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Blog Over half of Brits are thinking of getting an e-bike

Over half of Brits are thinking of getting an e-bike

December 10, 2018

Over half of Brits are thinking of getting an e-bike – and subsidies could tip the balance


mdavidford 2 days 4 hours ago

Noticeable that there’s no actual details of the what the survey asked (no link to the source), and everywhere that’s carrying the story just has the same regurgitated press release. Are 55% really ‘considering’ buying one, or did they ask something like ‘would you consider…’ or ‘have you looked at…’ and then ‘creatively interpret’ that you mean ‘are considering’?

Sriracha 3 days 23 hours ago


Well if over half the population is “considering” getting an ebike, I’d suggest any taxpayer money be spent on what it is that has stopped them buying already –  infrastructure and facilities. Subsidising the price of bikes just feathers the suppliers’ nests – they’ll still charge what the market will bear.

eburtthebike 4 days 1 hour ago


“Over half Brits thinking of getting an e-bike……”  And pretty soon the media are going to mention them.  I know that they’ve been around for some time, but given their popularity in lock down, the media’s silence on the subject has been defeaning.

Still, the BBC broke it’s forty year ban on mentioning the benefits of cycling on R4 this morning, and they had a whole minute of someone explaining; nothing compared to the tens or hundreds of hours they’ve spent advertising e-cars, but it’s a start I suppose.

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