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Electric Balance Scooter – Self Balancing Off Road E Scooter
  • Personal Outdoor Sport Transport Self-Balanced Mobility Scooters 2 Wheel Standing Up Walking Electric Scooters
  • Personal Outdoor Sport Self-Balancing Mobility E Scooter 2 Wheel Stand Up Off Road Self Balance Walking Electric Scooter
  • 19Inch Self-Balancing E-Scooter Big Tire Two Wheels Self Balance Skateboard Electric Scooters with Golf Cart
  • 19Inch Self-Balancing E-Scooter Big Tire Two Wheels Self Balance Skateboard Electric Scooters with Golf Cart
  • Personal Outdoor Sport Transport Self-Balanced Mobility Scooters 2 Wheel Standing Up Walking Electric Scooters
  • Personal Outdoor Sport Transport Self-Balanced Mobility Scooters 2 Wheel Standing Up Walking Electric Scooters
  • 19Inch Self-Balancing E-Scooter Big Tire Two Wheels Self Balance Skateboard Electric Scooters with Golf Cart
  • 19Inch Self-Balancing E-Scooter Big Tire Two Wheels Self Balance Skateboard Electric Scooters with Golf Cart
  • Electric Balance Scooter – Self Balancing Off Road E Scooter

    Brand Name:Secutronic/Setro/OEM
    Range Per Charge:40-45km
    Max Speed: 18km/h, Customizable
    Item:2 Wheel Stand Up Electric Scooter
    Battery:48V Lithium (72V option)
    N.W./G.W.:50kg / 50.9kg
    OEM And ODM:Available
    Charger Voltage:100V - 240V AC
    Max Load:125KG
    Wheel Material:Alloy
    Tire Size:12 inch
    • Description

    Electric Balance Scooter – Self-Balancing Off Road E Scooter

    Personal Outdoor Sport Low Price Cheap Self Balancing Adults E Board 2 Wheel Stand Up Off Road Walking Auto Electric Balance Scooter For Sale

    Secutronic – China Manufacturer – Electric Balance Scooter

    Electric Balance Scooter Brief Introduction

    What are the self balancing scooters called?

    Electric balance scooter, also known as somatosensory scooter, swegway, Segue, etc. There are mainly two types of single wheel and double wheel on the market. Its operating principle is mainly based on a basic principle called “Dynamic Stabilization”.

    Are electric scooters self-balancing?

    The gyroscope and acceleration sensor inside the scooter body are used to detect the change of the scooter body attitude, and the servo control system is used to accurately drive the motor to make corresponding adjustments to maintain the balance of the system. It is a new type of green and environmentally friendly product that modern people use as a means of transportation, leisure and entertainment.

    What is smart scooter?

    With the strengthening of people’s awareness of environmental protection, the number of electric vehicles is increasing day by day. At the same time, after intensive research, scientists finally developed a new two-wheeled electric balance scooter.

    The two-wheeled electric balance scooter is a new type of transportation. It is different from the front and rear arrangement of the wheels of electric bicycles and motorcycles, but adopts the way of fixing two wheels side by side.

    The self balance electric scooter is supported by two wheels, powered by a battery, driven by a brushless motor, and controlled by a single-chip microcomputer. The attitude sensor collects angular velocity and angle signals to coordinate and control the balance of the scooter body. Only relying on the change of the center of gravity of the human body can realize the actions of starting, accelerating, decelerating, and stopping the vehicle.

    Driving method

    Similar to the human body’s own balance system, when the body’s center of gravity is leaning forward, in order to ensure balance, it needs to move forward, and the same is true when the center of gravity is leaning back.

    At the same time, the steering of the electric balance scooter is realized by the handle grip and the telescopic rod. Swing the handle grip together with the telescopic rod will make the left and right wheels of the vehicle have a speed difference (for example, when the telescopic rod swings to the left, the rotation speed of the right wheel will be faster than that of the left wheel). ) to achieve the effect of turning.

    The energy source of the vehicle is a lithium battery pack, which can guarantee a cruising range of 20-70km and a top speed of 20km per hour on a single charge. While riding, point the directional lever in the direction you want to go, and your body will move in the direction you’re pointing.

    When the directional lever is in the center of the vehicle body, the system will drive straight ahead. When turning the direction joystick, the system will control the speed difference between the left and right sides accordingly to realize steering, and let the body follow the direction of the direction joystick tilt, which will result in a better steering experience.

    The breakthrough vertical steering design subverts the traditional driving method and is more in line with the operating habits of the human body.

    How do you use a self-balancing electric scooter?

    How to play a two-wheeled balance scooter? There are many friends who must have been knocked down by the balance scooter. The following is a brief introduction to the specific gameplay, I hope it can help you.

    Turn on the power, don’t start it in a hurry, practice standing up first.

    The first time you stand up, it is inevitable to be nervous. Don’t sway the balance bike back and forth in a hurry. You should stand up straight naturally, relax your body, and look straight ahead.

    Practice the front and rear carts of the soles of the feet. The soles of the feet are a very important step in manipulating the balance bike.

    Hold the handlebars during the exercise, and try to push the balance bike forward and backward by adjusting the center of gravity of the body on the soles of the feet.

    When the body is gradually familiar, you can free your hands and practice without the handle.

    The sole of the foot is the part where the balance scooter is directly felt. If you want to be a little faster, you only need to lean forward through the body and add the thrust of the sole to accelerate.

    It is achieved by adjusting the angle and center of gravity of the body when cornering and braking.


    Advantages of Electric Balance Scooter:

    Compared with traditional means of transportation, electric self-balancing vehicles have the following technical advantages:

    1) Pure electric drive, zero emission, environmental protection and no pollution;

    2) Intelligent control, flexible operation, automatic balance using the principle of inverted pendulum, gravity induction, and superior stability;

    3) The movement is flexible and the steering is stable. The electric two wheel balance scooter has a zero turning radius and can move dexterously in a narrow space;

    4) Small in size, it can be used in public transportation, does not occupy space, and has sensitive braking, and the acceleration and deceleration can be realized by adjusting the center of gravity of the front and rear of the human body;

    5) Modular structure, easy maintenance, novel modeling and control mode, self-balancing platform can be expanded;

    6) The driving is simple, no special training is required, and it can be controlled freely with only a little proficiency.

    In addition, this seemingly simple means of transportation involves technology in many fields, including: mechanics, microcomputer technology, control technology, sensor technology, motor drive technology, battery and material technology, etc., with extensive research background, application value and industry prospect.

    Electric Balance Scooter Buying Guide

    The advancement of technology has changed the way people travel, and the emergence of self-balancing vehicles has made life more convenient and advanced. There are many brands of balance bikes on the market.

    If you ask me what changes the balance scooter has brought to my life, it should be the sense of technology.

    So how should you choose a balance scooter that meets your heart in all aspects?

    Purchase suggestion

    A few things to keep in mind when choosing a balance bike:

    1. Motor:

    It is divided into two types: brushed DC motor and brushless DC motor. The quality of brushless DC motor is better, and the price is relatively expensive.

    2. Brand/price: Although the price is not the only factor that determines the quality of the balance scooter, it is definitely an important factor. Therefore, when purchasing, be sure to choose a well-known brand/big brand, whether it is technology research and development, product quality or after-sales. more secure.

    3. Battery & battery life:

    The quality of the battery determines the battery life. I personally recommend the lithium battery because it has a stronger battery life and a better sense of balance. It is more suitable for people’s short-distance travel. Generally, battery life The price of the stronger ones will be relatively higher. If you often drive outdoors, try to choose a cruising range that can travel more than 10km.

    4. Material: try to choose PC, ABS, nano and other materials, these materials are more heat-resistant, resistant to impact, etc., better than ordinary materials.

    5. Types of balance scooters:

    Self blancing electric scooters are divided into single wheel self balancing scooter and two wheel wheel self balancing scooter.

    And two wheel wheel self balancing scooters include hoverboard self balancing scooters (also known as balancing board) and electric balance scooters with pole.

    Balancing board is a classic balance scooter with safety gear, generally with 6.5 inch in size, and speed limits at 5 – 10 miles per hour. The smart electric hoverboards with bluetooth speaker and LED lights are mainly designed for young and fashionable people. Unlike video games your kids are addicted to, self-balancing scooters are pretty cheap by comparison.

    There’s another type of the electric balance scooter, hoverboard go kart. If you’re a big fan of kart racing and self-balancing scooters like hoverboards, you’ll be happy to know that you can turn your hoverboard into an air kart.

    6. Function:

    The waterproof system is very important, it is recommended that you pay attention to it; the height of the adjustable armrest/cushion is related to the use of adults and children.

    7. Self-balancing ability:

    At present, the balance scooters on the market are basically equipped with intelligent self-balancing ability. It is a high-tech technology that keeps the body balanced through its own intelligent system, even if we stand on the scooter and do not move. It will also maintain a state of balance, enhancing its security.

    8. Climbing ability:

    This function is also very important. If you want to easily cross small obstacles when using it, the slope is no exception. At least choose a slope of about 15°.

    9. Load bearing:

    The general load capacity of the scooters for kids is less than 80kg. When choosing, you can pay attention to the scooters for children or adults. Don’t choose the wrong one.

    Note: Balance scooters are prohibited on roads in many cities, and everyone should try to choose an open place when using them.


    Secutronic Smart Electric Balance Scooter for Sale

    This off road self balancing electric scooter is for sports outdoors. The quality is really good, the safety is also guaranteed, there are speeding prompts, and speed limits can be set. Controlled by the mobile app, it can respond well.

    The appearance of this balance scooter is off-road style, with an intelligent self-balancing system, and the performance is very good.

    18650 power lithium battery, 60V 7.8Ah 468Wh lithium battery capacity, cruising range of 20 miles. Dual batteries can be installed.

    The maximum gradient can reach 30°, and it is easy to cross even when encountering a gradient.

    Hidden foldable pull rod, magnesium alloy frame and anti-skid tubeless tire are full of security. The magnesium alloy chassis has a load capacity of 125kg. Anti-skid tread design can provide strong grip. It also comes with a smart APP Bluetooth remote control, making the balance scooter a large remote control scooter in seconds.

    Secutronic ST-EC-2WSB Self Balance Cruiser

    Easy to use, good operation, good safety performance, limited speed – 11 mph max speed. There is an app to download, speed limit, and remote control.

    The height of the 80mm adjustable operating rod can be adjusted as you like, and it also has a handle for portability. It is more comfortable and safer to ride with a shock-absorbing pedal.

    The installation is simple and easy, and the appearance is beautiful and fashionable. Balanced performance is good, and novices can learn it quickly. The ride is smooth and cornering is smooth.

    There is also an induction LED rainbow light system: running lights, turn signals, brake lights, and tail lights are all available, improving safety for night riding.

    With a display panel, you can see the power, Bluetooth connection status and error indications. The 2400W high-performance dual motor (1200W*2) has super adaptability, even on steep slopes. Suitable for kids and adults.

    Gift cards are available.

    Self Balancing Electric Scooter Pictures

    Electric Balance Scooter Specifications


    1. Professional manufacturer of electric bike / bicycle / scooter with 5 years research, development and producing experience.

    2. Our advanced technology and quality management ensure the superior quality with reasonable price.

    3. Fast delivery: usually ship out in 2-3 days for items in stock, and generally takes 1 – 2 weeks for bulk order.

    4. Easy communication and fast responsibility, warm-hearted after-sale service.



    Battery Samsung Lithium Battery 48V 8.8Ah (11Ah, 5.6Ah Option, 72V Option)
    Power Imported DC motor 2400W (2000W Option)
    Min turnning radius 0
    Tire 19 Inch Vacuum
    Wheel 12 Inch / 26Cm Black Aluminium Alloy Rim
    Lifetime of battery 1-3 Years
    Height of handle bar 80-110Cm Adjustable
    Color of LCD screen Show Battery,Speed,Distance(Digital Display)
    Front light 1Pc T6 High Light On The Handle Bar
    Version P48Li P72Li
    Battery Lithium Battery 60V 7.8Ah Lithium Battery 60V 15.6Ah (dual battery)
    Motor 2400W (1200W*2)
    Input Voltage 100V-240V
    Max Climbing Angel 30 Degree
    Max Speed 18 KM/H
    Range 30-35KM 40-45KM
    Max Load 125KG
    Steering lever height 80-110cm
    Pedal height 23cm
    Ground clearance 12.5cm
    Standard Tyre Pressure 150Kpa
    LED Display Content Speed, time, milege, electricity, voltage
    Sooter Size 83*47*60cm
    Carton Size 90*51*63cm
    Charging time 4-5 H 3-4 H
    Net Weight 51.6KG 50KG
    Gross Weight 62.5KG 50.9KG
    Color Black,White,Red,Yellow,Blue

    Electric Balance Scooter Applications

    Name Personal Outdoor Sport Low Price Self-Balancing E Scooter 2 Wheel Stand Up Off Road Self Balance Walking Electric Balance Scooter
    Item 2 Wheel Stand Up Electric Scooter
    Product Two-Wheel Electric Scooter
    Battery 48V Lithium (72V option)
    N.W./G.W. 50kg / 50.9kg
    Max Speed 18km/h, Customizable
    OEM And ODM Available
    Charger Voltage 100V – 240V AC
    Max Load 125KG
    Delivery time 3-5 days
    Wheel Material Alloy
    Manufacturer Secutronic Technology
    Advantage ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, Superior Quality with Competitive price; In time delivery


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    Secutronic Technology Co., Ltd

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