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Stealth Bomber Ebike 8000W Mountain Electric Bike For Sale
Stealth Bomber Electric Bike

Stealth Bomber Electric Bike

Secutronic is a large scale technology based enterprise, specialized R&D, production, sales and service of electric bicycle and other electric vehicles. Committed to providing consumers with durable and smart lithium electric bikes for outdoor sports, and enduro electric bikes.

There is a factory for the production of electric bike conversion kits, including stealth bomber electric bike frame kits and motor kits, ultra-light aluminum alloy bicycle frame, front forks and other spare parts.

The company pays special attention to product research and development and innovation. The huge research and development team is dedicated to infrastructure design and product application design. Every year, a large number of innovative, high performance and fashionable bomber ebikes are launched.

In addition, our electric bikes are CE certified as well as EN certified. Our R&D team has obtained a series of patents in China.

Secutronic Bomber Electric Bikes

For young people who like off-roading or pursue thrills, Secutronic’s latest smart lithium-ion mountain bike can meet their needs.

Secutronic bikes are designed for men, with a simple and elegant look, cool appearance. It has the advantages of lightness, power saving, strong climbing force, and long continuous mileage.


All Secutronic’s bomber electric bikes feature a flat-grip, fortified steel stealth bomber electric bike frame and integrated lithium-ion battery. The whole body posture is free and stretched, heroic and valiant, and looks very energetic.

High Performance

Overall handling, climbing and downhill performance are excellent, making them ideal for enduro racing and after-get off work workouts. Secutronic’s stealth bikes have a humanized design with three riding modes to choose from, Human, pedal assist and pur electric.

The electric bicycle is equipped with a central axle to add riding assistance. Without using the handlebars, riding can realize the power assist function, which is more labor saving, convenient and power saving.

Stealth bomber ebikes from Secutronic use a combination of electric assist and mechanical shifting. The hub motor is available in 3000W, 5000W, 8000W.

The 3000W stealth ebike is with a top speed of 44.5 – 50MPH (70-80 KM/H). And the 5000W electric bike has a top speed of 50 – 56 MPH (80-90 KM/H). While, the 8000W stealth bomber e bike can reach a top speed of 60 MPH.

The quick acceleration can be in 2.9 seconds to reach 50KM/H once you twist the throttle.


These bomber ebikes use Samsung lithium battery 72V 26Ah or 72V 40AH PANASONIC lithium battery. For 8000W electric bike, it uses 40Ah battery only.

The 3000W bike with 26Ah battery can get a range of 70-80km with a single charge.

And 5000W ebike with 26Ah battery has a range of 60-70km.

The 8000W stealth bomber bike with 40Ah battery can reach the endurance of 100KM (60 miles).

All above ranges are under pure electric mode.


The Secutronic bomber electric bikes use chain drive for transmission. Compared with belt drive, chain drive can ensure an accurate average transmission ratio. The transmission power is larger, and the force acting on the shaft and bearing is smaller.

And a high-end Shimano 7 Speed ​​derailleur is used on Secutronic bomber electric bikes. It is very convenient to adjust the speed when riding, especially in the sudden uphill section. It can quickly complete the shift from high-speed to low-speed, and make the riding comfortable and safer.

Brake system:

The ZOOM front and rear double disc braking system with four pistons are durable with better braking performance, achieve sensitive braking.

Full Suspension

A full suspension mountain bike keeps you in control and comfort on rough terrain. Zoom Front Fork and DNM brand high quality rear suspension bold hydraulic suspensions. Revolutionary suspension technology makes this power bike fast, light and smooth.

Electric Motor

High-speed motor made with Japanese technology, with internal gears made of high-strength alloy steel. High temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, wear resistance and long service life. In terms of power, the efficiency of high-speed motors far exceeds the power effect of ordinary electric vehicles. Especially when climbing hills, the effect is more obvious.


72V 80A sinewave controller.


26-inch KENDA wear-resistant and anti puncture off-road tires have low resistance and strong grip, and suitable for various rough roads.


The bikes adopt special saddle for dirt bikes. It has a longer seat cushion, and more in line with the mountain riding needs. A motorcycle saddle is available to custom.


Durable and multi functional LED headlights are with sufficient brightness and low power consumption. Motorcycle lights are available to custom .

Stealth E Bikes Price

What would the price for Secutronic stealth electric bike for sale?

The Secutronic bomber ebike is with a collection of many high-tech and high performance. Compare with the Stealth Electric Stealth B52 ebike, see more details at Stealth B-52 ebike, it has many advantages, but the price is much lower. It’s under $3000 and the 3000W version even under $2000.

Secutronic Stealth bomber electric bike for sale as follows:

Good Price 2012 2015 2017 High Speed Capital Revolve Hurricane 3000W Stealth Bomber Frame H 52 B 52 F37 B52 B-52 Mountain Electric Bike Fighter E Bike Chinese Ebike For Sale Australia UK USA Canada

  • Top speed: 55mph    / 70mph    / 87mph
  • Maximum Loading weight: 120 kg
  • Standard 72V 29ah / 40ah Lithium-ion battery
  • 1 – Year warranty backed by Secutronic
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