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Blog HONDA Ruckus For Sale – the unique skeleton design

HONDA Ruckus For Sale – the unique skeleton design

August 28, 2020

Max. Stand out, just because of the unique skeleton design — 2023 HONDA Ruckus For Sale

Honda Ruckus For Sale

2023 HONDA Ruckus For Sale

HONDA Ruckus has become the focus of attention because of its rugged industrial design and unique skeleton appearance. The body is encased in an intriguing frame. It resembles an electric bicycle, having a design that varies from cute to rugged.

The Ruckus has a unique skeleton design, making it eye-catching. This design reduces the overall weight of the bike, and backpacks can easily fit under the seat. The double round headlights add to the charm, making it both spiritual and lively. Its playful car color and wide tires make it a perfect vehicle.

The 49cc liquid-cooled engine and Honda’s V-Matic automatic transmission provide great and economical performance. You don’t need to shift gears or worry about stalling on the road. All you need to do is refuel!

Lightweight and capable, HONDA has created a fun and intelligent vehicle for users.

Honda Ruckus is a scooter that was released in North America in 2015. It is available in black and white models. Its 49cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke single-cylinder engine provides reliable power and strong fuel economy. It is lightweight and comfortable, and also energy efficient.

Chinese Name Honda Ruckus Product Type Scooter


1 Introduction:

2 Functional features:

3 Specifications:

Brief introduction:

If you want to travel freely in the city traffic, small size and light practicality are indispensable. The new Honda Ruckus is now available at the library. It has a light body and reliable power, making it great for passing through city traffic. Its unique design makes it stand out in busy streets.

Honda Ruckus For Sale

Functional features:

The Ruckus has a distinctive exterior design. It’s easy to spot at a glance. Every detail of it is full of surprises.

The double headlight design is bold and energetic. It has an edgy, playful look. The large tires make it a fashion trendsetter.

The Ruckus is powered by a 49cc engine. It is a liquid-cooled, four-stroke single cylinder engine. This engine provides reliable power and excellent fuel economy.

The base design of the vehicle is 734mm. This allows riders to place their feet on the ground with ease. It has a body weight of only 88kw, making it comfortable and easy to drive in the city.

Honda Ruckus For Sale

The Ruckus has a special feature: a skeleton design under the seat. This design makes the appearance more attractive and reduces the body weight. Riders can store backpacks and other items under the seat, making commuting more convenient.

Turn the key and push the button. The Honda Ruckus offers ease and convenience, even in cold weather. Starting is always effortless.

Honda Ruckus For Sale


In production / Discontinued: In production

Sales region: North America

Published launch date: 2015

Available colors: black, white

Engine type: liquid-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder

Bore 37.8mm

Stroke 44mm

Displacement 49cc

Maximum power 3.1kw

Horsepower Max. 4.2ps

Power speed Max. 8500rpm

Torque Max. 4Nm

Max. torque 5500rpm

Compression ratio 11.9:1

Length 1880mm

Width 735mm



Ground clearance 145mm

Seat height734mm

Overall weight 88kg

Honda Ruckus For Sale


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