesthetics with modern technology. The central motor offers great advantage for high performance. Besides, the eye-catching design turns heads as you cruise through town.

b. ST-ATV2000 Electric ATV

Perfect for off-road adventures, this electric all-terrain vehicle offers the power and performance needed to tackle rugged terrain. The ST-ATV2000 Electric ATV boasts a powerful motor, long-lasting battery life, and comfortable riding experience. It is an exciting and eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas-powered ATVs.

6 Electric Bikes for Kids and Families

a. ST-EDB-KD350 Kids Electric Dirt Bike

Perfect for young riders, this kids’ electric dirt bike offers a safe and enjoyable introduction to off-road riding. This bike has a smaller frame and lower power output, making it a great option for children. Alternately, despite its smaller frame and lower power output, this bike is designed with durability and safety in mind.

b. ST-ECQR4 2 Seater E Scooter

This 2-seater electric scooter is designed for family outings. It offers a comfortable and convenient mode of transportation for both the rider and passenger. With its powerful motor and long battery life, this scooter ensures an enjoyable and eco-friendly ride for the whole family.

7 Compact and Portable Electric Bikes

a. ST-EBMFZ1 Mini Folding Electric Bike

This mini folding electric bike is ideal for urban riders and daily commuters. It offers a compact and lightweight design for easy storage and transport. With its powerful motor and pedal-assisted system, riders can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride, even in busy city environments.

b. ST-EKB12 Electric Balance Bike

This electric balance bike is designed for riders seeking a unique and innovative riding experience. It provides a fun and engaging opportunity to enhance balance and coordination skills. The bike’s compact design and lightweight construction make it an excellent choice for riders of all ages and skill levels.

8 Electric Bikes with Advanced Features

a. ST-EBSB5KW Stealth Bomber E Bike

Featuring a sleek and aggressive design, this stealth bomber-inspired electric bike offers a thrilling and high-performance riding experience. The bike has powerful motor and advanced features, such as hydraulic disc brakes and a torque sensor. It can ensure a responsive and enjoyable ride.

b. ST-EMLF2KW 2000W Motorcycle

This electric motorcycle model boasts a powerful 2000W motor, delivering impressive acceleration and top speeds. This electric bike offers a thrilling and eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas-powered motorcycles. Thanks to its advanced features and stylish design.

  1. Conclusion

Furthermore, manufacturers are constantly innovating and improving their electric bike offerings, with new features and designs being introduced regularly. Even more options for riders will be provided.

From daily commuting to off-road adventures and everything in between, Secutronic offers a wide variety of high-quality electric bikes. All the electric bike models will cater to all riders.

Secutronic is committed to innovation and eco-friendliness. The company strive to provide riders with the power, performance, and diversity they desire, all while ranking durability and environmental friendliness.

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