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Electric Surf Board Surfjet 2022 Fast Speed Surfing Jet Power Electric Surfboard
Surfjet 2022 Fast Speed Surfing Jet Power Electric Surfboard
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  • Surfjet 2022 Fast Speed Surfing Jet Power Electric Surfboard

    Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: Secutronic/Setro/OEM
    Model Number: Surfjet
    Item: Water Jet Power Surfboard
    Max Speed:55 KM/H
    Max Load Weight:140 KG
    Battery:72V 58Ah Ternary Lithium
    Motor Power:Max 12000W
    Recharge Mileage:35KM - 40KM (one battery)
    Total Weight:35 KG
    Average Duration (80kg rider):45 - 60 minutes
    Delivery time:2-3 days
    • Description

    Surfjet 2022 Fast Speed Surfing Jet Power Electric Surfboard

    2022 Creative Hot Design Summer Ski Surfjet Fast Speed Motor Power Jet Electric Surfing Surfboard For Water Sports

    Brief Introduction – Surfjet

    What is a Surfjet? And How does a SurfJet work?

    The surfjet includes a surfboard body, a power supply part, a driving part, and a steering control part.

    The driving component includes a driving circuit board, a driving motor and an impeller.

    The middle part of the upper layer and the tail part of the upper layer of the surfboard body are respectively provided with a power supply installation cavity and a drive installation cavity.

    The power supply component and the driving circuit board are respectively installed in the power supply installation cavity and the drive installation cavity.

    The impeller is mounted on the rotating shaft of the driving motor, and is mounted on the lower tail of the surfboard body together with the driving motor, so that the front end of the surfboard body is lifted upwards.

    The tail of the surfboard body is inclined downward, so that the overall center of gravity of the surfboard body is behind.

    The impeller can drive the water flow to slant downward and spray out, to achieve stable progress at high speed, improve the stability of use, reduce wear and tear, and ensure the surfing effect.

    Who invented Jetboard? How fast do Surfjets go?

    This jetboard was originally powered by ordinary fuel. Later, the inventor, designer Jason Wardz in California, decided to take advantage of the torque provided by the electric motor and changed the drive system of this surfboard.

    For recreational use, this surfboard may need more work time, and Wardz also developed a propane power mode that allows it to be used in the water for about 3 hours and increases the power.

    The surfjet can reach speeds of 18 mph and 25 mph in propane powered mode. In addition, the third mode of this surfboard – “Rescue Mode” allows users to achieve high-end electric drive.

    AdmitJet electric surfjet driven by a 12KW brushless DC motor and 72V 58Ah Lithium battery, can reach top speeds up to 35 MPH.

    Surfjet 2022 Fast Speed Surfing Jet Power Electric Surfboard

    How much is a Jetsurf?

    A traditional surfboard costs $200 to $500, some customized ones or famous brand many need US $1,500 – US $3,000.

    As a professional water sports equipment, the surfjet board are with high capacity lithium ion battery and brushless high speed motor, the price would be around $10,000. Some famous brands like Awake, Jetsurf, Lampuga, Onean, the price is between $8000 – $18000.

    AdmitJet Electric Surfjet Price

    With high performance and state of the art design, AdmitJet Electric surfjet board has strong acceleration, long ride time, and can get the surfers an excellent experience. And the long battery life can be about 60 minutes. However, the price is only US $3,999. It’s with EPP (Expanded polypropylene) material, soft material and make the jetsurf is lighter than the carbon firber electric surfboard.

    Electric Surf Board | E Jet Surf Board | Electro Jetsurf

    How to choose your first Surfjet?

    There are many factors to consider when you buy an electric jetboard: speed, sailing time, length and weight of the board, advanced features, preferred style of surfing, whether it is an inflatable body surfboard, or electric hydrofoil?

    If you like speed and passion, you can choose an electric SUP surfboard, but the battery life is short and it is not easy to travel far. If you prefer to enjoy a calm surfing experience, then opt for a hydrofoil electric surfboard. The performance of each brand of jetboard is different, and you can choose the right model according to your surfing preferences.

    High quality AdmitJet surfboard combines high speed and acceleration with long ride times. If you want to go out and explore on the water, then AdmitJet e surf board would be a great choice.

    AdmitJet Motorized Surfjet:

    After constantly innovation, AdmitJet launched the latest model jetboard in 2022.

    It has a built-in 16.5 hp brushless synchronous jet engine and 72V 58Ah lithium battery. The resulting high velocity air jets out from the rear of the surfboard, propelling you forward.

    At the same time, due to the use of lightweight EPP (Expanded polypropylene) material to create the body structure, it only weighs 31 kg. And the soft material can get more buoyancy, and more safty for the surfers, expeciall more suitable for the beginners and women.

    Another version carbon fiber jetsuf:

    Best Price E Motor Jetboard 12000W Motorized Jet Surf Board Motosurf Electric Powered Surfboard For Sale

    Electric Surfboard For Sale – Lake Ocean Powered Jet Board

    Even if there are no waves, it can drive you crazy for 45 minutes at a maximum speed of 35 MPH (55km/h). And the ride time can be 60 minutes with average speed.

    There is wireless remote controller for option for AdmitJet Surfjet.

    Details — AdmitJet Surfjet For Sale



    Comparison With Other Related Surfboards

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    FAQ for Motorized Electric Surfboard


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