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Self Balance Unicycle One Wheel Solo Electric Mono Scooter
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    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: Setro / OEM
    Model Number: Single Wheel Electric Scooter
    Power: 500 Watt
    Voltage: 60 Volt
    Certification: CE FCC RoHS
    Charging Time: 6-8 Hours
    Foldable: No
    Range Per Charge: 40-60km
    Tire Size: 17"
    Item: Single Wheel Electric Scooter
    Product Model: ST6579
    • Description

    Self Balance Unicycle One Wheel Solo Electric Mono Scooter

    Self Balance Unicycle Onewheel One Wheel Self Balancing Monowheel Fast E Scooter Electrical Solo Electric Mono Bike With Seat For Sale

    Secutronic – China Manufacturer – Electric Monowheel

    Brief Introduction – Self Balance Unicycle

    What is a unicycle?

    Although the name is quite explicit, the truth is that we are talking about a single-wheeled electric scooter, which moves by means of an electric motor that receives energy from rechargeable batteries.

    There are models of different powers, sizes and capacities, and there are even models with a seat or handlebars.

    The way to control them is easy at least in theory, since, with the movements and inclination of your body and feet, you get it to go where you want, very similar to hoverboards.

    Why buy a unicycle?

    It is clear that an electric unicycle is an excellent alternative to move around the city in a comfortable and fast way. That may be the main reason to buy one, especially in places where you can use it to go to work or to do the shopping.

    You will arrive more quickly, the level of fatigue will be much lower and the fact of being able to charge it at home makes it infinitely cheaper than if we had to take the car.

    But it can also be an ally to go for a walk or for the children to have fun playing with it.

    In addition, they are portable, which means that thanks to a handle that incorporates most of them, if at any given time we have to walk anywhere, we can take it with us easily.

    To all this we must add that it is a totally sustainable means of transportation device as it is completely electric.

    It is clear that, if you were looking for a different and original way to get around where you live, there is nothing like the electric unicycle, the compact alternative to the scooter.

    Which battery do electric unicycles use?

    The battery is one of the most important points to pay attention to, since it will be the one that will determine how much you will be able to travel and for how long.

    The autonomy you need will vary a lot depending on the use you are going to give to the unicycle.

    That is to say, if your route is going to be about 5 kilometers a day, it is absurd to spend money on one that gives you 50 kilometers. The normal thing would be, following the same example, to get one that gives you 10 or 15 kilometers, so as not to charge it every day.

    How long does an electric unicycle last?

    It depends on battery capacity. A normal unicycle will have a battery of about 120 Wh, which allows to make about 15 kilometers more or less, reaching the models of higher range more than 1,300 Wh, surpassing the 100 kilometers of distance.

    Such as Inmotion V11, with an 84V battery pack 1,500 Wh of battery capacity, this high-power electric unicycle has a range of up to 75 miles (120 km).

    Secutronic High Performance Self Balance Unicycle Electric Monowheel Parameters:

    Product Name: One Wheel / 1 Wheel Gyro Smart E Scooter Balance 60V Lithium Unicycle Adult Scooter Electrico 500W 1000W Mexico

    Model Number D2

    Motor Power: 500W

    Motor Brushless

    Top Speed 18KM/H

    Range per charge 30 KM/60KM (2 batteries)

    Loading capacity 120KG

    Battery 60V 7.8AH Lithium battery

    Charge Time 4-6hours

    Wheel Size 17 inch vacuum tyre

    Wheel Hub Alloy Hubs

    Dimensions 650mm*430mm*1050mm

    Net Weight 27KGS

    Gross Weight 30KGS

    Max climb capability <30°

    Led Lights Available

    Certification CE

    Color Available: Black, White

    Features including battery customization:

    1 battery 60v 4.4Ah,range in 15-20km

    2 batteries 60v 7.8Ah, range in 25-30km

    3 batteries 60v 12Ah, range in 30-40km

    Motor Customization:

    Exiting scooter motor is 500w

    Customized 1000w, 2000w motor with high speed, if any requirement, please contact with us in advance.


    Single Wheel Electric Unicycle Scooter For Sale

    Model Single Wheel Electric Scooter
    Item Single Wheel Scooter –Electric Self Balance Scooter 2
    Max Load Weight 200 KG
    Battery 60V 16-20Ah Li-battery
    Motor Power Max 2000W
    Recharger Included
    Recharge Mileage 40-160km
    Delivery time 2-3 days
    Payment Paypal,Trade Assurance,WU, T/T
    Manufacturer Nanjing Turing
    Quality Assurance ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, Superior Quality with Competitive price; in time delivery


    All means of transport have the risk factors, which also include this Electric Bicycle. So you need to learn moreabout the attentions of the product, and be careful in driving process.

    The Most important

    1.Do not fast acceleration or fast deceleration.

    2.Do not turn off when driving.

    3.Please protect yourself primarily if there is the risk of falling, instead of caring about the scooter.


    1.Recommend towear the helmet, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads etc. protective yourself and equipment when riding.

    2.Do not use on the crowded places.

    3.Do not drive it on bumpy roads suchdirt road.

    4. Do not ride on the ramp more than 15°.

    5. It is not goodfor people under 15 years old to learn and ride.

    6. It is betterfor people with height more than 165mm to ride.

    In the processof riding, there might be sudden danger any time. So it need to be careful toride. Our company will do not undertake any responsibility if not handle inaccordance with the instructions.

    Single Wheel Scooter

    Electric Self Balance Scooter 2 Packaging

    Foam box,Carton,Carton size: 73.5×36.5x74cm
    20’GP: 132PCS
    40’GP: 275PCS
    40’HC: 320PCS

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    Self Balance Unicycle One Wheel Solo Electric Mono Scooter One Wheel Electric Scooter 第13张
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