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List By Model Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike eMountain Bicycle
Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike eMountain Bicycle
  • Off Road 27.5'' Elektrische Fiet 48V 350 Watt 500W Aluminum Alloy Ebike E Bicycle Electric Mountain Bike
  • Off Road 27.5'' Elektrische Fiet 48V 350 Watt 500W Aluminum Alloy Ebike E Bicycle Electric Mountain Bike
  • Off Road 27.5'' Elektrische Fiet 48V 350 Watt 500W Aluminum Alloy Ebike E Bicycle Electric Mountain Bike
  • Off Road 27.5'' Elektrische Fiet 48V 350 Watt 500W Aluminum Alloy Ebike E Bicycle Electric Mountain Bike
  • Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike eMountain Bicycle

    Brand Name:Secutronic/Setro/OEM Mountain Electric Bike
    Gears:9 SPEED
    Frame Material:Aluminum Alloy
    Wheel Size:29”
    Max Speed:30-50Km/h
    Braking System:Disc Brake
    Motor position:Rear Hub Motor
    Battery Position:Integrated Battery
    Battery Capacity:10 AH
    Item:Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike
    Battery:48V 10AH Lithium
    Weight:About 20kg
    Braking:Z.STAR cable-pull Disc brake
    Motor Power:500W, 350W available
    Pedals:WP-625 Alu alloy with lubricating for MTB
    • Description

    Embracing the Adventure: The Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike eMountain Bicycle

    The Perfect Fusion of Power, Comfort, and Performance

    The Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike, often referred to as the eMountain Bicycle, is a testament to technological advancement in the world of cycling. It embodies the perfect fusion of the traditional mountain bike’s ruggedness with modern electric propulsion, offering cyclists an entirely new way to experience off-road biking.

    The hardtail design refers to the fact that this bike has a solid frame without rear suspension. While full suspension bikes may offer more comfort on rough terrains, hardtail bikes hold an advantage when it comes to pedaling efficiency, especially uphill. The lack of rear suspension makes these bikes lighter and, in turn, faster.

    The ‘electric’ in Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike is derived from its electric motor. It uses a battery-powered electric motor to assist the cyclist’s pedal power. Depending on the bike, riders can choose the level of assistance from the electric motor, making uphill climbs and long-distance rides less exhausting.

    As for the term ‘eMountain Bicycle,’ it’s essentially another name for an electric mountain bike. It emphasizes that this bike is specially designed for off-road cycling, with features like wide and knobby tires for better traction and more powerful brakes to handle steep descents.

    In summary, the Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike eMountain Bicycle is a marvel of modern bicycle design. It combines the best of both worlds – the durability and efficiency of hardtail bikes with the convenience and power of electric propulsion. This bike is perfectly suited for anyone looking to tackle challenging terrains with less effort and more speed.

    China E Bike Manufacturer – 29 inch Electric Mountain Bike


    29 Inch Electric Mountain Bike Brief Introduction

    A hardtail electric mountain bike is a type of electric mountain bike that features a solid frame with no rear suspension. The term “hardtail” comes from the fact that the “tail” (or rear) of the bike is “hard”. I.e., it is not equipped with a suspension system.

    This contrasts with “full-suspension” mountain bikes that have shock absorbers on both the front and rear wheels.

    Hardtail bikes are often lighter and less complex than their full-suspension counterparts, which can make them easier to maintain. Bikes with rear suspension are more efficient when pedaling on flat surfaces or uphill. This is because no energy is lost in a rear suspension.

    An electric motor can be added to a hardtail electric mountain bike. This motor assists the rider in pedaling. This is especially beneficial when climbing hills or when riding for long periods of time. This can make the sport of mountain biking more accessible to a wide range of people, regardless of their fitness level.

    Electric mountain bikes with hardtails are popular with both casual riders and those more serious about mountain biking. They are versatile, cheaper than full-suspension models, and have the added benefit of electric pedal assist. As of September 2021, this is my understanding.

    Evolution of E Hardtail Mountain Bikes: From 2020 to 2023

    Sub-title: The Best 350W and 500W Hardtail Electric Mountain Bikes for Adults

    The trend of cycling increased in 2020. Electric mountain bikes, especially E Hardtail Mountain Bikes, became more popular. These bikes, designed for off-road cycling, have gained immense popularity due to their robust build and efficient performance.

    The Year 2020: Beginning of the E-Bike Revolution

    2020 marked the start of an e-bike revolution. This included the introduction of E Hardtail Mountain Bikes for adults. These bikes, equipped with a 350W motor, offered cyclists the perfect blend of power and control. A key feature of these bikes was their hardtail design, which significantly enhanced their off-road performance.

    Transition into 2021: Power Upgrade

    In 2021, manufacturers responded to the increasing demand for more power by introducing the 500W Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike. This upgrade provided cyclists with more power to tackle steep terrains, thereby widening the scope of e-biking adventures. Despite the power upgrade, the price of these bikes remained under $2000, making them an affordable choice for many biking enthusiasts.

    Stepping into 2022: Focus on Specialization

    The year 2022 saw a shift towards specialization. Manufacturers started tailoring the E Hardtail Mountain Bikes to cater to the specific needs of the adult cyclists. They introduced features like enhanced suspension forks, advanced LCD displays, and improved pedal assist. These specialized e-bikes offered a more personalized and comfortable biking experience.

    Looking Ahead: 2023 and Beyond

    As we step into 2023, the E Hardtail Mountain Bikes continue to dominate the e-bike market. These bikes have proven to be the best hardtail electric mountain bikes for adults, combining power, comfort, and affordability. Meanwhile, You can find these remarkable e-bikes for sale under $2000!

    In conclusion, the E Hardtail Mountain Bikes have seen tremendous evolution over the past three years. They have gone from being basic electric bikes to becoming specialized e-biking solutions for adults. The future of off-road cycling looks promising. These bikes are paving the way for a more sustainable, affordable, and exciting future.


    Unleash Your Adventure with the ST-EMB300 Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

    Experience the Thrill of Off-Roading with Power and Precision

    The ST-EMB300, the ultimate hardtail electric mountain bike designed for exciting off-road adventures. Combining cutting-edge technology, superior performance, and rugged durability, this bike empowers experienced riders to conquer any trail with ease.

    The ST-EMB300 is packed with features, providing uncompromising power and precision handling. It also offers versatile components and the freedom to explore off-road. This bike is ready to take your riding experience to the next level.

    Get ready to unleash your inner adventurer and embark on thrilling journeys with the ST-EMB300 hardtail e MTB.

    Power and Performance: Motor and Battery

    At the heart of the ST-EMB300 lies its unwavering power and performance. With a choice of 350W or 500W ConfRev motors, this hardtail electric mountain bike offers impressive acceleration and unrivaled climbing ability.

    The powertube battery, available in 36V 13A or 48V 10A options, provides long-lasting power for extended rides on challenging terrains. The Bosch Performance CX motor is renowned for its reliability and torque output of 85 Nm. When combined with this motor, riders can easily conquer steep inclines.

    Precision Handling and Control

    When it comes to tackling rugged trails, the ST-EMB300 offers precise handling and optimal control. The KST MgAl alloy suspension fork absorbs shocks and vibrations, ensuring a smooth ride even on the most demanding terrains. With the manual-lockout feature, riders can customize the suspension settings to match their preferred riding style.

    The frame, constructed from AL7005 aluminum alloy, boasts smooth welding and inner cable routing for a clean and sleek aesthetic. The carefully engineered rear triangle enhances stability and durability, making the bike ideal for aggressive off-roading.

    Versatility for Every Rider

    The ST-EMB300 caters to riders of all preferences and skill levels with two wheel sizes: 27.5″ or 29″. This allows them to pick the size that best fits their riding style and terrain.

    The frame heights of 17″ and 19″ ensure a comfortable fit for a wide range of riders. Weighing approximately 19.9 kg, this hardtail eMTB strikes the perfect balance between agility and durability, offering a responsive and nimble ride.

    The ST-EMB300 is designed for all riders. If you are an experienced rider looking for an adrenaline rush, this bike will give you the best performance.

    Reliable Components for Uninterrupted Adventures

    The ST-EMB300 is equipped with high-quality components to ensure uninterrupted adventures on the trail. The SENSAT MX-9 speed derailleurs deliver precise and smooth gear shifts, allowing riders to effortlessly navigate varying terrains.

    The Z.STAR cable-pull disc brakes provide reliable stopping power, instilling confidence on descents and technical sections.

    RS aluminum alloy rims have double-wall construction. This offers durability and stability. They are able to withstand the demands of off-road riding.

    INNOVA-PRO tires have a 60TPI construction with a skin-color edge. They offer excellent traction and control on various surfaces. This allows riders to have confidence to push their limits.

    Embrace the Freedom of Off-Road Exploration

    The ST-EMB300 invites riders to embrace the freedom of off-road exploration and experience the joy of conquering challenging terrains. Integrating the battery and bottom bracket design gives the bike a sleek, attractive look. It also improves maneuverability and agility on the trail. With the ST-EMB300, riders can venture into the wilderness, explore scenic trails, and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.


    The ST-EMB300 hardtail electric mountain bike is a game-changer in the world of off-road cycling. This eMTB is designed to take your riding experience to the next level. It has powerful performance, precise handling, and versatile components. Plus, you can use it to explore off-road trails.

    For experienced riders and trail adventurers alike, the ST-EMB300 offers unbeatable performance and dependability. It is perfect for those who are looking for a new challenge or to push their limits. Get ready to unleash your inner adventurer, conquer new heights, and experience the thrill of off-roading like never before. Take the leap and let the ST-EMB300 be your ultimate companion on exhilarating journeys.

    Hardtail Mountain E Bike Details

    Bike Model
    ST-EMB300 Speed Pedelec
    36V 13A 350W / 48V 10A 350W / 48V 10A 500W
    Wheel Size
    27.5″ / 29″
    Frame Height
    17″ / 19″
    Bike Color
    Black+Red / Black+Gray
    Net Weight
    ≈19.9 KG
    E300, AL7005, Battery Built-in,Smooth welding&inner Cable,Matte&UV decals
    Handelbar Sets
    RS, Alu alloy with Matte,Handlebar 31.8*700,Stem 90,Seat post 31.6*350mm
    GY, Alu alloy,Quick Release 34.9mm
    KST MgAl alloy,Air suspension, Manual-lockout
    Head Sets
    GY, Alu alloy CNC with sealed Bearings 44-56mm
    Alu alloy 3×28.6×10mm
    Derailleur Lever
    SENSAH MX-9 speeds
    Front Derailleur
    Rear Derailleur
    RS, Alu alloy, Square hole, 38T with alloy cover
    DNP-9S, 13-32T
    KENLI,Square hole,with Bearing,BB68
    Z.STAR cable-pull Disc brake
    RS Alu alloy, 2-sealed Bearings, Disc brake
    Alu alloy with Double-wall&Rivets, W24×H19mm
    SHUNJIU, Circular 13G, Bend head
    INNOVA-PRO, 60TPI, Skin-color edge, 27.5″(29″)×2.25″
    Circular, 22.2×130mm&2-locking ring,Comfortable
    Comfortable and Thickened for MTB
    WP-625 Alu alloy with lubricating for MTB
    JAGWIRE,Internal cables,External cables
    Alu alloy rear kickstand +Tools


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