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Blog Stark Varg Unleashes a Electric Dirt Bike Revolution

Stark Varg Unleashes a Electric Dirt Bike Revolution

December 10, 2018

Stark Varg Unleashes a Electric Dirt Bike Revolution

A Detailed Look at the Stark Varg Electric Dirt Bike

Stark Electric Dirt Bike

The world of electric dirt biking is experiencing a major upheaval, thanks to the latest entrant.

Stark Future, a Swedish company, has launched this awe-inspiring electric dirt bike. It is set to compete against and possibly outpace its gas-powered counterparts.

A Superior Powerhouse

Stark Varg’s core strength lies in its electric motor, which generates a peak-rated 80 hp (60 kW). This gives it a 20 hp advantage over the most powerful 450cc dirt bikes in the market. The motor can support up to 100 customizable power and performance profiles. This Stark Electric Bike can match the power bands of a wide range of bikes, from 125cc 2-strokes to 650cc 4-stroke behemoths.

A Revolution in Motocross Bike Frame Design

Stark Varg Electric Dirt Bike

Stark Future’s engineers have embarked on an innovative approach to design. By utilizing the motor as a structural component, they have been able to achieve a notable breakthrough. This has resulted in the development of a motocross frame that stands out in its class. Remarkably, it is almost 50% lighter than those offered by competitors.

Incorporating high strength and optimized flex characteristics, the Stark Electric Dirt Bike delivers an exceptional riding experience. Further, its reduced inertia contributes significantly to the bike’s distinctive lightness. Moreover, this advanced design translates into enhanced agility for the rider. Ultimately, this results in unmatched maneuverability, setting the Stark Electric Dirt Bike apart from the competition.

Incredible Torque and Traction Control

The Stark Varg electric dirt bike delivers an astounding torque of 275 Nm (203 lb-ft) at the axle, resulting in 938 Nm (692 lb-ft) at the rear wheel. These figures are astronomical compared to most electric motorcycles and even some dirt bike manufacturers. The traction control is such that it turns dirt into liquid, a feature that riders will definitely appreciate.

Impressive Battery Performance and Easy Trail Riding

Stark Future has worked diligently to ensure that the Stark Varg offers impressive runtime, a common problem area for most electric motorcycles.

The Stark Varg is equipped with a sizeable 6 kWh battery. It is said to offer the same range as complete a full tank of gas on a 450cc 4-stroke dirt bike. Whether you plan for intense motocross or a leisurely six hours of easy trail ride, this bike won’t let you down. Moreover, the battery can be fully recharged in one to two hours, depending on the charger and power outlet.

Stark Varg High Tech Features

The Stark Varg features a smartphone controller that allows on-the-go adjusting the power. Riders can choose from dozens of power maps and profiles right from the handlebars.

The bike’s customization extends from the factory floor. Riders have the flexibility to modify suspension settings to complement their weight. Additionally, they can select their preferred wheel size for optimal control and maneuverability.

They also have the option to choose their desired method of rear brake control for enhanced safety.

Lastly, it offers more than 100 ride modes. Riders can adjust the power curve engine braking system to align with their individual riding style. It ensures a fully customizable riding experience. This versatility ensures a riding experience that matches every individual’s unique requirements and preferences.

Stark Varg Electric Advantage

The Stark Varg Electric Dirt Bike presents numerous advantages over its gas-powered counterparts. The low noise level allows riders to explore trails where loud gas bikes wouldn’t be permitted. It requires minimal maintenance, with Stark Future claiming it requires “no more maintenance than a bicycle.”

However, it’s worth noting that the price of the Stark Varg, like many electric bikes, is higher than traditional bikes. But with its remarkable features and the revolutionary riding experience it provides, it might just be worth it.

In conclusion, the Stark Varg is certainly one to watch out for. With its impressive power, lightest motocross frame, and advanced features, it is all set to redefine the future of electric motocross.

Comparation with AdmitJet Armor electric dirt bike

The AdmitJet Armor impresses with a 20KW motor, 130 KM/H top speed, 1000 N.m wheel torque, and 170km range. Its quick swappable battery and versatile features make it ideal for various riding styles.

On the other hand, the Stark Varg boasts 80 hp power, and 938 Nm torque at the rear wheel. It excels in power output and frame design.

While AdmitJet offers superior range and adaptability, Stark Varg stands out in raw power and torque. Both demonstrate the incredible advancements in electric dirt bikes.

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