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List By Model High Speed Electric Bicycle Stealth Bomber Ebike For Sale
High Speed Electric Bicycle Stealth Bomber Ebike For Sale
  • 72V 8000W High Power Ebike 120KM/H Off-road Bici Elettrica Fast Adult Mountain Steaith Bomber Electric Bike Bicycle
  • 72V 8000W High Power Ebike 120KM/H Off-road Bici Elettrica Fast Adult Mountain Steaith Bomber Electric Bike Bicycle
  • China Hot Selling Enduro Electric Bikes 72 V 3000 Watt EBike High Quality Electric Enduro Motorcycle Bike
  • Black-8000W 2
  • Black-8000W 3
  • Black-8000W 4
  • High Speed Electric Bicycle Stealth Bomber Ebike For Sale

    Wattage: 8000w
    Voltage: 72V
    Power Supply: Lithium Battery
    Wheel Size: 26*2.6"(3.0 Option)
    Motor: Brushless
    Certification: CE,DOT,EEC
    Frame Material: Steel
    Max Speed: 100-110km/h
    Range per Power: 100 km
    Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: Secutronic/Setro/OEM 72V 8000W Ebike
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    High Speed Electric Bicycle Stealth Bomber Ebike For Sale

    China Manufactuer Quality Low Price Mountain Offroad Frame Ebike Fast Enduro Stealth Bomber Electric Bike 8000W for Sale Canada

    Secutronic – China Manufacturer – Stealth Bomber Ebike

    High Speed Electric Bicycle Stealth Bomber Ebike For Sale

    High Speed Electric Bicycle Brief Introduction

    In the emerging market of fastest electric bikes, the Stealth Bomber stands out. Not only does it boast an impressive speed, but it also prioritizes safety and comfort. The front and rear disc brakes ensure reliable stopping power, and the ergonomic design guarantees a comfortable ride even at top speed.

    The Stealth Bomber e-bike is a testament to how far electric bikes have come. It encapsulates the strides taken in technology and engineering to bring us bikes that are fast, safe, and environmentally friendly. This high-speed electric bike is the future, and it’s here now.

    Embrace the wind, embrace the speed, embrace the future with the Stealth Bomber e-bike. Get ready to redefine what you thought was possible on two wheels. Your journey towards high-speed biking starts here.

    Harness the Wind with High-Speed Electric Bicycles: The Stealth Bomber E-Bike Experience

    How the Stealth Bomber E-Bike is Redefining Speed on Two Wheels

    High-Speed Electric Bicycles: A New Era in Cycling

    Electric bikes are revolutionizing the way we travel. Now, high-speed electric bicycles are taking it to the next level. Imagine reaching speeds that were once reserved for cars, all while on two wheels. Let’s dive into the exciting world of these fast e-bikes, with a particular focus on the Stealth Bomber e-bike.

    Meet the Stealth Bomber E-Bike: A Powerhouse on Two Wheels

    Imagine a bike that combines the best of mountain bikes and dirt bikes. That’s the Stealth Bomber e-bike for you. It’s not your average electric bike. Its commanding presence and powerful performance are more reminiscent of a full-blown motorcycle.

    The Stealth Bomber E-Bike: More Than Meets the Eye

    The Stealth Bomber e-bike looks like a beast, but it’s more than just a pretty face. This electric bike’s designed to tear apart any surface – be it asphalt, gravel, or dirt. And the best part? It does this while being environmentally friendly, thanks to its electric-powered bike system.

    Power and Performance: A Look Under the Hood

    The Stealth Bomber e-bike is equipped with a 72V 8000W rear brushless geared motor. This powerful hub motor allows the bike to reach high speeds while maintaining smooth performance. With a range of 80-100km on a single charge, this bike is perfect for those long rides.

    Pedal Assist: Your Partner in Every Ride

    With the Stealth Bomber e-bike, you’re not alone in your journeys. The pedal assist feature lends you a hand when you need it, allowing you to conquer terrains and speeds that were once unimaginable on a regular bike.

    Built to Last: The Stealth Bomber E-Bike’s Robust Frame

    Durability is a key aspect of any high-speed e-bike. The Stealth Bomber’s frame is made of fortified steel, ensuring it can withstand high speeds and rough terrains. This bike weighs enough to maintain stability, but it’s also light enough for you to maneuver easily.

    Smooth Riding with High-Quality Tyres and Brakes

    The Stealth Bomber e-bike is fitted with 26*2.6 mountain tyres by Kenda, designed to handle any surface. With Zoom brakes, you can go fast and trust your bike to stop.

    Comfort and Control: The Stealth Bomber E-Bike’s Handlebar and Saddle

    The Stealth Bomber’s handlebar and saddle are engineered for maximum comfort. The AL-ALLOY AL6061 31.8 ZOOM handlebar offers precise control, while the sport seat by VELO ensures comfortable rides, even at high speeds.

    Get Your Own Stealth Bomber E-Bike

    Are you intrigued by the Stealth Bomber e-bike? Now you can have one at a competitive price! We offer a package that includes everything you need to assemble your own Stealth Bomber. Plus, we provide a video guide to make the assembly process easy.

    Conclusion: Embrace the Speed with the Stealth Bomber E-Bike

    With the Stealth Bomber e-bike, you can experience the thrill of high speeds on a bike designed for performance, durability, and comfort. This high-speed electric bicycle is sure to redefine your biking experience, making each ride an exciting adventure.

    Whether you’re tackling rough terrains or cruising down the city streets, the Stealth Bomber e-bike delivers a ride like no other.

    This high-speed ebike isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s a lifestyle choice. Its unique design, cutting-edge technology, and robust performance truly set it apart in the world of electric bikes. From the United States to all corners of the globe, this fast e-bike is catching the attention of biking enthusiasts and novices alike.

    Whether it’s the 60 miles or the 100 miles you wish to conquer, the Stealth Bomber e-bike is your perfect companion. Its integrated battery ensures a long-lasting performance that will carry you on countless rides. The exhilarating speed, unmatched power, and seamless control of this bike provide an experience that traditional bicycles just can’t match.

    Stealth Bicycle Specifications

    Riding Modes and Flexibility

    The Secutronic Stealth Bomber Ebike offers three distinct riding modes: electric, power assistance, and manpower. This flexible approach allows riders to tailor their experience, even effortlessly pedaling as if on a regular bike when out of electricity.

    Acceleration and Top Speed

    Fastest e-bikes like the Stealth Bomber can reach staggering speeds in seconds, thanks to their electric motors outputting maximum torque directly. It can easily clock over 60 miles per hour, making it a revolution in the realm of ebikes.

    Journey Range and Battery Life

    An 8000W ebike generally offers a range of around 37 miles on a full recharge. However, with a 72V 40Ah Samsung integrated battery, the Stealth Bomber surpasses this norm, providing a range of 55 to 60 miles, akin to some renowned models like juiced bikes.

    Quality Suspension and Comfort

    The Stealth Bomber Ebike’s comfort is due to its high-quality suspension system. It features a Zoom Front Fork and DNM brand rear suspension, both handpicked and tuned by the Secutronic stealth team. The result is a ride that doesn’t compromise on any front.

    Advanced Braking System

    Equipped with dual piston hydraulic disc brakes, EBS electronic braking, and a kinetic energy recovery system, the Stealth Bomber ensures safety at high speeds. Its front and rear disc brakes, clamping on 203mm rotors, provide precise braking effects for total control.

    Overcoming Limitations with Innovative Solutions

    While factors like long battery charging times and short driving ranges often limit the promotion of electric bicycles, Secutronic’s Stealth Bomber tackles these issues head-on.

    The ebike optimizes the distribution of electric motor and mechanical braking force, maintaining a fixed braking force on the front and rear axles.


    Carton size: 171*57*51cm

    G.W./N.W.(KG) 73KG/51KG

    Stealth Bomber Ebike Parameters

    8000W Motor Kit Includes

    a, 8000W motorized rear wheel(26×2.6″)
    Optional: 26×3.0″, 26×4.0″

    b, 24MOZ Tube controller

    c, Brake lever

    d, throttle

    e, LCD display

    f, 6 or 7 speed gear

    High Speed Electric Bicycle Stealth Bomber Ebike For Sale
    Front Wheel and Tire(26×2.6″)

    Optional: 26×3.0″, 26×4.0″

    High Speed Electric Bicycle Stealth Bomber Ebike For Sale

    155mm drop out

    High Speed Electric Bicycle Stealth Bomber Ebike For Sale
    Front Fork

    TAIWAN Zoom Triple Crown Oil Suspension Fork (Adjustable and Lockable), Range:180mm

    High Speed Electric Bicycle Stealth Bomber Ebike For Sale
    Rear Suspension(Shock) High Speed Electric Bicycle Stealth Bomber Ebike For Sale
    Chain Wheel & Crankset High Speed Electric Bicycle Stealth Bomber Ebike For Sale
    Hydraulic Brake System High Speed Electric Bicycle Stealth Bomber Ebike For Sale
    Zoom Handlebar Set

    Includes Zoom Handlebar, Stem and Seat post

    High Speed Electric Bicycle Stealth Bomber Ebike For Sale

    Ergonomic Big Seat; high quality PU


    72V 26AH Li-on Battery(Samsung 22P Cell)


    48V 25AH Li-on Battery(Samsung 22P Cell)

    72V 40AH Li-on Battery(Panasonic Brand)

    Flexible Style

    Product Name Stealth Bomber Electric Bike / Bicycle
    Motor 72V 8000W Rear Brushless Geared Motor (5000W, 3000W option)
    Battery 72V 26Ah (72V 40AH lithium battery PANASONIC Brand Option)
    Big LCD instrument With Waterproof Wire
    Range 80-100km (Electric only)
    Frame Fortified Steel
    Tyres 26*2.6 Mountain Tyres KENDA
    Brake Front/Rear Disc Brake ZOOM
    Derailleur Outer 7 Speed SHIMANO
    Chain KMC 7 Speed Chain
    Standard Configuration With headlight and half grip throttle
    Handle Bar/Stem
    AL-ALLOY AL6061 31.8 ZOOM
    Chain Wheel 42 teeths double covers AL-ALLOY LESCO
    Saddle Sport Seat VELO


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