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List By Model Tabla De Surf Electrica Motorised Elektrische Surfplank
Tabla De Surf Electrica Motorised Elektrische Surfplank
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  • Water Sports Equipment Jetsurf Carbon Fiber 10000W 52Km/H Electric Surf Jet Board Powered Surfboard
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  • Tabla De Surf Electrica Motorised Elektrische Surfplank

    Occasion:River Ocean waters
    Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China
    Brand Name:Secutronic/AdmitJet/ Electric Wakeboard
    Model Number: Motorized Surfboard
    Applicable People:Unisex
    Item:Water Jet Power Surfboard
    Max Speed:52 KM/H
    Max Load Weight:100 KG
    Battery:72V 51Ah Ternary Lithium
    Motor Power:Max 12000W
    Recharge Mileage:30KM - 35KM (one battery)
    Total Weight:31 KG
    Average Duration (80kg rider):45 - 60 minutes
    Delivery time:2-3 days
    Payment:Paypal, LC, WU, T/T, Trade Assurance
    • Description

    Tabla De Surf Electrica Motorised Elektrische Surfplank

    Tabla De Surf Electrica Motorised Elektrische Surfplank Planche Elettrico Jet Surfing Tavola Surfboard Electrique

    Secutronic – Professional Manufacturer – Tabla De Surf


    Brief Introduction — Tabla De Surf

    Tabla De Surf Electrica Motorised Elektrische Surfplank

    If you’ve ever been surfing one time, you know the routine:

    Paddle against the waves for 45 minutes, get knocked back by a few waves, choke on seawater, then look back and notice you’ve only made it about 20 yards from the ocean.

    We wanted to bring the world’s best water sport to the water near you, and along the way, we made the most affordable e-surfboard without compromising performance.

    To be clear this AdmitJet Electric Surfboard is a surfboard, not a rocket (although you might have a hard time telling the difference once you ride one).
    Forget about waiting for the perfect weather conditions or the perfect wave. Surf in Kansas in the winter, at your local pond, or in your neighbor’s pool. Surf in Austria, surf in Lesotho, or even surf in Mongolia for all we care.

    Beat the other surfers out to the big waves, or take this on a still lake.

    With AdmitJet Electric Surfboard, there are no more limits–just pure fun.

    It is tiring and frustrating to fail again and again when learning sea wave surfing–that has stopped many people from enjoying one of the world’s greatest sports. With AdmitJet Electric Surfboard, anyone can master the ocean in 5 minutes. It cuts the pain and leaves all the good.
    No matter who we show this to–from people who can’t swim, to people who spend every day chasing waves–everyone simply loves it.

    In addition to the 30 mph top speed and the generous 1.5 hour battery, here are a few other features that set us apart from every Powered Surfboard on the market:

    Swappable battery. With simple swapping the battery, you define how long you would like to play.

    Light Weight. Easy to carry around.

    Almost no maintenance required. Save time and hassle in maintaining the board.

    After nearly 4 full years of research and development, we are beyond excited to launch this product and get it into the hands of clients.

    We have designed the best match of motor, control unit, battery management, and water cooling system, which altogether guarantee the best performance available on a Jetsurf Surfboard.

    We’re working on an upgraded security leash to keep your new AdmitJet Electric Surfboard safe, custom footpads for more control, a custom stand, and a big surprise if we can make the stretch!

    Details — Tabla De Surf


    Tabla De Surf Parameters

    Product Powerski JetBoard 12000W 72V 51A
    Motor power 12 KW
    Material Durable Carbon Fiber Shell
    Max Loading Weight 90 kg
    Weight of Motor and Controlling System 6.7kgs
    Motor cooling system Spread-out Motor for better cooling and Speed
    Surface Coating Can be customized
    Charger specifications 72V/5A  or   72V/10A
    Battery box (Materials/Specifications) Outer packaging of 304 stainless steel, 14 kg
    Battery Material MnNiCo Ternary Lithium, Latest technology, upgrade of Li-ion
    Battery Life 1000 timescharge and discharge
    Battery Type Socket type replacement rechargeable battery
    Battery quick release time 2 minutes
    Battery Replacement Fast Removable plug-in battery
    Battery (voltage/capacity) 72V/51Ah
    Battery Weight 14 KG
    Fast 30A Re-charging duration 60 minutes
    Maximum speed (80kg users) 55 km/h
    Working time (80kg rider at maximum speed) About 40 minutes
    Average Duration (80kg rider) 55 minutes
    Product Total Weight 31 kg
    Shell weight 10.3 kg
    Product Size 1750mm/600mm/165mm
    Carton Size 2000x700x280mm
    Gross Weight 39 KG
    Waterproof Level IP67
    Certification CE/ROHS/FCC/UN38.3
    Warranty 1 Year Warranty, Parts and Service available for life

    Comparison of Other Surfboard Products


    AdmitJet Electric Surfboard

      Gasoline Surfboard

         Normal   Surfboard



    Absolute advantage, lower than the price of imported Electric Power Surfboard

    (Exclusive Patent Control System)

    US$5000 – 8500

    Unpowered surfboard, Under US$1500

    US$10,000 – US$50,000


    Carbon fiber, both sturdy and lightweight

    Carbon fiber, oily and easy to leak

    Portable inflatable board

    FRP, overweight

    Environmental protection

    Electric power, no pollution, no pollution to the environment, recyclable

    Oil power, polluted air and water source

    No pollution, easy to recycle

    Oil power, polluted air and water source

    Scope of use

    Applicable to a wider population, no need for professional skills. The use of the venue is wider, whether you are on the beach or inland rivers and lakes, you can drive.

    Not easy to use, requires good driving skills, and the venue is not limited

    Limited to professionals, the use of the venue is not limited.

    Easy to drive, unlimited use of the venue


    No need for professional surfing technology, no need to wait for waves, easy to experience water surfing

    No need for professional surfing technology, no need to wait for waves, easy to experience water surfing

    Need professional technology, easy to consume, need to wait for waves to experience surfing

    No need for professional surfing technology, no need to wait for waves, sitting, poor water contact

    Life time

    Exclusive battery technology, longer battery life and more convenient replacement of rechargeable batteries, so you can experience without interruption.

    The single life time is similar, but it is not easy to refuel.

    No endurance limit

    A single battery life is longer and it is not easy to refuel.

    Product carrying

    The weight is 29.5kgs, which is more convenient to carry (can be carried by car)., the weight is less than 19kgs, portable, car can be more than 50kgs

    Weight 20-50kgs, portable (can be carried by car)

    Less than 19kgs, portable, car-mounted

    The weight is higher than 50kgs

    Tabla De Surf Electrica Motorised Elektrische Surfplank Planche Elettrico Jet Surfing Tavola Surfboard Electrique

    Model Tabla De Surf
    Item Water Jet Power Surfboard
    Description Surf Jet Surfboard
    Delivery time 2-3 days for less than 10 pcs
    Payment Paypal,Trade Assurance,WU, T/T
    Manufacturer Secutronic
    Quality Assurance ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, Superior Quality with Competitive price; in time delivery

    FAQ – Tabla De Surf

    Is 52KMPH crazy scary fast?
    Yes, 52 KM/H is very fast. Maybe too fast. But if you are skilled at surfing and riding in a relatively quiet/open water area, you will really enjoy the extra speed. Also, you can outrun most sharks at that speed, which could be a nice benefit.
    Regardless of the top speed, everyone can enjoy the increased acceleration that comes with a powerful motor.
    Both boards are good to take a person as heavy as 100kg (220lbs).
    How do you operate the Secutronic AdmitJet Electronic Surfboard? Do I have to use the rope?
    Every Secutronic Electric Surfboard comes with a red rope and handle/hand throttle that allows you to control your speed and balance.
    The rope serves 2 purposes:
    1.) It helps you feel more secure to the board especially when there are waves. It helps the new rider to maintain the balance, but when you are good this is not necessary.
    2.) The rope connects to the throttle, by pressing which you control the speed.
    So you will always need to hold the throttle but can keep the rope relaxed when you are good at riding.

    How much will it cost to buy an extra swappable battery?
    The swappable battery is US$899 for 72V 30Ah, and USD959 for 84V 30Ah.
    With two batteries, you can have nearly 3 hours of riding time at a moderate throttle.

    How will you handle service, repairs, and spare parts?
    We are offering a 1 year warranty and parts are available for life. The AdmitJet has a modular design, which allows us to send you the broken parts for free.
    In fact, most of the parts would be relatively easy to change by yourself. Otherwise, it would need to be sent to our service centers for repair or replacement.
    At now we only have one service center in LA, but we got many interested distributors from Texas, New York, Utah, St Diego etc more to come and once they confirm the distributorship, they will become our service center as well.
    What regular maintenance is required? Can I do it myself?
    One of the benefits of Jet Surfboard Electric over combustion engine surfboards is they are almost free of maintenance.
    Remember to wash it thoroughly after use in the ocean and charge the battery at least every three months when not in use.

    What did your reliability testing consist of?
    Yes quite similar to other products which consist of aging and reliability testing of the motor, battery, controller and propulsion system etc.

    What has been the main maintenance problem with similar boards and what have you learned from it?
    The problem with a combustion engine jet surfboard is that they have to leave an air intake hole, by which the water is quickly getting in, and maintenance is required whenever water gets into the engine.
    With a battery solution, everything is sealed, and no water would be able to get into the driving system. We also spent a ton of time to solving the battery overheating problem which many other surfboard brands struggle with.
    How do you get the board in and out of the water? Could my 13-year old to use it?
    Our AdmitJet Electric Surfboard Sport model weighs only 15kg (33lbs) without the battery.
    The battery is designed to be easily swappable and you can always dismount the battery whenever you are to carry the board.


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    Tabla De Surf Electrica Motorised Elektrische Surfplank Planche Elettrico Jet Surfing Tavola Surfboard Electrique

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